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Architecture And Mechanical Engineering
1578 words 4 pages

Mechanical engineers are dependent on architectures in a broad way, no doubt about that. The fix of power-producing machines such as generators and electric power done by mechanical engineers is determined by the architects. The position of air conditioners, elevators, escalators and power backups are highly influenced by the architects. They also perform a major […]

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Architects Construction Fire Safety Library
Health Implications and Predictions In 2020
470 words 1 page

The year 2020 holds important implications on the delivery of health services. In response, the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions is designed to challenge the future planning and evolution of health sectors. . There are many opportunities predicted to arise according to the implications of the document. The essay examines the specific implications and prediction […]

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Health Care Delivery Pharmacy
Medication and Brand-name Drugs Essay
370 words 1 page

Generally, brand-name drugs are better for prescriptions than generic drugs. This is because of their quality. This concept is not disputed because if both types of drugs were priced equally, many people would go for the brand name each time. However, in the real sense, they are not priced equally. So many people have based […]

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Medical Pharmacy
Polypharmacy in Older Adults
648 words 2 pages

Polypharmacy is an increasingly serious issue in the current healthcare system that involves the use of multiple drugs. According to the US General Accounting Office, there is significant mortality and morbidity associated with erroneous polypharmacy. The practice is also expensive and costs the federal health care plan billions of dollars annually. However, the issue of […]

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Pharmacy Taking Risks
CVS Pharmacy Financial Statement
1044 words 3 pages

Financial statements are essential documents in the accounting practices. They form the basis through which the overall performance of the organization can be evaluated. It is imperative for the financial managers to ensure that prudence is adhered to especially in the preparation process to ensure that accurate information is reflected in the financial statements. It […]

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Pharmacy Student Loan
Different Qualities of Professionalism
572 words 2 pages

The level of competence and excellence expected from a professional is known as professionalism. They are skills, qualities, and behaviors expected in the field of physiotherapy. It can be demonstrated using several objectives such as working to defined principles, managing vital data and showing clinical reasoning. However, this essay paper focuses on how different listed […]

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Personal Values Pharmacy Professionalism Sacrifices
My Personal Goal and Objectives in Pharmacy
355 words 1 page

This essay is a personal statement on my personal goals and objectives for completion of this course in the field of pharmacy. This reasons and drive towards the desire to take up the courses is my personal reasons for career development and advancement at my current place of work, coupled with the immense desire I […]

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First person Personal Experience Personal Goals Personal Statement Pharmacy
Experience that Impacted on Choosing of My Profession
726 words 2 pages

Having spent my childhood days with my grandparents, I would see the difficulties they went through to get medical attention. They used to take me with them when they went to visit the doctor in town. They spent long hours on the road before they got there. It even got worse on our way back […]

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Personal Statement Pharmacy
Memo for Completion of Course Work
403 words 1 page

Part 1: Locating Credible Sources Wikipedia does not qualify as an adequate source of academic literature. Though it may hold true information, its citations are inadequate, and its editors are not disclosed. Because of that it is not easy to critic and investigates about legitimacy. On the contrary, is a sufficient source of information […]

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Pharmacy Plagiarism
The Transformation of India from a Colonial Possession
555 words 2 pages

Ancient Indian civilization is considered by many scholars to have been elegant and more sophisticated, compared to the other civilizations like from Mesopotamia. However, with its civilization, organized economic and political society, India was colonized by the Great Britain. This brings a lot of questions about how this happened considering that India was already well […]

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Indian Culture Pharmacy
I Want to Go Fast: Drag Racing versus Road Racing
1419 words 3 pages

There are two types of racing: Drag racing and Road racing. Drag racing moves in a straight line from one point to another as fast as the car or ones nerve will let him/her go. Road racing takes place on a circuit turning and can turn both left and right. This type of racing is […]

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Auto Racing Racing
Sunway Group Company
405 words 1 page

Introduction Sunway Group was formed out of the merger of Sun City Berhad (SunCity) and the Sun Holdings Berhad which took place in August 23, 2011. Sunway Holdings commenced its operations back in the year 1986 and it was developed mainly by Bandar Sunway Township (Hoong and Lim, 2012 p.176). On the other hand, Sunway […]

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Construction Hospitality Purpose of Education
Whipples Procedure Essay Example
3267 words 7 pages

