World history study guide Essay Example
World history study guide Essay Example

World history study guide Essay Example

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  • Published: December 28, 2017
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Absolutism Test Study Guide Know: Study the vocabulary: absolutism Delve Right Thirty Years War republic mercantilism Peace of Suburbs Junkers Seven Years War Boyar Czar Edict of Antes The Restoration Habeas corpus absolute monarch Czar Treaty of Paris, 1763 Constitutional monarchy Revolution Latest, chest mom War of the Spanish Succession Peace of Westphalia Glorious Names of families in charge of the various European countries (spelled correctly) Divine right Who won and lost the Thirty Years War

Explain the Importance of three of four of the points In the Peace of Westphalia Explain which one cause and one result you believe Is most Important In the Thirty Years War and why Which empire was destroyed as a result of the Thirty Years War How much of the German population died during t


he Thirty Years War The dates of the Thirty Years War Who creates the Prussian army The country Prussia is in today Define the steps that the Hapsburg take to become absolutist monarchs and pacifically discuss the importance of two of them Who is the first female ruler of the Hapsburg empire Which war secures Marl Teeter's power Who gets what In the Treaty of Paris after the French and Indian War Whoso the number 1 power after the FRR.

And Indian War Title of Russian's emperor Who is Russian's first emperor Name and briefly explain two ways Peter strengthens absolutism in Russia Discuss why Peter wanted a new capital, how he got it, what it's named, and whether you would have done the same thing.

Why or why not? Focus on westernizes) Who orders the retaliations of the English bible Who was responsibl

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for the Gunpowder plot What did the Petition of Right state What were the names of the supporters of Charles I and supporters of Parliament Who was the leader of the roundhead? Who was the king that was executed in England and when did It happen? Why Is the execution of Charles I revolutionary?

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