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Exploring New Capabilities and Opportunities Overseas in a Globalized Environment
2565 words 10 pages

Globalization has forced an environment of tight resources and new challenges in which dynamic companies are exploring and creating new capabilities and opportunities overseas. Large international organizations are increasingly turning to organizational development practices to solve problems of inefficiency. However, they often face challenges when operating in the international context, especially when difficulties arise when […]

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Business Economic Development Geert Hofstede Nationalism
Authotarian Government and Economic Development Essay Example
2529 words 10 pages

In the first part of the study questionnaires were given to 40 students from International Islamic university Malaysia to find out their view on economic placement and authoritarian government. In the second part, a comparison is done between the economic indicators of developed democratic nations and a group of selected authoritarian governments. The data suggests […]

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Democracy Development Economic Development Economic Growth Government
Public Sector in India Essay Example
1315 words 5 pages

Government-owned corporations play a significant role in the economic development of emerging economies by being more involved in industrial and commercial activities. Public enterprises dominate during the early stages of development due to resource constraints and limited private sector scope, especially in leading developing countries like BRIC nations. Investments made into these enterprises have expedited […]

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Economic Development Economic Growth India Infrastructure
Employment in Detroit Michigan and New Orleans, Louisiana Essay Example
2432 words 9 pages

During the 1800s, urbanization has been one of the turning points in history, and a significant increase in the population has been one of its greatest impacts. This is due to the foreign immigrants that began pouring in the cities as well as the migration of people from the farms to the cities. Aside from […]

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Economic Development Employment Unemployment
IMPACT OF MICRO CREDIT role of microcredit as a tool Essay Example
4506 words 17 pages

The present documents have been prepared for the function of microcredit as a tool in the battle against poorness and gender inequality. This paper aims to make increased consciousness of gender and poorness through the microcredit programme. Microcredit has proven its possible to bring forth consequences. However, these consequences are by and large short-run and […]

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Bangladesh Economic Development Inequality Law Politics
Indian Economy: Adopting New Approach Essay Example
780 words 3 pages

India pursued economic development after gaining independence through a mixed economic system, with the government playing a significant role in overseeing the construction industry by granting licenses. However, there were challenges along the way. In the late 1970s, Mrs. Indira Gandhi introduced small-scale liberalization measures, followed by similar actions from Rajiv Gandhi in the mid-1980s. […]

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Economic Development Economic System Economy India
Underdevelopment in Africa Essay Example
1877 words 7 pages

African countries seam not to show significant change in social, economic and political developments in years despite aid given to these countries. In this paper I will define the concept development and explain different dimensions of development. I will also elaborate why it’s highly stressed with third world countries. I will also define the term […]

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Developing Country Development Economic Development Poverty
International Financial Institutions Essay Example
383 words 2 pages

International financial institutions (IFIs) are financial institutions that have been established (or chartered) by more than one country, and hence are subjects of international law. Their owners or shareholders are generally national governments, although other international institutions and other organisations occasionally figure as shareholders. The most prominent IFIs are creations of multiple nations, although some […]

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Banking Economic Development Financial Services Nationalism
Northern and Southern Ontario as a Periphery and Core Essay Example
2946 words 11 pages

The concept of the dependency theory is one used to describe the relationship between core countries and periphery countries. In this theory, the nations comprising the periphery are poor countries, whose main purpose is the extraction of raw material. The raw material extracted from these countries flow towards the core, which happen to be the […]

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Economic Development Ontario
Coca-Cola Management Project Essay Example
3097 words 12 pages

Introduction •Company Introduction The Coca-Cola Company is an American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer, retailer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups and one of the most highly recognized soft drink brands in the world. (1) The company is best known for its flagship product Coca-Cola, invented in 1886 by pharmacist John S. Pemberton […]

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Coca-Cola Economic Development Millennium Development Goals Sales
Role of Government and State Financial Institutions in Indian Economy Essay Example
2422 words 9 pages

