The American Dream, is a fantasy in which our nation has been based on and keeps on creating and bring new and new ages of immigrants. The American dream comprises of individuals from numerous races and ethnicities, it is the general public which contains a one of a kind blend of societies brought along by the different cultures. It is a piece of every American; this fantasy has been the promising end to present circumstances for which our parents were coming for.To discover an existence that will give, them would like to have a superior future,but that will just work with the hardwork and commitment you put into it. Although the american dream changes all through ages the american dream is best comprehended by encounters.

For ages and ages individuals have resulted in these present circumstances arrive for a superior life and future for there family. People come to America from various societies in high any expectations of finding an occupation to help their family back home and in making another family here. These ages of individuals who result in these present circumstances nation for a superior future will keep on coming for a long time that come.The individuals who result in these present circumstances nation won’t just simply dream and all that they need will turn into a reality.these people will essentially fill in as hard as they can to have a superior future.

We all hope to live the “American Dream”and to have the best things there is but the question is are we willing to work or it? The question is all on us we are quick to say we will do whatever it takes in order to get what we want but not all of do the correct things in order to obtain what u want. The few who do pursue their dreams and education sometimes do obtain their dream. The others who do not obtain their dream are the individuals who stay home talking about the the “could of’s” or “should of’s” to their family. This is why people from different culture do whatever it takes to have a better future for them and their family.

In conclusion, although the american dream changes throughout generations the american dream is best understood by experiences. The american dream signifies a hope for a better future.Many people know that having hope is not going to work if they do not put in hardwork and dedication to accomplish their goals in life. This is why the american dream is the dream of many people.

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I lift my lamp beside the golden door! ” Inscribed in the base of the Statue of Liberty, this poem by Emma Lazarus defines the glorified, insatiable drive for wealth that is the American Dream. This dream, based in the belief that every person possesses the capacity to work hard and subsequently achieve fiscal success, […]

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The American Dream can be defined as- “a happy manner of life that is thought of by many Americans as something that can be achieved by anyone in the U. S. particularly by working difficult and going successful. ” ( Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary ) As we watch our country’s battle throughout fiscal crises. we. as […]

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Popular Questions About American Dream

What is the true meaning of the American Dream?
The American Dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone. The American Dream is achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking and hard work, not by chance.
What is the so called "American Dream"?
The "American Dream" is a sort of ethos or set of beliefs that drive many U.S. citizens as they work toward creating a life for themselves. This set of ideals - which includes notions of individual rights, freedom, democracy, and equality - is arguably centered around the belief that each individual has the right and freedom to seek prosperity and happiness, regardless of where or into what circumstances they were born.
Is the American dream really a dream?
American Dream is an illusionary reality - for some - as there are many things which corrode, impede or challenge the attainment of the American Dream. The dream is an illusionary aspiration because it is premised on a set of unchangeable and
What is the American dream means to me?
“The American Dream means to me that if you work hard you will succeed. “The American Dream to me means that… I have control of my own life. I can determine how much wealth I want, and how to spend or preserve it. The dream embodies the concept that we are the land of opportunity.
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