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Nature and Extent of the Juvenile Crime Essay Example
4744 words 18 pages

Problem Rarely does an evening pass in which the locally televised nightly news does not provide coverage of at least one shocking and disturbing act of criminal violence involving juveniles. Nightly reports of drive-by shootings, teens as young as 14 being remanded to adult court to stand trial for murder, gang initiation ceremonies involving sadistic […]

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Community Criminology Juvenile Delinquency
The Impact of Online Communities on Physica Social Relationships Essay Example
1327 words 5 pages

Abstract Nowadays, people spend much time in online communities to network with virtual friends and play role plays. They provide an advantage for people with special needs who cannot leave the house, because they benefit from the accessibility of the internet. Moreover, they help people who often move to stay in touch with their friends. […]

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Community Internet Interpersonal Relationship Relationship
Meg Whitman at Ebay Essay Example
1355 words 5 pages

Meg Whitman at eBay—Group Case Analysis Upon being hired as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of eBay, Meg Whitman came into a new, developing company on the brink of explosive growth. eBay was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar as an online, equal access, person-to-person trading community based on principles of mutual honesty and respect. […]

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Community Ebay
PAR Social Justice Essay Example
1886 words 7 pages

These women are clearly embracing each other romantically and their embrace showcases their bodies in such a natural state that would never be shown In mediums such as mainstream magazines. What I mean by this Is their skin Is folded, “fat” Is shown, and they’re not posed for beauty but they’re posed to showcase their […]

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Art Community Justice Prejudice Social Justice
Zingerman’s Community of Businesses Essay Example
2554 words 10 pages

Table of Contents Introduction 1. Question One Examine the skills that the co-founders apply when they made and Implemented the decision to expand into the Gingersnap’s Community of Businesses? 2. Question Two Justify why was It Important for Salesman’s to expand as a way to provide opportunities for employees and managers to develop their careers? […]

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Business Community German Leadership
Societal Conduct and Community in The Crucible Essay Example
585 words 3 pages

A community may not always be regarded as reputable, yet social norms and taboos are established to keep it afloat. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, societal conduct is violated and a community is capsized. In this socially awakening play, society is corrupted who en a naiveté community is immersed in power that enables insignificant […]

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Community Justice Law The Crucible
Keeping Our Cities Clean Essay Example
338 words 2 pages

Residents in the community must ban together to keep it clean and free from run down abandoned property. Many of the communities in the town close to mine are filled with debris and abandoned houses. What can we do to clean up our streets and rid them of these eye sores that are abandoned houses? […]

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Biology Community Disease Ecology Food Hygiene Natural Environment Pollution Resident Waste
Advantage and Dis Advantages of Technology Essay Example
644 words 3 pages

Social science : The branch of science that studies the relationship of individual within society. Sociology : Sociology is the study and classification of human societies. Ethnocentrism : Ethnocentrism derives from the Greek word for people, ethnos. Ethnocentrists see their community or nation as the model against which all others have to be judged. By […]

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Community Ethnocentrism Technology
Benedicts Rule Essay Example
624 words 3 pages

Ethics directs our attention to what it is to do good and to be called good. It studies activity, whether personal or institutional, in particular its significance for character and human flourishing. Doing Business with Benedict: The Rule of Saint Benedict and Business Management – A Conversation Marret Crosby Dollard Synopsis – In the world […]

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Business Operations Business Process Community Management Teamwork
Information Abundance vs. the Intelligence Community Essay Example
1004 words 4 pages

many leaders and strategists dating back to biblical times. Despite the advances in technology and the different political and economic state that currently exists within the world, the basic principles of intelligence are the same today as they were thousands of years ago. People or organisations – be they policy makers, government ministers, CEOs or […]

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Community Information Information Age Intelligence
Race and Community in Fort Wayne, Indiana Essay Example
1816 words 7 pages

I. Introduction – Brief History of Fort Wayne, IndianaI live here in Fort Wayne, the second largest city in Indiana after Indianapolis. Fort Wayne is a city based in North Eastern Indiana, USA and the county seat of Allen County. The estimated population of the community is 248,637 as of 2006, making it the 70th […]

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Community India
Community Health Essay Example
443 words 2 pages

