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The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now Essay Example
2522 words 10 pages

Vietnam was a dark time in American history. Some people felt that we shouldn’t have even been there in the first place. The country managed to block Vietnam out of their minds. After all, it was the first war that we’ve ever lost. Whatever the reasons were, the country as a whole was very displeased […]

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Hunter Vietnam War
The Living Rooms Had Made Americans Essay Example
1536 words 6 pages

This statement suggests that television was an important reason why the United States lost the war in Vietnam. Is there sufficient evidence in sources D to L to support this interpretation? Use the source and knowledge from your studies to explain the answer.Television was important during the Vietnam War. It was the first war to […]

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Construction Military Vietnam War
Explain why the United States withdrew it forces from Vietnam in 1973? Essay Example
1729 words 7 pages

There were many reasons, which lead to the extraction of the American Military forces from Vietnam. America had gotten involved with the Vietnam War in order to stop the spread of communism. Considering that the war took place at the height of the cold war and propaganda was quite strong; many people did not trust […]

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Cold War Imperialism Nutrition Society South Vietnam United States Army Vietnam Vietnam War
Critically Analyse the Vietnam War in 1963 Essay Example
2149 words 8 pages

The Vietnam War which started in 1963 lasted for 10 years. The origin of this place went back to the early 19th century when it was a colony of the French. The French rule in Vietnam was extremely harsh and unpopular. During the Second World War, when the French lost to the Germans, Vietnam became […]

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Vietnam Vietnam War
A Synopsis of the Documentary Regret to Inform Essay Example
3105 words 12 pages

“Our deaths are not ours they are yours; they will mean what you make them. ”—Regret to Inform “The terrible price of that nobility is one that nobody should have to pay”—Barbara Sonneborn In 1968, the director Barbara Sonneborn was informed that her husband, Jeff Gurvitz, had been killed in a mortar attack in Vietnam. […]

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Documentary Truth Vietnam War
Following Ho Chi Minh: Bui Tin Essay Example
1654 words 7 pages

Following Ho Chi Minh: Bui Tin Bui Tin who served on the general staff of North Vietnam’s army received the unconditional surrender of South Vietnam. Tin later became the editor of Vietnam’s official newspaper, the “Peoples Daily”. Tin then immigrated to Paris after becoming disillusioned with the fruits of Vietnamese Communism. Following Ho Chi Minh […]

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Military Vietnam Vietnam War
How did the war affect Vietnam and the USA? Essay Example
1595 words 6 pages

There were many differences between the fighting tactics of Vietnam and the USA. One of the factors that made Vietnam the stronger side, despite being technologically backward, was their tactics. These were based on a 2000-year-old war strategy book, which proved that old tactics could beat brand new technology. Giap was the military leader for […]

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Vietnam Vietnam War
Why did the Americans withdraw from Vietnam? Essay Example
1782 words 7 pages

It is arguable whether or not the Americans should have entered Vietnam. Because of the cold war (mainly between Russia and America), Americans have hated Communism. Communism is the belief that nations shouldn’t exist as separate countries, and the world can live in peace as one. When they saw Communism spread from Russia, through China, […]

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Communism Vietnam Vietnam War
Vietnam war protest and the music Essay Example
1477 words 6 pages

It was the y nouns Americans who stood up to voice their opinions concerning this war and create De an antiwar culture whose ideology has continued to have a profound impact on American society up to the present day. Due to the opposition towards Vietnam War, the ere were a number of demonstrations, particularly among […]

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Activism Democracy International Relations Protest Vietnam Vietnam War
General Giap Analysis Essay Example
1104 words 5 pages

General Vo Nguyen Giap is perhaps the most important figure in the early history of communist Vietnam with the exception of Ho Chi Minh. General Giap’s skills and expertise of were an essential element of the French defeat in 1954. However General Giap cannot be held solely responsible, the political skills of Ho Chi Minh […]

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Chemistry Law Military Society Vietnam Vietnam War
The Vietnam War: The Mental, Social, and Physical Effects on the Soldiers Essay Sample
1445 words 6 pages

In 1961 the worst war of all time fought by America had merely started. The Annamese of the North besides known as the Viet Cong had invaded the South to take control of the full state. America and other democratic states felt the spread of communism to this state would be a stepping-stone for other […]

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Anxiety Mental Disorder Soldiers Veteran Vietnam Vietnam War
Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam Essay Sample
1244 words 5 pages

In 1981. six old ages after the official terminal of the Vietnam War. Mayor Edward Koch of New York City appointed a undertaking force of 27 taking citizens of the metropolis to develop a model for a fitting commemoration to Vietnam War veterans. The commemoration was to be a glass-block construction etched with extracts of […]

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Home Vietnam Vietnam War
Why did many Americans oppose US involvement in the Vietnam War Essay Sample
1236 words 5 pages

