How a bill becomes a law?
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Bills, which as essentially proposed laws, are very important to the democratic process. It is elected representatives, who on behalf of their constituency frame and present bills in the Congress. After debates and discussions, the House of representatives and the Senate take votes to approve or disapprove the bill. If the bill is favored by […]

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Impact of the Congress of Vienna (1815) Essay Sample
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In its immediate wake. the celebrated description. “le Congres one Marche pas danse” ( ‘the Congress does non work it dances’ ) was frequently seen as the most accurate sum-up of the events taking topographic point during the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Beneath the facade of all the reveling. this assemblage of diplomats marked […]

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International Ski Congress Moves Alpine Skiing Forward
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This year’s International Ski Congress in Antalya, Turkey was an usually eventful one. Coming off of the wildly successful 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, delegates looked to take stock of their success while coming up with ways to move their sport forward. Many view this as a crucial moment for the sport of alpine skiing. Skiing […]

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American Pageant
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It greatly help the women in their campaign of getting rights. The effects of women’s rights has changed the world completely. Many women have become governors, senators, and congressing al women. Without the prolonged fighting spirit of women to obtain the same rights as men, women could very well still not have the ability to […]

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First Continental Congress
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The First Continental Congress The American dream is built upon a foundation of struggles and gains, along with more struggles. A look back to early American History provides one with a timeline that seems endless and full of surprises. The First Continental Congress serves as one of those timeline markers and is a great example […]

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Describe the Conflicts of the Tertium Quid the Burr Conspiracy Essex Junto and the Hartford Convention.
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Tertium Quid- In new Congress, Republicans held three quarters of seats, but divisions soon developed, primarily by the ultra-conservatives, who insisted on “old Republicanism,” the old very strict construction of the Constitution that had been Jefferson’s position years before. They were more Jeffersonian than even Jefferson himself. Among their leaders was John Randolph of Virginia, […]

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Describe Wilsons Fourteen points, Why did Congress fail to ratify the Peace Settlement?
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The term ‘Wilson’s Fourteen points’ refers to the ideas enunciated by the USA’s president of 1917 Woodrow Wilson (often described as an idealist). These points were to serve as the framework for the Treaty of Versailles. Wilson started working on his Fourteen Points soon after America joined the First World War in April 1917, and […]

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The Battles of Gettsyburg
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1. In this story about pacifism, Douglas P. Lackey explains the ethics of murder. In a quote, Lackeys makes a very argumentative statement. He states, “If the congress decides to set a speed limit of 55 miles per hour on federal highways, more people will die than if Congress sets the speed limit at 45 […]

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The Iron Triangle
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There are two parts to the Iron Triangle. The Bureaucracy which is the agencies that are responsible for the regulation of those affected industries. The Interests Groups influence Congressional votes in their favor. The last party of the Triangle is the Congress they are responsible for funding Government Programs. I will explain how the Triangle […]

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Popular Questions About Congress

Who is in the U.S. Congress?
Congress has 535 voting members: 100 senators and 435 representatives. The Vice President of the United States has a vote in the Senate only when senators are evenly divided; the House of Representatives has six non-voting members.
What is the Congress and what does it do?
Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government that represents the American people and makes the nation's laws. It shares power with the executive branch, led by the president, and the judicial branch, whose highest body is the Supreme Court of the United States.
What is Congress made up of?
Established by Article I of the Constitution, the Legislative Branch consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which together form the United States Congress.
What's the difference between Congress and Senate?
Senators represent their entire states, but members of the House represent individual districts. The number of districts in each state is determined by a state's population. ... Today, Congress consists of 100 senators (two from each state) and 435 voting members of the House of Representatives.