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Poverty is such a simple word, but it is so complicated at the same time. The vast majority of individuals will not fully comprehend the real implication of poverty just by reading its literal meaning from the dictionary, but by learning from their surroundings and experiencing hardship itself. Defining poverty can be being poor financially but is also defined as a comfortable way of living as well as spiritually too.

What does it mean actually to be poor? Most people think that being poor consists of not being able to pay the bills or mortgage on their home. Some may say that it is not having enough food that people have to search for leftovers in the garbage while living on the street. Poverty defined is “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions” (Merriam-Webster 2018). Poverty forces an individual to plan out or decide what items are enticing, significant, and luxurious. It forces the needs and wants to be placed as not essential to life and overall self-worth. Life with poverty removes the irrelevancies in life by making the poor focus on what they need rather than what they want to do. The word poverty can be a multitude of different subjects such as having only a few necessities in life.

Majority of the time people see poverty as a negative more than a positive. With the word, poverty does not mean it is necessarily wrong all the time. When people are financially unstable, it can feel challenging to concentrate on being cheerful, especially if they worry too much about how they will make ends meet or wonder if they will be able to put food on the table. “Many people feel that in order to be happy that you need to have certain things” (Caldwell 2017). Many individuals who do not have a considerable amount of wealth look for experiences rather than materialistic items. An example of this is siblings who are going outside to play using their imagination. The children go on backyard adventures, play basketball, and look at the sky enjoying every single moment of their life. While all of this happening, the children do not realize how much confliction the parents are going through to try and make ends meet. Even though the parents are struggling financially, they find time for new memories without the use of money. Poverty does not always mean bad in a sense, but it is how people perceive it.

The word poverty does not always have to mean the need for physical items, but it could be the need for spiritual items as well. Spiritual poverty is the lack of ability to acquire religious items rather than materialistic items. “So, in this regard, being poor in spirit means recognizing one’s inability to buy, earn, deserve, or purchase spiritual blessings, that without the intervention of another, rich benefactor, one is damned (stopped) in his ability to grow spiritually” (Degraw 1). Poverty in spirit means being able to realize how to turn to someone who can provide the spiritual background some individuals do not acquire. Without possessing spiritual poverty, one could never truly recognize their need for help, so one would never ask for advice nor benefit from it. Being poor in spirit allows an individual to recognize the need for a savior or a religious figure, to plead for what they cannot obtain on their own. Poverty in spirit prioritizes a person’s religious purchases instead of items that will not help advance them spirituality. The thought of poverty is better than the idea of being rich in spirit. Being rich in spirit limits blessings by what can be truly achieved and obtained on one’s life by eliminating their needs. This idea of spiritual richness leads one to believe they need no help, due to their belief they can have it all right now. It allows one to simplify life and eliminate obstacles to spiritual growth. Having poverty in spirit eliminates any unnecessary distractions and irrelevancies from an individual’s own life by focusing on their spiritual need rather than what they want to do.

The Concept of “Resilience”
455 words 1 page

Homeless adults undergo massive stressors on a daily basis as they steer a problem of mental, physical, and environmental risks. Depending on how they respond and adapt to these stressors can potentially affect their health outcomes and their quality of life. Additionally, places children at risk for mental health problems. Maternal depression may impact child […]

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Health Homeless Homelessness
Experience in Homeless Drug Shelters
2244 words 5 pages

The second semester of my DMin program I chose to do my field study experience on outreach ministries/shelters, serving the homeless drug culture, since my first semester on the War on Drug. Many times most of the drug culture, population find themselves homeless. It is imperative to research how this population is served in an […]

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Abuse Homeless Homelessness
Important Needs of Homeless People
1814 words 4 pages

Do you ever wonder homeless people live their day to day life without the access to fundamental needs? The needs to live a fully healthy and happy lifestyle? You shouldn’t have to decide day by day whether you will spend you will spend the scraps of money on a pleasant lunch or a box of […]

