Strategies for Lower Prisons Budgetary Costs
337 words 1 page

Sentencing individuals to serve jail terms because of minor offences and misdemeanors such as failing to pay child support is likely to increase the number inmates in the prison thereby raising maintenance cost and at the same time causing overcrowding (Stinchcomb, 2011). As a jail administrator in the county, I would advise the judge who […]

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Budget Native Son
Progressive Stuff
10297 words 20 pages

Both advertisers and auditors wrestled with the truth of their text during the Progressive Era (1880-1940). Although in North America, advertisers adopted “truth in advertising” as a theme, auditors rejected “true and fair” as a description of financial statements. Auditors instead adopted the weaker statement that financial statements were “consistent with accepted accounting principles.” It […]

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Audit Financial Audit Profession Progress
Managing Finance Analysis Argumentative
903 words 2 pages

Robert Brown will keep records of everything that happens within the company, from the company’s revenue stream to consumer suggestions. Robert Brown will use these previous statements and records to compile a report so he is able to forecast and plan for the future of his company. Each of the departments within the company are given […]

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Budget Finance Loan Money
Exploring business activity
994 words 2 pages

This investigation will contrast the different types of organisation; it will help develop your mind to the wide range of organisations that are available. I have chosen one private sector business, which is a type of business that is owned by an individual, group of people or shareholders. However companies owned by shareholders are often […]

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Business Cars Cost Accounting Manufacturing
Information Management 17951
3163 words 7 pages

Executive Summary The report aims to address the issue of information management within Lanway. Information, may feel is the most important resource any firm has, yet many firms have no appreciation of the cost, value or importance of the information they hold. By first outlining the steps and findings of an information audit carried out […]

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Audit Information Internet Management
Performance Management 18128
2941 words 6 pages

A local council has just received approval for 15 million from the National Lottery to build a new Arts, Media and Cultural Centre but it needs to find the matching capital Money for the project. It has also to find the annual running costs of 1 million for the new facility at the same sound […]

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Budget Performance Management Policy
Budgetary Control Process
795 words 2 pages

: A budget is an expression in financial terms of the plans required to meet the strategic objectives. Normally the budgets are made for short terms. The budgets are made usually on an annual basis. The budget also facilitates the delegation of responsibility to various managers in the divisions and departments. In the budgetary control […]

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Budget Business Business Operations Business Process Expense Finance Management
Guard dog company – identify the internal control
858 words 2 pages

Scenario – (P4-1A) principles and their application to cash disbursements of Guard Dog Company. The internal control principles and their application to cash disbursements for Guard Dog Company area as follows: 1. That all checks should be pre-numbered to facilitate proper control over their use and issuance. The application for the company is found in […]

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Audit Bank Dog Finance
ABC systems
941 words 2 pages

Measurement of cost by traditional costing method and ABC costing method are greatly different. ABC allocates the activity costs into products by cost drivers, while traditional costing method uses quantity drivers (direct labor cost) to allocate costs. Since the use of the traditional costing method was not avoided of products loss, we may as well […]

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Accounting Business Business Operations Business Process Cost Accounting Costs Economics Education Management School Tradition
Financial Hazard
1108 words 3 pages

? positive attitude towards BPO is assumed to positively influence ? intention to increase ? level of BPO. Based on TRA, we define ? attitude towards BPO as ? overall evaluative appraisal, made by ? manager who is responsible for ? business procedure, of having that procedure outsourced to an external service provider. ? relationship […]

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Accounting Behavior Business Business Operations Business Plans Buying Homes Contract Cost Accounting Costs Outsourcing Real Estate Transaction Cost
Managerial Accounting for Apple Inc. Activity Based Costing
347 words 1 page

Managerial Accounting for Apple Inc. Activity Based Costing Activity based costing is given costs to products and services depending on the activities that the production uses and the resources that are utilised by these activities. It helps in determining the exact costs of the products or services. Apple Inc. uses the activity-based costing method to […]

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Accounting Cost Accounting
1222 words 3 pages

With the continuous inventions in technology, cyber-security is becoming a concern to many companies. One of the biggest risks facing companies in this era is advanced persistent threats. Companies, organizations and government agencies are increasingly being hacked, representing a growing threat to companies’ information security. To manage and mitigate cyber risk, companies are developing best […]

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Audit Computer Security Employment Security
Corporate Disclosure and Financial Statements
1613 words 4 pages

Corporate disclosure and financial statements: a brief history While the history of private enterprise is thousands of years old, a relevant launchpad to understand the modern corporation, and its associated concepts of limited liability and disclosure etc. can be with the corporations of the 17th century. Understanding the evolution of financial statements and disclosure in […]

