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A Controversial Issue in Second Language Acquisition Essay Example
3083 words 12 pages

In the face of globalization, people are forced to learn to communicate in other languages other than their native ones. Many people especially students acquire the skills their careers in other nations thus requiring them to learn the language of the land which they live in. The search for jobs also causes people to travel […]

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Controversial Issue Education Learning Linguistics
Controversial Issue in Jane Eyre Essay Example
862 words 4 pages

Every topic in life can be portrayed as a controversial issue. There always have been two sides to every discussion and there always will be two sides. In the novel Jane Eyre, feminism is portrayed as the main controversial issue. In the early 19th century, women lived in a world that measures the likelihood of […]

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Controversial Issue Ethics Jane Eyre
The Controversial Issue of Abortion in Philippines Essay Example
4311 words 16 pages

Chapter I A. Introduction Abortion is one of the most persistently controversial issues in Philippines and in the America as well, in terms of culture and politics today. The Philippines is locked in heated debate over sex education for its people, not just in the schools but for adults. This conflict is perhaps reflective of […]

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Abortion Controversial Issue Philippines Pregnancy
Death Penalty is an Issue Essay Example
1817 words 7 pages

Introduction Capital punishment is an issue that has been able to elicit various arguments with individualseither being pro or against it. There is the argument about capital punishment in which it is asserted that the punishment has been able to deter crime within the society. The argument further asserts that death penalty has made people […]

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Capital Punishment Controversial Issue Is The Death Penalty Effective
Issues Discussed in the First and Third Presidential Debates Essay Example
641 words 3 pages

The presidential debate is the best platform where there American citizens, the voters have an opportunity to hear what the aspirants are planning. The debate is facilitated by nonprofit and nonpartisan institution known as Commission on Presidential Debates. The main issues addressed in the first presidential debate on 26th September, 2016 focused on the economic […]

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Controversial Issue Income Inequality In America President Robert E Lee
Complexities Faced by Law Enforcement Essay Example
298 words 2 pages

From the work done previously on the complexities which the law enforcers face, there is sufficient evidence that much is required to be done concerning this matter. This work makes me to truly believe that, the police officers who are involved in the exercise of law enforcement and implementation undergo what can be referred to […]

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A Policeman Controversial Issue Tort Law
Gender Issues in Politics Essay Example
253 words 1 page

The American political landscape comprises two main parties; the democrats and the republicans. These two parties have fundamental differences because of varying stances on issues affecting America. However, these parties have issues they have the same views about, sometimes making it difficult to differentiate them. To understand differences between this two parties one must study […]

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Controversial Issue Gender Gender Discrimination Hillary Clinton

Popular Questions About Controversial Issue

What are some examples of controversial topics?
Example controversial topics: Using animals in medical research helps people. Gay marriages are wrong. Women will never be equal to men in the workplace. You can’t have a happy family life and a successful career at the same time. Marriage is outdated. The death penalty is acceptable in some cases.
What are some controversial statements?
Controversial Statements. A foreign language cannot be taught. It must be learned. A country gets the government it deserves. A man should have a wife for the family and a mistress for pleasure. All property should be owned by the state. Murderers should be executed. Soft drugs like marijuana should be legalized. Beauty is only a matter of taste.
What does controversial mean simple?
Controversial is used to describe someone or something that causes people to get upset and argue. Controversial is the adjective form of the noun controversy, which is a prolonged dispute, debate, or state of contention, especially one that unfolds in public and involves a stark difference of opinion.
What are the issues of controversy?
The 6 Most Controversial Issues All Across AmericaHealthcare System. Citizens of the US always had issues regarding the affordability of its healthcare system. Abortion. Or Pro-life? Gun Control. Human Rights. Homosexuality. Recreational Drugs.
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