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Health Homeless Homelessness
Homeless Population in Texas
714 words 2 pages

There are nearly two hundred thousand homeless living in Texas alone, with over five hundred thousand homeless people living in the United States, 65% live in shelters while the remaining 35% go unsheltered. With such a large population of homeless, it is unnerving to see the way in which they are treated and the lack […]

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Homeless Homelessness
Homeless All Over the World
645 words 2 pages

A book club and give a homeless a home two amazing approaches to help the homeless. In the article “A book Club, whose best stories aren’t written down” by Lisa Tobin and the article “Oasis Coalition” written by the book club. Talk about how a lot of the time homeless people often don’t get noticed […]

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Communication Homeless Homelessness
Facts About Homeless Veterans
492 words 1 page

Why are veterans homeless? In addition to the complex set of factors that affect most homeless individuals lack of affordable housing, poverty, job or income loss, mental illness, substance abuse, health problems, etc. many veterans live with the lingering effect of PTSD, often compounded by a lack of family and social support networks. Military occupations […]

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American Dream: What Do I Mean by This? Essay Example
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The Pilgrims coming to the foreign land with their new ideas of religion and freedom was only the beginning of, what became known as, the American Dream. This all began by the hopes of the Pilgrims when arriving in their new land in hopes of an unmarked life. Since the start of this new world; […]

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American Dream Dream Poverty Wealth
We Are the Poors: Community Struggles in Post-Apartheid South Africa 
875 words 2 pages

In his book We Are the Poors, Ashwin Desai indirectly addresses the issue of globalization and resistance. He offers a vivid description of how South Africans in some of the most poverty-stricken settlements struggle to attain access to electricity as well as maintain their jobs, thereby portraying the incompleteness of the anti-apartheid movement. In particular, […]

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Globalization Poverty South Africa
Global Poverty and Inequality
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Global poverty and inequalities is the social problem which and some of the major terms in this topic is relative and absolute poverty. Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon which results due to various factors such as social, economic and political processes interacting to make the living conditions of the people worse. Absolute poverty is normally […]

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Economic Inequality Income Inequality Poverty
Problem of Homelessness Essay
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From the article problems associated with homelessness can be easier to resolve other than to manage if the affected people consider reintroducing themselves from the problem. In Million Dollar Murray, the author works to dismiss the assumptions concerning homelessness. It was assumed that homelessness trailed a normal distribution while the majority of the people were […]

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Homeless Homelessness
Assessing the Effectiveness of Homeless Services
343 words 1 page

The concept of resilience helps understand the complexity of homelessness. Homeless people experience an array of challenges that result in situational complications and ultimately limit their success. Problems cause or trigger psychiatric complications to such an extent that health issues such as depression might arise. Many youths become homeless in their quest for short-lived happiness. […]

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Homeless Homelessness
Youth Aging Out of The Foster Care System
1999 words 4 pages

Foster care system traces its roots to the Bible and the Torah that requires people to take care children as an obligation under the law. The Quran emphasizes on the need to care for the orphans and widows while the Bible has records of early Christians taking care of the orphaned as well as the […]

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Foster Care Homelessness Homelessness In America
Homeless Students in Washington DC
1683 words 4 pages

In recent years there has been an increasing number of youth who identify as homeless. Over 1.2 million of children and youth are homeless and experience educational disruption (NHCE, 2014). They face educational challenges and mental health concerns that are due to inadequate supply basic needs such as food, clothing, mental healthcare and medical services. […]

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Homelessness Homelessness In America
Issue of Social Inequality in United States
1021 words 2 pages

What is inequality? Research suggests that inequality in the society is the existence of unequal rewards and opportunities for various social status or positions within society or a given group (Stuber, 2016). The United States is highly stratified compared to other European countries with nobility title. The causes of social inequality can be discussed via […]

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Homelessness Homelessness In America
Drug Abuse as a Social Problem
927 words 2 pages