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Audit Balance Sheet Corporation Finance State
Auditing, Attestation, and Assurance Services
1016 words 2 pages

Auditing, Attestation, and Assurance Services Paper Jane Johnson Contemporary Auditing I ACC/491 Introduction Auditing is a subset of attestation, which is a subset of assurance. These services, which are governed by several organizations, are unique in their own way. Because of the constantly changing role of the auditor, particularly since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, […]

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Accounting Audit Financial Audit Service
Proposal on Energy Audit Narrative
396 words 1 page

Proposal Energy Audit: An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy, flows for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). Energy audit identifies opportunities for financial savings by elimination of wasteful use of electricity, coal and […]

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Audit Energy Nature Sustainable Development
Sarbanes-oxley Act Conclusion Argumentative
516 words 1 page

Analysis University of Phoenix Internal controls mandated by the Sarbanes Oxley act have proven to be a difficult hurdle for publicly held companies to comply with. (Barnes & Thornburg, 2004) The internal control requirements of the Sarbanes – Oxley act have laid the responsibility of internal audits, effectiveness and efficiency of internal auditing controls squarely […]

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Accounting Argumentative Audit Internal Control
Cost Accounting System of Bpl
5038 words 10 pages

Origin of the Report This report was originated to make a study about the cost accounting system of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. for the requirement of completion of 1st semester of Master of Business Administration (MBA) program of the Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Dhaka. This term paper was an attempt to acquaint […]

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Cost Accounting Information Qualitative Research
Capital Budgeting
1125 words 3 pages

Annual Sales Revenue and Costs (Other Than Depreciation) ` Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Units 1,350 1,350 1,350 1,350 Unit price $200 $206 $212.18 $218.55 Unit cost $100 $103 $106.09 $109.27 Sales $270,000 $278,100 $286,443 $295,036.3 Cost $135,000 $139,050 $143,221.5 $147,518.1 The market interest rate, which is the cost of capital, has […]

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Budgeting Financial Accounting Internal Rate Of Return Net Present Value
Competitive Advantage of EasyJet and Ryanair
1520 words 3 pages

Competitive advantage The UK/European tourism and airline industries are expected to expand, mainly in response to the improvement in the global economy as well as the favorable oil prices that have seen operating costs fall (MarketLine, 2015b). In 2014, airlines in Europe generated $185,119.3 million in revenues, representing a 2.3% growth since 2013, and the […]

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Budget Easyjet Ryanair
Cost Allocation Method Essay Sample
1723 words 4 pages

Cost allotment is a method to find the cost of services provided to users of that service. It does non find the monetary value of the service but instead determines what the service costs to supply. It is of import to find the cost allotment of the services in order to find a justifiable fee/charge/tax […]

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Allocation Cost Accounting Finance Government
Billy’s Beats Inc. Essay Sample
162 words 1 page

The hearer should find the appropriate types and saddle horses of grounds needed to be satisfied that the client’s fiscal statements are reasonably stated every bit good as the client maintained effectual internal control over fiscal coverage. The hearer should do certain the processs they choose can supply persuasive grounds which means the grounds must […]

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Arithmetic Audit Business Critical Thinking Horse Logic Management Mathematics Philosophy Reasoning Science Social Science Sports Technology
Bellflower and Bell City Budget
2194 words 5 pages

Draft budget definition A budget is a statement used to estimate the expected income and expenditure.   The draft revenue and expenditure for Bellflower and Bell is useful in controlling the expenditure of the city council revenues. Bellflower has a population of 76616 and has very many economic activities that can spar it economic growth. This […]

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Budget City Expense Revenue

Popular Questions About Profit

What is a profit as a person?
: to get an advantage or benefit from something. : to be an advantage to (someone) : to help (someone) : to earn or get money by or from something.
What is the simple definition for profit?
Profit describes the financial benefit realized when revenue generated from a business activity exceeds the expenses, costs, and taxes involved in sustaining the activity in question. ... Profit is calculated as total revenue less total expenses.
What is profit and example?
Profit is a term that often describes the financial gain a business receives when revenue surpasses costs and expenses. For example, a child at a lemonade stand spends one quarter to create one cup of lemonade. She then sells the drink for $2.00. Her profit on the cup of lemonade amounts to $1.75.Feb 22, 2021
What is the formula for profit?
The formula to calculate profit is: Total Revenue - Total Expenses = Profit. Profit is determined by subtracting direct and indirect costs from all sales earned. Direct costs can include purchases like materials and staff wages. Indirect costs are also called overhead costs, like rent and utilities.Feb 22, 2021