‘Campus bums’ . intellectuals. liberal-minded politicians. middle-class suburbs. labour brotherhoods. authorities establishments and subsequently on. returning Veterinarians made up the bulk of the protesting population in the United States who sought to stop the Vietnam War. The anti-war motion became outstanding in 1965. reached its flood tide in 1968. lasting through the entireness through the […]

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Military Vietnam Vietnam War
The Impacts of the Vietnam War on Australian Society Essay Example
862 words 4 pages

It’s traditionally perceived that Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War was the event/action that caused Australian society to change. The Vietnam War was the major push or an impetus for change in Australia and gave the new counterculture great momentum that eventually helped the counterculture to challenge the government and contribute to change in Australia. […]

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Australia Multiculturalism Society Vietnam Vietnam War
Why Couldn’t America Defeat The Viet Cong In The War Of Vietnam Essay Example
1214 words 5 pages

I think this project will explain America’s problems that arose in the war of Vietnam and why they couldn’t defeat the Vietcong. Discussions will include the more experienced tactics of the Vietcong than their opposition. Also the Vietcong hosted parties and social activities to keep up morale whereas American’s were depressed over mosquito bites and […]

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Vietnam Vietnam War
Vietnam – Why did the USA withdraw it’s troops in 1973 Essay Example
3139 words 12 pages

Vietnam has not always been a united country. In 1954 it was divided between North and South. U. S involvement, as far as troops were concerned, lasted from 1964 until 1973. The reasons why the U. S became involved were that, the war was a civil war between communist North Vietnam, which was supported by […]

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Military Vietnam Vietnam War
Why did the USA become involved in Vietnam in the 1950’s and 60’s Essay Example
876 words 4 pages

Before 1950, the Japanese had taken Vietnam from French rule, and subsequently the Vietnamese started to form resistance groups in southern China. They practiced guerilla tactics and called themselves the Vietminh, and were led by Ho Chi Minh, a leading Vietnamese Communist. Their main objective was essentially nationalist, to achieve independence. They soon became Communist […]

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1950S Communism Vietnam Vietnam War
Vietnam War Analysis Essay Example
1525 words 6 pages

Vietnamn was the first television war,for the first time images of death, fighting, comradeship and war were portrayed across screen to millions of people watching at home. These images would have greatly effected the views on the war for many people, many believed television was the most important factor as do I. The fact that […]

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Mind Newspaper Propaganda Vietnam Vietnam War
How did the poets and the songwriters of the 1960’s react to the Vietnam War Essay Example
3027 words 12 pages

Between 1965 to 1968 the USA sent 500 000 thousand troops into Vietnam and 50 000 of them would not return and she would lose the war; the only one she has ever lost. There was outcry from amongst the world and this would turn from a short war into a ten year battle against the […]

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1960S Crime Poets Vietnam Vietnam War
Ideological crusade against communism Essay Example
1349 words 5 pages

The growing involvement of the US in Vietnam in the years 1950-1968 can be seen as an ideological crusade against communism for various reasons. The main reason being the quagmire theory which increased involvement for presidents and got them further into the ‘mud’. Stalemate was also an important factor as it rejected any thought of […]

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Communism John F. Kennedy Vietnam War
Anti-War Movement Essay Example
2387 words 9 pages

The anti-war movement alone did not bring about the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, however, anti-war sentiment was threatening to lose the government votes and when combined with the failure of the US forces and the media coverage, then it did have a massive impact. “The real domino in the Vietnam War was American public […]

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Law Politics Society South Vietnam Usa Vietnam Vietnam War
Green Beret by Ho Thien and The Identification by Roger McGough Essay Example
1925 words 7 pages

The Identification and Green Beret are two very different poems, but they also have their similarities. They are both about conflict and have themes of loss and destruction but as they are from different eras and countries. I will explore the numerous differences and similarities in this essay. The Identification is focuses on a young […]

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Popular Questions About Vietnam War

Was the Vietnam War actually a real war?
Vietnam War . Called the "American War" in Vietnam (or, in full, the "War Against the Americans to Save the Nation"), the war was also part of a larger regional conflict ( see Indochina wars) and a manifestation of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies.
Why was Vietnam War considered a loss for the US?
Jon Mixon, who has studied military actions during war times, feels that the Vietnamese War was lost by the Americans because South Vietnam was a product of France's loss during the Indo-china War. Because of the way that South Vietnam was put in place, he believes that the US stopped providing military help to maintain it .
What was the main reason for starting Vietnam War?
Why Did the US Enter the Vietnam War? The Domino Theory. Political Reasons: Anti-Communist Fervor. French Indochina War. Military Assistance Command Vietnam. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Reasons for Escalation. American Pride. Additional References.
Why did USA go to Vietnam War?
So America went to war with Vietnam as a result of the communist regime that started developing when the country split into North and South Vietnam. During the Cold War, there was a big fear that if the North Vietnamese communism started spreading, then it would conquer all of Southeast Asia.
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