Admitting Diagnosis: Ca of the DuodenumW. F. is divorced and lives alone in a private dwelling. He has worked as a city bus driver for the past 10 yrs and plans to return to his job when he is able. W. F. also works part time as a carpenter with a friend doing custom carpentry […]

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Automotive Cancer Car Culture Cars Driver Epidemiology Health Medicine Weight Loss
Hoover Dam
1536 words 3 pages

The Hoover Dam is one of Americas greatest civil engineering marvels (Hernan 22) and has become a magnet to those fascinated by human ingenuity at its best (Haussler 30). With its enormous size and construction during the Great Depression, it was an interesting topic to me. I would like to major in civil engineering and, […]

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Civil engineering Construction Database Water
Essay about Railroad – 268 words
268 words 1 page

This essay will be discussing briefly about the transcontinental railroad construction during 1865-1900. During the 19th century railroads had become the nations most important transportation source. The railroad helped the United States to improve its economic system. When airbrakes were invented, it transported more travelers and goods than before. People or goods could travel anywhere […]

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Civil engineering Database Rail Transport Transport
The danger of air bags and the
3244 words 7 pages

The Danger of Air Bags and the Proposed Improvements including Advanced Air Bag SystemsIntroduction to Air BagsIn today’s fast paced world, the amount of automobile travel increases more and more each year. With this increase in travel, there has been a much larger demand for safety in automobiles, and this includes air bags and other […]

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Automotive Cars Safety Transport
Elasticity of the Airline Industry
2101 words 5 pages

INTRODUCTION In 1973 Peter Drucker wrote that “mission and philosophy is the key starting point in business” and claimed that the lack of thought and attention given to them as the cause of many frustrations and failures in business. Subsequently Pearce (1982), David (1989), Campbell and Tawadey (1990) and others developed a body of knowledge […]

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Industry Mission Statement Strategic Management Strategy
Business Tycoons In US
2770 words 6 pages

“The Business of the United States is Business,” a great man once said. The United States has heralded around the globe for its incredible economic system. The growth of the United States started off small with minor discoveries and inventions, such as oil and electricity, and with those in place emergence of new technologies and […]

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Business Corporation Rail Transport Stock
Domus Aurea, Golden House Of N
1866 words 4 pages

The Domus Aurea, Golden House of Nero In AD 64, Nero set fire to the city of Rome.The exact reasons he did it are not fully known. It is thought that he partly did for poetic or artistic purposes, or for the purpose of clearing away a city that had currently dissatisfied him. In its […]

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Architecture Construction House Rome
Sharps bedroom advert Essay Example
1051 words 3 pages

Choose two different magazine advertisements and compare the way in which they target their audience The two advertisements I have chosen are a Lexus GS advert and a Sharps bedroom advert. I will write about each advert separately and then compare them afterwards. In the Lexus advert the focal point is the car. The photographer has taken […]

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Advertising Bedroom Lexus Mass Media Room
An Overview on Global Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh
658 words 2 pages

Globally pharmaceuticals sector has a good market and at present this sector has a good impact on the economy of different countries in their Gaps. Proper nurturing, monitoring and development of this sector are important for the improvement of this growing sector (Groggier, 2006). Although the market is growing at certain level but the expected […]

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Bangladesh Economic Growth Industry Pharmaceutical industry
Finance In The Hospitality Industry
3887 words 8 pages

Recognize your ethical responsibilities as a managerial accountant in the hospitality industry. Unique Aspects of the Hospitality Industry Whether you are reading this book for a class, to improve your business skills, or simply to better understand managerial accounting, you probably are familiar with the term hospitality. Hospitality can be defined as the friendly and […]

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Accounting Hospitality Industry Restaurant

Popular Questions About Industry

What do you mean by industry?
An industry is a group of companies that are related based on their primary business activities. Individual companies are generally classified into an industry based on their largest sources of revenue.
What are the 4 types of industry?
There are four types of industry. These are primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. Primary industry involves getting raw materials e.g. mining, farming and fishing. Secondary industrySecondary industryIn macroeconomics, the secondary sector of the economy is an economic sector in the three-sector theory that describes the role of manufacturing. It encompasses industries that produce a finished, usable product or are involved in construction. Examples include textile production, car manufacturing, and handicraft.
What is an example industry?
An industry – or sector – is the whole of all economic activities. For example, the pizza industry is made up of all producers who produce and sell pizza in the market. It is important to note that for a pizza maker to belong to the pizza industry, he or she must sell the product they make in the market.