Alcohol and Substance abuse Vulnerable Population Essay Example
2956 words 11 pages

Vulnerable populations are considered to include the ethnic and racial minorities, economically disadvantaged, elderly, low income earners, the homeless, low income children, individuals with chronic illness such as HIV and those with other mental and health conditions such as alcohol and substance abuse. The vulnerable population is divided into three domains, psychological, physical and social […]

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Abuse Addiction Homeless
Experience in Homeless Drug Shelters Essay Example
2244 words 9 pages

The second semester of my DMin program I chose to do my field study experience on outreach ministries/shelters, serving the homeless drug culture, since my first semester on the War on Drug. Many times most of the drug culture, population find themselves homeless. It is imperative to research how this population is served in an […]

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Abuse Homeless Homelessness
Psychological Theory Analyses: Pursuit of Happyness Movie Essay Example
1522 words 6 pages

‘The pursuit of Happyness’ is an American bibliographical movie acted in San Francisco, California in 2006 that will be used in the analysis of the psychological theories. The movie is a real story about an American young dad, Chris Gardner, who was struggling to make end meets in hard economic times. He was jobless and […]

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Homeless Psychotherapy
The Concept of “Resilience” Essay Example
455 words 2 pages

Homeless adults undergo massive stressors on a daily basis as they steer a problem of mental, physical, and environmental risks. Depending on how they respond and adapt to these stressors can potentially affect their health outcomes and their quality of life. Additionally, places children at risk for mental health problems. Maternal depression may impact child […]

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Health Homeless Homelessness
Problem of Homelessness Essay
437 words 2 pages

From the article problems associated with homelessness can be easier to resolve other than to manage if the affected people consider reintroducing themselves from the problem. In Million Dollar Murray, the author works to dismiss the assumptions concerning homelessness. It was assumed that homelessness trailed a normal distribution while the majority of the people were […]

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Homeless Homelessness
Assessing the Effectiveness of Homeless Services Essay Example
343 words 2 pages

The concept of resilience helps understand the complexity of homelessness. Homeless people experience an array of challenges that result in situational complications and ultimately limit their success. Problems cause or trigger psychiatric complications to such an extent that health issues such as depression might arise. Many youths become homeless in their quest for short-lived happiness. […]

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Homeless Homelessness
Cities Crack Down on Panhandling Essay Example
1107 words 5 pages

Tracy on her article provides detailed information in regards to begging. The credentials of the author (reporter of the USA today newspaper) present a very strong appeal to the ethos by examining the latest bans on begging in her article. The author directs her editorial to the general audience with the main aim of explaining […]

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Homeless Justice Law
Homeless All Over the World Essay Example
645 words 3 pages

A book club and give a homeless a home two amazing approaches to help the homeless. In the article “A book Club, whose best stories aren’t written down” by Lisa Tobin and the article “Oasis Coalition” written by the book club. Talk about how a lot of the time homeless people often don’t get noticed […]

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Communication Homeless Homelessness
Homeless Population in Texas Essay Example
714 words 3 pages

There are nearly two hundred thousand homeless living in Texas alone, with over five hundred thousand homeless people living in the United States, 65% live in shelters while the remaining 35% go unsheltered. With such a large population of homeless, it is unnerving to see the way in which they are treated and the lack […]

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Homeless Homelessness
Important Needs of Homeless People Essay Example
1814 words 7 pages

Do you ever wonder homeless people live their day to day life without the access to fundamental needs? The needs to live a fully healthy and happy lifestyle? You shouldn’t have to decide day by day whether you will spend you will spend the scraps of money on a pleasant lunch or a box of […]

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Health Homeless Homelessness
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