Community health nurses work in public health organizations in partnership with other groups or organizations that are willing to extend health care services to the community. The roles of community health nurses is directed but not limited to making health care accessible to the public, focusing on the preventive aspect of health care, and educating […]

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Community Disease Health Care
Street Racing and the Impact on the Community Essay Example
3811 words 14 pages

Street racing is one of the popular subcultures among the youth and the not-so-young. It has proven that it is growing as a subculture and was effectively meshing itself with the contemporary and popular culture, at least when it comes to mass media and the entertainment world. The presence of street racing has spawned the […]

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Community Internet Law News
Community and Community development Essay Example
1210 words 5 pages

Introduction This essay attempts to give analysis of much debated concepts of community and community development; its interpretation, meaning and historical background which can be traced from the late 18th Century and lastly its evolution in late 1940s. This essay will draw the early history of community development with recent introduced themes and approaches such […]

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Community Community Development Development History Mass Media
Community Book Festival Essay Example
1943 words 8 pages

According to the United States Census Bureau (2013), Queens, New York, has an estimated population of 2. 2 million people living in this growing region. With a large population like this, it would be an ideal place to promote reading by conducting a book festival for the community. Not only will the book festival promote […]

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Books Community Festival
Modern Communities Essay Example
1402 words 6 pages

The values and characteristics of a healthy community have remained largely unchanged over the years; however, with the invention of online communities they have become significantly more impersonal. Accepting people for who they are and showing empathy towards others are indispensable values of a community. The values of a traditional community as outlined in Azar […]

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Belief Community Database Empathy
Definition of Community Essay Example
462 words 2 pages

The definition of community has been debated by sociologists for generations. Bell and Newby 1971 described how the term community has 98 different definitions. ( (The concept of, 2011). There are different factors that define what a community is. A community could be people living in the same area, people who have similar lives, people […]

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A Probation Officer’s View of Effectiveness Essay Example
700 words 3 pages

This case study is about what a probation officer’s view of effectiveness is and how it can affect his or her view of the job. The local newspaper ran a 3-part article about the probation office and how it was not living up to the expectations of the citizens. The articles discussed how the recidivism […]

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Community Evaluation Law Valuation
European Community Essay Example
1084 words 4 pages

The aim of this essay is to present the reason of British government changing it’s mind about EEC membership. The United Kingdom became a member of the European Economic Community in January 1973. However, its relationship with the European Community (EC) has been marked by strong national preferences and prolonged periods of weighing pros and […]

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Community Europe European Union International Relations
Jonas’s Community Essay Example
3579 words 14 pages

In Jonas’s Community everything is laid out for them. There are no choices jobs are chosen for them, to have a spouse (wife or husband) you have to apply and the match has to be perfect. One of the many jobs is laborer, a women assigned to have three children then work in the community […]

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Community The Giver
The Impact of ICT In The Community Essay Example
1249 words 5 pages

Southampton is the largest city on the south coast of England. It is a major port and the closet city to the New Forest. It lies roughly in the centre of the coast, at the northern-most point of the Southampton Water where it is joined to the River Itchen and River Test. Southampton is a […]

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Community Optics Pregnancy Satellite
The impact of ICT in the local community Essay Example
955 words 4 pages

The name of the borough where I live is called Brent. It is a very ethnically diverse area and has a large land area of 4325 hectares and the population density is 60.9 people per hectare. The population is about 263,464 and the unemployment rate is about 135658. There are about 97 schools in Brent […]

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Community Criminal Law Law Enforcement

Popular Questions About Community

What does community mean?
A community is a network of social and economic relationships and the places where those relationships interact. This is a broad yet restrictive definition. It means that just living near each other, as in a suburban neighborhood, doesn’t mean you’re in community. There’s no economic exchange, and, for most, little social engagement.
What is community, meaning and definition of community?
A community is a social unit (a group of living things) with commonality such as norms, religion, values, customs, or identity. Communities may share a sense of place situated in a given geographical area (e.g. a country, village, town, or neighbourhood) or in virtual space through communication platforms.
How is community defined?
A community is minimally defined as a collection of people in a geographical area, although other factors such as common values, organized interaction, cultural similarity and strong group feelings denote communal attributes. In sociological terms, communities are people with similar social structures.
What is the definition of communities?
Definition of community. 1 : a unified body of individuals: such as. a : the people with common interests living in a particular area broadly : the area itself the problems of a large community.
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