Presidential Campaign Speech
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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who do not know me, I am Morris Charles. It is a privilege to speak to you about my vision for America and I am honored. Thank you very much for your time. Our country has come to a crossroad and the power to change the […]

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Informative Speech President Speech
Franklin D. Roosevelt Speech Analysis
574 words 2 pages

1. How did President Roosevelt re-define the meaning of economic freedom over the course of the New Deal? Roosevelt re-defined the meaning of economic freedom over the course of a new deal in three ways. The ways included providing help to millions of Americans suffering from economic freedom and safety, improve the US economy and […]

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Informative Speech Speech
Speech on Healthcare
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Mr. speaker, the Vice President, members of the Congress and my fellow Americans. Tonight I want to address the critical issue of health care that has raised too many issues of late. Many people have given their opinion regarding the negatives and the positives of the health care program that is meant to benefit every […]

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Informative Speech Speech