American Pageant Essay Example
American Pageant Essay Example

American Pageant Essay Example

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  • Published: April 11, 2018
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It greatly help the women in their campaign of getting rights. The effects of women's rights has changed the world completely. Many women have become governors, senators, and congressing al women. Without the prolonged fighting spirit of women to obtain the same rights as men, women could very well still not have the ability to run for official places, or even be able e to vote.

The historical people like Lucy Stone, Throated Dixie, and Susan Anthony and t he movements that they caused have inspired women to fight for their rights all the way up to 1920, the year they obtained the right to vote by the 19th Amendment.

In 1 831 , A Christian woman persuaded a man named Charles G. Finned to co me see her. Charles G. Finned was a Presbyterian minister and was a


revivalist, or so none who conducts religious revivals. The woman known as Mrs.

. M admitted that she w as scared and regretted calling him to convert her. She said that "a revival would greatly y interfere with the pleasures and amusements that she had promised herself that winter A). She eventually allowed Finned to conversant with her about converting. Aft era considerable talk and prayer, she gave in and settled into a joyous faith. Fro m that moment, she was outspoken in her religious convictions, and zealous for the conversation of her friends"(Document A).

Charles G. Finned was explaining how generous and excited about being converted was. She was impatient about speaking to her friends about the change of her POP in life. Many more women were converted and became on e with the church

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and this began the start of a new outlook of women. Women attempt deed to become educated by creating their own secondary schools.

Women also fought for as me pay, college education and better jobs. Charles G.

Finned approved of all these imp events and authority women have gained, knowing that he has caused all of these m events. Textile Mills were becoming popular during the industrial revolution. There w one very special mill called Lowell Mill. A portion of their workers were female women around the age 1530 along with some kids under the age of 15.

A letter from a woman who works there describes the work hours at the mill: 'We go in at five o'clock ; at seven we come out to breakfast; at halest seven we return to our work, and stay u until halest B). The Lowell Mill Girls worked many hours and got half 0 f what en were paid.

The main reason they do it is to help a family member(usually male) to complete something, like college. This shows how women were working to h elope men become more successful.

The workplace was unsanitary, as most factories we re, so many of the women got diseases. Many women who worked at Lowell Mill claimed t hat "nothing is more tedious than a factory life"(Document B). Because of the ma NY reasons that were obvious to the world that women weren't given proper rights, this g eave a reason for women to gain their rights. One of the main objectives among the women ho worked in factories were to have the same wages as the men do.


women who woo irked there eventually created the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association, which was a abort union for those who work at Lowell Mill. They argued over getting proper wages and it they were quick to find that they got higher pay due to 75% of the workforce being female. Goddess Lady Book, Magazine was written to those who oppose women's rig TTS. It states that "because the mother, whom God constituted the first teacher of every human being, has been degraded by men from her high office; or, what is the same t ins, been denied those privileges of education"(Document C).

That quote states that woo men have been given their rights from God, but were evicted of their rights by men. The y weren't allowed to go to school for education so they had to stay home and take care of the kids. It is also stated that if they were given the efforts of being realized as human be inns just like men, the society would be in a different position than it is now. This supports the idea of women's rights very heavily because if women had rights at the time back the en, even today's society would be different. Throated Dixie, a woman who taught at a school in a women's prison.

While SSH teach ins she discovered that the female prisoners were being treated horribly .

The mentally oil's jail cells had no heating so they would freeze in the winter. Dixie couldn't De al with the treatment of the prisoners so she went to court for improvements of the prim on. After that she traveled the state

getting information of the treatment and created a doc unmet that she showed to Massachusetts legislature. She exclaimed "l proceed, gentlemen, b riffle to call your attention to the present State Of insane persons confined within this co moonwalks in cages, closets, cellars, stalls, pens! (Document D).

The state of Massachusetts I increased the budget of the mental hospital due to Throated Dixie. Throated Dixie went AR mound the country inspecting the conditions of many mentally ill hospitals and was disks proved. She asked Congress to be granted 1 2 million acres for the benefit of the mentally I II, but it was vetoed by President Franklin Pierce after passed by both houses of Congress. The Massachusetts legislature was very popular amongst the woman's suffrage supporters. A petition was sent to them in 1853 by a group that included Went ell Phillips and William Garrison.

Phillips graduated from Harvard and was devoted to w Oman suffrage along with slavery.

Garrison, who wrote The Liberator, who was a Greg at friend to Phillips, helped him with his movements in antislavery and women's rights. In the petition, it was stated that 'While the property and labor of women are subject CT to taxation, she is entitled to a vice in fixing the amount of taxes and the use of them, and is entitled to a voce in the laws that regulate F). That quote explain ins that women are taxed by the government and have to follow the laws the same as en do.

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