Leader’s Expression on Advocacy
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Martin Luther King was an American Baptist, politician and an activist who championed the rights of the Black community in America. Malcolm X was an African American leader and an activist for the rights of the Black community and his Muslim religion in the United States. Thomas Hobbes on his side he was an English […]

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Discourse Community Discourse Community Malcolm X martin luther king Thomas Hobbes
How America Reached the Point in Needing to Declare That “Black Lives Matter”
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Throughout history, the activist landscape is something that has continuously changed with time. Whether progression has been made or not, one thing remains certain… that, generally being the fact that history has an odd tendency to repeat itself. Despite the success the Civil Rights Movement had in desegregating American society in the 20th century, the […]

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America Black Lives Matter Human Rights Racism
Black Lives Matter and Racial Profiling in USA
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Race is one of the correlates of crime receiving attention in academic studies, government surveys, media coverage, and public concern. Roughly eight-in-ten blacks with at least some college experience (81%) say they’ve experienced racial discrimination, at least from time to time, including 17% who say this happens regularly (M. Anderson, Racial Discrimination). Discrimination is he […]

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Black Lives Matter Criminal Justice Criminal Law Human Rights
Black Lives Matter: Contemporary Perspectives  
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Black Lives Matter started when a unarmed young boy named Trayvon Martin was killed by a white neighborhood watchman. Since then, there was a protest taking place. The movement went major when an unarmed African American named Michael Brown, then Tamar Rice, a 12 year old playing with a toy gun got killed with by […]

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Black Lives Matter Civil Rights Movement Human Rights
Freedom of Speech Isn’t a One-Way Street
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“Speech is powerful. It can stir people to action, move them to tears of both joy and sorrow, and… inflict great pain. On the facts before us, we cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker. As a Nation we have chosen a different course – to protect even hurtful speech on public issues […]

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Freedom Of Speech Human Rights Justice Law
Сlimate Сhange and Human Rights
2059 words 4 pages

The issue of climate change has been a hot topic for some time. There is a plethora of scientific evidence that global warming is primarily responsible for this phenomenon. There are of course, those who would deny that either global warming or climate change represent a real and permanent change. They argue instead that what […]

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Climate Change Human Rights
Harriet Jacobs
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In the stories expressed by Harriet Jacobs, through the mindset of Linda Brent, some harsh realities were revealed about slavery. I’ve always known slavery existed and that it was a very immoral act. But never before have I been introduced to actual events that occurred. Thought the book Linda expresses how she wasn’t the worst […]

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Business Business Process Divorce Human Rights Management Mindset Slavery Social Institution Social Issues Society
Cuba: Crimes Against Human Rights
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PART ONE CUBA: A Media ProfileMedia is the used around the world for the central purpose of sending and receiving information. To study the media in a country such as Cuba, you must consider the political, social and the cultural ideologies of the country. While most of the world is free flowing with information using […]

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Cuba Entertainment Human Human Rights Mass Media
The danger of air bags and the
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The Danger of Air Bags and the Proposed Improvements including Advanced Air Bag SystemsIntroduction to Air BagsIn today’s fast paced world, the amount of automobile travel increases more and more each year. With this increase in travel, there has been a much larger demand for safety in automobiles, and this includes air bags and other […]

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Automotive Cars Safety Transport
What lies beneath
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Humans are all created equal, but people make different categories to separate themselves from each other. Race, gender, religion and culture are main categories, which separate humans and make the World an unstable place to live. As time goes by, people learn to get along with each other. This separation was demonstrated during the 1960s, […]

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Human Rights Racism Social Issues Society
Sex marriage
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By: Anonymous Same-sex marriage There are many important issues discussed in public policy today. One of these issues is homosexual marriage. This is an important issue because it deals with a relatively large minority of the United States. This issue is put into many different lights. Those of morals, family values and religion; and those […]

