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Should Schools Be Allowed to Use Corporal Punishment? Essay Example
1118 words 5 pages

James Ingraham, a student from Drew Junior High School in Dade County, Florida, was paddled by his principal twenty times on 6th October,1970 just because he was a few seconds late in coming down from the stage of the auditorium. Ingraham was punished so violently by the principal of the school that later he was […]

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Corporal Punishment Punishment Teacher
Corporal Punishment Analysis Essay Example
2450 words 9 pages

Corporal punishment is used as a discipline method for children. One of the most commonly used discipline methods in America is corporal punishment [ (Gershoff & Larzelere, 2002) ]. Is corporal punishment considered to be an effective form of discipline for children? Many parents’ opinions are different on how to properly discipline a misbehaving child. […]

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Child Abuse Corporal Punishment Punishment
Child Rearing Essay Example
971 words 4 pages

Unicef’s Educate! Don’t Punish! Awareness Campaign defines corporal punishment as the use of physical force, with no injuries caused, to cause pain for disciplinary reasons. This type of punishment was used on both children and adults in the past. During the Middle Ages in England, whipping was a common penalty for minor offenses. Additionally, in […]

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Child Corporal Punishment Punishment
Corporal Punishment in Schools Essay Example
1514 words 6 pages

Corporal punishment in schools?? Advocates of school corporal punishment argue that it provides an immediate response to indiscipline and that the student is quickly back in the classroom learning, rather than being suspended from school. Opponents believe that other disciplinary methods are equally or more effective. Some regard it as tantamount to violence or abuse. […]

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Corporal Punishment Corruption Economic Growth Punishment Social Issues
Is corporal punishment effective? Essay Example
637 words 3 pages

The use of corporal punishment as a disciplinary method is a topic of debate. Consider the following scenario: a seven-year-old boy neglects his homework and plays video games after school. However, when his father snaps his belt, the boy knows it’s time to stop and do his homework. While this may seem like a quick […]

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Child Corporal Punishment Punishment
Prohibition of Corporal Punishment in Poland, France and Albania Essay Example
2626 words 10 pages

This paper seeks to answer the following question: what is the reason for the prohibition of corporal punishment in, specifically, children, at home and school? There are several definitions that have been given to corporal punishment by different psychologists. In general terms, it refers to using forceful means of inflicting pain on individuals as a […]

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Corporal Punishment
Ethical Issues and the Death Penalty Essay Example
1438 words 6 pages

Introduction Most countries in the contemporary world agree to some form of legal punishment for people found guilty of various crimes. Major crimes like death are punished by death or corporal punishment in some of these countries. According to Vaughn (2015), the moral and legal justification of the death penalty has attracted differing opinions between […]

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Corporal Punishment Death Penalty Pros And Cons
Should Parents be Allowed to Spank Their Kids? Essay Example
1063 words 4 pages

Introduction In 47 countries, it has been declared illegal for a teacher, parent or any other person to spank a kid. In some other places, physical punishment given by a parent is accepted as long it is not severe. To many, spanking is a way of disciplining a child. For quite some time, there has […]

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Corporal Punishment
Corporal Punishment and Child Discipline Essay Example
1039 words 4 pages

Introduction There is a wide range of methods for teaching a kid. Whipping is one of the primary ones. Whipping is characterized as purposefully incurring torment on the body for reasons for discipline or controlling conduct. Beating comes in various structures; there are educators rebuffing understudies as train, and after that, there is the most […]

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Child Corporal Punishment
Child, Discipline, and Punishment Essay Example
801 words 3 pages

Effective discipline involves teaching children to adhere to societal standards without inducing fear of punishment. It entails instructing responsible behavior and self-control through consistent approaches, enabling children to comprehend the outcomes of their actions and assume accountability for them. Ultimately, the objective of punishment is to assist children in regulating their emotions and behaviors, which […]

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Child Corporal Punishment
Liberation of the Peon by Diego Rivera Essay Example
911 words 4 pages

In Liberation of the Peon, Diego Rivera had developed a traumatic narrative of the existence of corporal punishment. From the art one is able to see a laborer who was beaten then he was left to die without anybody having sympathy on him. He has been cut down by the revolutionary soldiers who were trying […]

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Corporal Punishment The Spanish American War
Criminal Justice Juvenile Rights Essay Example
501 words 2 pages

As per Texas law, a juvenile is someone aged between ten and seventeen. In Texas, there are distinct procedures for dealing with juveniles in the criminal justice system, which vary from the rights given to adults (Wood, et al, 2016). Consequently, juveniles receive more protection than adults. The courts argue that juveniles do not commit […]

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Bill Of Rights Corporal Punishment Juvenile Justice System

Popular Questions About Corporal Punishment

What countries have corporal punishment?
Sweden. The first country to outlaw physical punishment of children in the world was Sweden in 1979. Finland. In 1993, Finland outlawed corporal punishment of children through reformation of the country’s children's law.Norway. Austria. Cyprus.
Why are 19 states still allowing corporal punishment in schools?
In the United States, 19 states still allow corporal punishment at schools. Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama are among those states that allow paddling. In Tennessee, Hamilton County is the only one of the four largest school systems that uses paddling.
What are the different types of corporal punishment?
Corporal punishment, the infliction of physical pain upon a person’s body as punishment for a crime or infraction. Corporal punishments include flogging, beating, branding, mutilation, blinding, and the use of the stock and pillory.
What does the research say about corporal punishment?
What does research say about corporal punishment? Recent studies have also shown that corporal punishment is associated with increased aggression and makes it more likely that children will be defiant in the future. Spanking alone is associated with outcomes similar to those of children who experience physical abuse, the new academy statement says.
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