Compare and Contrast of Ancient Greece and Ancient China Essay

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Ancient Greece and Ancient China have many similarities and differences. A similarity between the two ancient civilizations is how they socially treated their women, while a difference is how their economy was handled due to the different trade systems. Another difference between the two societies was the way they ran their political systems. The ancient Greeks and ancient Chinese were similar due to the lack of respect they had for their women. The Greeks and Chinese both gave little or no rights to their women because they believed that the men were the best and that women were nothing.

Women were looked down upon by men and were treated as if they were children. The two civilizations were similar because the women were forced to stay at home, do chores around the house, and look after the children. They were also similar because women were not allowed to leave the house without being in the presence of their husbands. The two civilizations were not only similar but also very different from one another. The first way in which the two civilizations differed was in their economy. They both had trade routes but the routes were very different.

In China there was the Silk Road which spread across many different countries and was considered a trading empire. In Greece, due to the rough landscape, a trading empire was never created even though there was still a trade system throughout Greece. Another way in which the economies differed between the two civilizations was based on the geography of the regions. Ancient China was a civilization based more on trading by land because it covered so much land where ancient Greece was based more on trading by ocean because it was surround by the Mediterranean Ocean on three sides.

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No matter where you were in Greece, it was at most a four days walk to the ocean. Another reason why ancient Greece and ancient China differed from each other was due to the fact that their political systems were so different. Their political systems were different because in China they had a system based off of one ruler overseeing all of the people, the concept of an emperor. In Greece they had a political system based off of the saying, “of the people, by the people, for the people,” otherwise known as a democracy.

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