The Indian Economy is ranked as the ninth largest in the world based on nominal GDP and the fourth largest based on purchasing power parity. It is a member of G-20 major economies and BRICS. In 2010, the per capita GDP stood at $3,408, classifying it as a lower-middle income economy. Prior to and soon […]

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Economic Development Finance India Macroeconomics Policy
Youth and Economic Development in the 21st Century Africa Essay Example
7568 words 28 pages

Preamble In the context of youth and economic development, leadership is a multi-layered phenomenon characterized by two main features: The economic challenges facing African youth warrant responsible leadership by governments and international partners; As leaders, youth can themselves play an important role in the promotion of economic development. This paper seeks to address these aspects […]

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Economic Development Education Entrepreneurship Millennium Development Goals
Public Policy: Tax Increment Financing Essay Example
280 words 2 pages

Is TIF an efficient Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) tool? This case study examines the application of TIF in Los Angeles County. Local governments often use property tax as a tool to influence economic development and business location decisions. Farris & Horbas (2009) argue that offering economic development incentives (EDIs) is beneficial for local governments, with […]

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Economic Development Economic Growth Finance Policy Public Policy Tax
The Price of Progress: How Much Are We Willing to Pay? Essay Example
800 words 3 pages

The discussion revolves around the compromise that society is willing to make for development and its cost. Currently, various indicators are used to assess individuals’ financial situation, such as per capita income, gross domestic product (GDP), gross national product (GNP), unemployment rate, literacy rate, and others. These terms have become significant due to governments’ efforts […]

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Disease Economic Development Poverty Progress
Attitude Of Management Students Towards Entrepreneurship Business Essay Example
2974 words 11 pages

Entrepreneurship and little concern creative activity are basics of economic Development throughout the universe. Entrepreneurial development today has assumed particular importance since it is a key to economic development. The impact of entrepreneurship instruction has been recognized as one of the important factors that help youths to understand and further an attitude toward entrepreneurship. Management […]

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Attitude Economic Development Entrepreneurship Management Statistics Student
The Private Sector Of Sri Lanka Economics Essay Example
2866 words 11 pages

Economic development can be defined as a procedure whereby the existent per capita income of a state increases over a long period of clip while at the same time poorness is reduced and inequality in society is by and large diminished or at least non increased. The economic system of Sri Lanka grew easy and […]

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Economic Development Economic Growth Law
The Global Pharmaceutical Industry Functions Economics Essay Example
2753 words 11 pages

Abstraction The societal, economic, and demographic context of the global pharmaceutical industry is changing significantly. Developed economies with increasing healthcare costs are looking to profit from healthcare spending. Developing economies in Africa, CIS & Middle-East are also undergoing dynamic changes due to government initiatives. The MENA (Middle-East & North Africa) pharma market is expected to […]

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Economic Development Health Care Pharmaceutical industry
Multifunctional Corporation Outsourcing Essay Example
843 words 4 pages

Outsourcing can be defined as the process of relocating some business functions such as decision rights and factors of production to the outside service providers. The outsourcing company and the service provider sighs the contract which contains rules and regulations. Factors of production involved in outsourcing include resources like people, equipment’s, technology and assets in […]

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Economic Development Economic Growth Economic Inequality Economic System Economy Outsourcing

Popular Questions About Economic Development

What does economic development stand for?
Economic development generally refers to the sustained, concerted actions of policymakers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area. Economic development can also be referred to as the quantitative and qualitative changes in the economy.
What is the job of economic development?
Economic development planners are in charge of helping local government with the development of land and facilities. They are a type of urban or regional planner that specializes in economic activity, so their focus includes attracting businesses and ensuring there is housing for workers.
How would you describe economic development?
Economic development is a process of targeted activities and programs that work to improve the economic wellbeing and quality of life of a community by building local wealth, diversifying the economy, creating and retaining jobs, and building the local tax base.
What causes economic development?
Causes of Economic Growth: In the short term, an increase in aggregate demand may stimulate a rise in output if the economy has unused resources. For instance, a rise in consumption resulting from increased consumer confidence or a cut in income tax may encourage firms to increase their output.
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