Substance abuse is currently a rampant social problem that has affected our society a great deal. It involves abuse of illegal, legal, and medicinal drugs. In this case, I am going to focus on legal and unlawful drugs. Alcohol abuse takes the lead, followed by the illegal hard drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, among others. […]

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Abuse Alcohol Abuse Homelessness Homelessness In America Sexual Abuse
Crime Aspects of Port Authority Bus Terminal Security
5666 words 11 pages

The main objective of this essay is to analyze the crime aspects of the Bus Terminal. The terminal is very important in New York City transport system. It is the main gateway for buses operating across different states. There has been a recent rise in crime levels of in the terminus and this essay aims […]

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Homelessness Homelessness In America
Problem of Homelessness in Hawaii
4272 words 9 pages

Hawaii is an island that was first occupied by Polynesians who were sailing in other Pacific Islands between 300 and 600 A.D. in 1778 James Cook, a British captain visited Hawaii and named the group of Islands ‘Sandwich Islands’. In most of the 19th century, Hawaii remained a native kingdom. It was during this time […]

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Hawaii Homelessness Homelessness In America
Managed Care: Readmission Reduction in Mental Healthcare
3508 words 7 pages

The importance of readmission reduction in healthcare is something that is well documented across the entire healthcare. This is likely due to the current penalties through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP). According to the National Committee for Quality Assurance, “preventing avoidable hospital readmissions is considered by many […]

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Homelessness Homelessness In America
Social Structure Theories and Real Life
1181 words 3 pages

The theories under social structure focus on the topic of criminology and the main discussion by the theories is the emphasis of the relationship between criminal behavior and social structure. Sociology on itself is the general social change and the dynamics surrounding human behavior. Many criminologists have a believe that in order to understand the […]

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Homelessness Homelessness In America
Implications of Social Work Practice
749 words 2 pages

Social workers possess a central role in developing as well as delivering personalized social care and support services. The key contribution of social work to personalization is affirmed in a statement on the future services offered by various organizations. Social work is focused on supporting independence as well as promoting choice and control for people […]

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Altruism Homelessness Homelessness In America Hometown
Hunger and Poverty in the Mississippi
1198 words 3 pages

Abstract There is sufficient information to verify that Mississippi is faced with a dilemma of hunger as well as poverty. The key issue attributing to this problem is low wages since many of the residents barely get sufficient earnings to support their needs (Gundersen, Engelhard & Waxman, 2014). My focus in this study will be […]

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Cultural Appropriation Hunger Poverty World Hunger
Food Problem
1043 words 3 pages

You have probably said the phrase “I am hungry” several times to inform your friends or people around you that you want to go get food when one has hunger. A simple google search will give you the definition, “A feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to […]

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Popular Questions About Poverty

How can we help solve poverty?
The issue of poverty can be solved through education, economic security, water and sanitation, health care and job creation. There are many people earning less that $2 per day. Non-governmental organizations, governments and other organizations have played an important role in identifying major causes of poverty and striving to provide solutions.
What exactly is poverty?
Poverty is not only defined in a monetary fashion. Income poverty is the most commonly looked at, but there is such a thing as social poverty. This is defined as lacking cultural inclusion due to the inability to conform to society’s ideal norms due to a lack of education, skills, money, health care,
What state has the most poverty?
States, federal district, and territories Rank State 2019 Poverty rate (percent of persons in 2014 Poverty Rates (includes unrelated c Supplemental Poverty Measure (2017–2019 - United States 10.5% 11.7% 1 New Hampshire 7.3% 9.5% 8.3% 2 Utah 8.9% 9.8% 8.0% 3 Maryland 9.0% 9.6% 12.0% 50 more rows
What does the word poverty mean?
Poverty(noun) the quality or state of being poor or indigent; want or scarcity of means of subsistence; indigence; need. Poverty(noun) any deficiency of elements or resources that are needed or desired, or that constitute richness; as, poverty of soil; poverty of the blood; poverty of ideas.