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A Perfect Dictator? Or did Saddam Hussein Follow Machiavelli‘s Advices? Essay Example
981 words 4 pages

The XX century is often called a century of dictators, and one of them is Saddam Hussein – a totalitarian leader, who managed to maintain his regime till 2003, but was still deprived of power. In his book “The Prince” Nikkolo Machiavelli, an Italian political thinker of the XVI century, presented an outstanding “Dictator‘s Guide”, […]

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Dictatorship Iraq Machiavelli The prince
Can historical parallels be drawn between democracies and dictatorships? Essay Example
3128 words 12 pages

History encompasses more than just a linear progression of events and their connections, as it also comprises eternal verities and general laws. The recurrence of a fundamental occurrence is evident in various situations and eras, encompassing an array of historical incidents that range from the peculiar and unexplainable, such as Rome’s conflagration, to more commonplace […]

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Ancient Rome Democracy Dictatorship
On dictatorship Essay Example
1256 words 5 pages

Mr. Alderson commissioned me to add a left-wing vibe to the magazine, so I have chosen a topic that will be familiar and relatable to most readers. Despite living in 21st century Western Europe where there are guarantees of freedom of speech, worship and body art, and relatively free from fear of big brother, I […]

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Dictatorship Fascism Joseph Stalin Totalitarianism
How far is it accurate to describe Hitler as a ‘weak dictator’? Essay Example
1233 words 5 pages

The Third Reich, for Hitler, was supposed to have lasted 1000 years minimum, but it only lasted 12 years and four months. Many historians blame this on an individual that’s Hitler himself. Whether it is accurate or not to describe Hitler as a ‘weak dictator’ has been questioned for decades, leading to the heart of […]

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Adolf Hitler Dictatorship Law Nazi Party Nazism Society
Democratic Dirty Hands Essay Example
411 words 2 pages

In democracy, people use different strategies to gain votes – some acceptable, others unethical. Yet, elected officials occasionally misuse their power instead of fulfilling democratic ideals. Regrettably, it has become routine for public servants to evade responsibility for their conduct. The book Democratic Dirty Hands by Dennis Thompson addresses the issue of public officials committing […]

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Democracy Dictatorship Ethics Law

Popular Questions About Dictatorship

Is dictatorship good or bad?
According to HowStuffWorks, dictators usually come into power during coups d'etats, revolutions or states of emergency. Once in power, dictators use their influence to impose regimes that are often violent and long-lasting.
How do you get power in a dictatorship?
There are many countries still ruled by a dictator today, including North Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and Kazakhstan. Labeling a country as a dictatorship can be difficult as a country almost never self-identifies as such, and there is no universally accepted definition of the term.
What countries still have dictatorship?
List of Pros of Dictatorships 1. Dictatorships have the ability to make nations progressive. 2. Dictatorships result to stable governments. 3. Dictatorships lessen crime rates. 4. Dictatorships are good for the economy. 1. Dictatorships lead to abuse of power. 2. Dictatorships lead to mass killings.
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