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Human Rights Marriage Social Issues
The Handmaids Tale
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James Fils-Aime The Handmaid’s Tale Fact or Fiction The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian novel in which Atwood creates a world which seems absurd and near impossible. Women being kept in slavery only to create babies, cult like religious control over the population, and the deportation of an entire race, these things all seem like […]

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Aids Human Rights Religion The Handmaid's Tale
Frederick Douglass
3544 words 7 pages

By: David Wilson How did the early years of Frederick Douglass’ life affect the beliefs of the man he would become? Frederick Douglass’ adulthood was one of triumph and prestige. Still, he by no means gained virtue without struggle and conflict. There was much opposition and hostility against him. To fully understand all his thoughts […]

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Frederick Douglass Human Rights Slavery
The Sanctuary Movement in “The Bean Trees”
1451 words 3 pages

“I didn’t want to believe the world could be so unjust. But, of course, it was right there in front of my nose” (214). These words were the response of Taylor Greer, the central character of the novel The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, when confronted with the plight of Central American refugees in the […]

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Database Human Rights Refugee Social Issues
Bike Helmets
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Have you ever known somebody who was injured in a car accident? What do you think his attitude about seat belts was after they saved his life? If you knew that a seat belt would save your life, you would buckle up! It took years of legislation and public awareness campaigns to make seat belt […]

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Arizona Automotive Bicycle Cycling Education Safety Sports Teaching
Daisy Bates: Civil Rights Crusader from Arkansas
1476 words 3 pages

The book Daisy Bates: Civil Rights Crusader from Arkansas by Grif Stockley (2005) is an in-depth biography of an African American woman whose social work marks an important milestone in the history of the civil rights movement in the United States of America. Upon the reading of the book, it becomes clear that the author’s […]

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Civil Rights Human Rights Justice Social Issues
The Use of Speed Cameras
1025 words 2 pages

The use of speed cameras has been widely adopted, especially in the developed countries. However, there are different points of view about whether they are really efficient as instruments for reducing the carnage on roads or whether they are just used as cash cows for federal and local governments (Blows 25). Speed cameras also have […]

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Driving Safety Speed Transport
Pros and Cons of Lobbyists in the US
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Introduction Definition: The term Lobbyists is a word that is given to a group of individual or persons who is/ are employed in order to convince or persuade the legislatures (i.e. the elected members of parliament) in order to vote in favor of a bill or law that will favor the majority of citizens or […]

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Citizenship Database Human Rights Law
Just Walk On By: A black man ponders his power to alter public space
917 words 2 pages

Brent Staples’ essay titled ‘Just walk on by: A black man ponders his power to alter public space’ is an outstanding piece of minority literature of the twentieth century. Not only is the essay a high quality literary work, the point the author makes is also highly relevant to blacks and other ethnic minorities. Through […]

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Conflict Resolution Literature Malcolm X Man Power
IT software
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Organizations are constantly trying to find out ways to protect their confidential data while outsourcing IT employees and are trying to maintain their control while only subcontracting non-core tasks. Moreover, it is predicted that organizations will only settle for short-term deals to tackle the flexibility issue and will only outsource a smaller percentage of operations […]

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Bank Business Company Corporation Finance Globalization Government Human Rights Internet Law Multinational Corporation Outsourcing Society Technology Unemployment Work
Simon Bolivar: Call to Arms
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My names, for the sake of those who do not know me, are Simon Bolivar. But my name is not what brings us to this gathering my fellow people. My names are not important because our colonizers make sure that the names of the local people are not recognized. Because the governance of our countries […]

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Human Rights Justice Simon Bolivar Slavery
Persuasive Speech Conclusion Narrative
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It is no secret that America is land of the free and of immense opportunity, a land where dreams come true. In martin Luther king jnr’s speech at the Lincoln memorial Washington DC in 1963, he admonished of his dream of equality of all the people in America, he says “we hold these truths to […]

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Human Rights I Have a Dream Persuasive Social Issues

Popular Questions About Human Rights

What is human rights write in your own words?
Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. They apply regardless of where you are from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life.
What are human rights explain?
Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. They apply regardless of where you are from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life.