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New technologies and their effect on the stalemate on the Western Front Essay Example
2546 words 10 pages

A stalemate had developed between the armies of the Central Powers and the Allies. This stalemate lasted for almost four years, taking millions of lives. But in 1918, for whatever reason, the stalemate ended after both armies made effective attacks on the other’s trenches. World War One was the testing arena for a number of […]

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Military Trench Warfare Western Front World War I
Why Did A Stalemate Develop On The Western Front Analysis Essay Example
593 words 3 pages

In the north of France, in September 1914, German troops dug up a raised location that had a view over the Aisne River. Following their heavy losses in unsuccessful efforts to breach the German line, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) found themselves in a stalemate and unable to reach their enemy, marking the inception of […]

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Trench Warfare Western Front World War I
The Sons Veto, Tony Kytes – Arch Deceiver, and On the Western Front Essay Example
1483 words 6 pages

Women’s role in society now, is very different to how it used to be, mainly due to the suffrage movement. In the nineteenth century women couldn’t vote, were not considered equal to men, and also couldn’t even earn a living. Most of the time men would look down at women as they were seen as […]

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Love Marriage Reason Western Front
Why Did A Stalemate Develop On The Western Front Essay Example
1927 words 8 pages

Following on from the battle of Marne (September 1914) there was a deadlock between the opposing forces fighting it out in France. This deadlock surprised people by making the war carry on for a number of years, until finally ending before December 1918. The majority of people think that this is due to the poor […]

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International Relations Trench Warfare Western Front
What caused the stalemate on the western front Essay Example
482 words 2 pages

A Stalemate occurs when neither side can win quickly with an outright victory. This is what happened in WW1 between the Allied forces and the Germans for several reasons. One of which was on account of the failure of the Schlieffen plan which was a German movement to take over Paris, however the BEF caught […]

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Military Nazi Germany Trench Warfare Western Front
Lions Led By Donkeys Analysis Essay Example
2171 words 8 pages

How accurate is the statement ‘Lions led by donkeys’ in relation to British Soldiers and Generals of the First World War? In the First World War, more men died than in any other war before. Some people say this was because the generals, like General Haig were ‘donkeys’ who wasted the lives of their brave […]

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Popular Questions About Western Front

What is the definition of Western Front?
Western Front. Western Front was a term used during the First and Second World Wars to describe the contested armed frontier between lands controlled by Germany to the east and the Allies to the west. A contested armed frontier during a war is called a "front".
What were the conditions like on the Western Front?
On the Western Front, the war was fought by soldiers in trenches. Trenches were long, narrow ditches dug into the ground where soldiers lived. They were very muddy, uncomfortable and the toilets overflowed. These conditions caused some soldiers to develop medical problems such as trench foot.
What was the fighting like on the Western Front?
The Western Front was the main theatre of World War I, a 700-kilometre line from Switzerland to the North Sea. 2. It took shape in late 1914, as fighting in northern France stalled and both sides attempted to outflank the other.
What were the characteristics of the Western Front?
The Western Front. Many aspects of the Western Front have become symbolic of World War I: mud-filled trenches, artillery bombardments, appalling tactical blunders, futile charges on enemy positions, periods of stalemate, high death rates and atrocious conditions.
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