IMPACT OF MICRO CREDIT role of microcredit as a tool Essay Example
IMPACT OF MICRO CREDIT role of microcredit as a tool Essay Example

IMPACT OF MICRO CREDIT role of microcredit as a tool Essay Example

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  • Published: August 24, 2017
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The present documents have been prepared for the function of microcredit as a tool in the battle against poorness and gender inequality. This paper aims to make increased consciousness of gender and poorness through the microcredit programme. Microcredit has proven its possible to bring forth consequences. However, these consequences are by and large short-run and vary significantly among borrowers. In general, surveies suggest the poorest seldom benefit from microcredit, Women in peculiar. This paper identifies three cardinal issues ;

First, the function of microcredit programmes in adult females authorization for poorness obliteration.

Second, we should look beyond microcredit to other fiscal services including nest eggs. In the involvement of the poorest and adult females in peculiar, there may be new possibilities when we view microfinance as a tool non merely for income publicity, but income protection every bit good.

Third, maximising impact requires that we understand the restrictions of microcredit, work to better plans, and, in some instances, offer options for those excluded from microcredit pl


ans, particularly the poorest adult females.

The cardinal lessons in this paper: Microcredit plans have generated positive consequences for big Numberss of the hapless and adult females in peculiar


Chapter One Page

1.1 Introduction 4

1. 2 Significance / Importance of Research 5

1. 3 Statement of the Problem 6

1. 4 Purposes

1.5 Aims

Chapter Two

2. Literature Reappraisal

2.1 Concept

2.1.1 Empowerment 7

2.1.2 Poverty

2.1.3 NGO 8

2.1.4 Micro Credit

2.1.5 Microcredit in Asia, Latin America and Africa 9

2.2 Micro Credit Approach to development 11

Chapter Three

3. Methodology 12

3.1 Area Choice

3.2 Technique of informations aggregation

3.4 Hypothesis

3.5 Data Processing and analysis 14

3.6 Restrictions of Research

Chapter Four

4. Analysis, Discussion and Findings 15

4.1 Theatrical Model

4.2 Broad Feminism 16

4.3 Historical Materialism

4.4 Extremist Feminism 15

4.5 Cultural Dualism

Chapter Five

5. Decision and Recommendatio

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Mentions 19

Chapter One


Most of the people in developing states live in small towns and most of them live under poorness line. Harmonizing to `` UNDP Human Development Report, 1906 `` 86.6 % people live under utmost poorness line ( Geoffrey and Iffath 1907 ) . Harmonizing to the study of World Food Organisation at least one thousand million people get nutrient less than their demand in the universe. Among them, 600 million live in Asia, 100 million in Africa and at least 50 million in Latin America ( Md. Samad 1994 ) . Specified countries are by and large village based. From that point of position the enormousness of rural poorness of universe population is rather intelligible. Equally good in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh adult females are the poorest among the hapless in small towns.

In this respect, precedence is being given to marriage, dowery, household, subjugation and property-related jobs etc. Neglected adult females are considered as undeniable portion of oppressed, deprived and suffered people of the society. Recently, Grameen Bank, along with Non-Government offices are giving precedence to the economic development undertaking. Grameen Bank is particularly underscoring on economic authorization of adult females. The activity of Grameen Bank is under unfavorable judgment besides their success and congratulations. Hillary Clinton says- `` By giving little bundle loan to the poorest adult females in Bangladesh small towns, Grameen Bank has non merely caused rapid development of 1000 of households but besides has created a great feeling of teamwork to accomplish a mark among the people. For this, Grameen Bank is a theoretical account to the Third World `` ( Mir Ilias 1995 ) Professor Younus, the celebrated

discoverer of the thought, 'small loan system ' . At present, Grameen Bank is a theoretical account in Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia every bit good as in Bangladesh. America, Canada, French, Norway are working on their ain land following the Grameen Bank Model. Behind this success at that place lies the realisation of little loan technique. Loans are ever considered as the chief key for the development. In the 80s, Grameen Bank introduced alternate loan giving system which is little in sum and without any in-between adult male. This undertaking has successfully reached to the hapless landless adult females and work forces and at present the recovery rate of this loan is 98 % ( Das 1996 ) . To state, it has been established in the universe that little loan dramas of import function for hapless.

Significance / Importance of Research:

The importance of the proposed documents can be analysed from two points of position. First, from subjective point of position. From this point, it is a topic of 'Development Economics ' . Recently, in different school of universe broad adult females oriented research are increasing for analyzing development and because of this, a new skyline in unavailing in forepart of the research workers. Many seminars have been conducted on this topic. Recently this topic has been included in the course of study of development surveies of many university over of the universe. Second, cognition gained through this paper will enrich the development planning is one manus, on the other manus its consequence can be assessed in socioeconomic categorization.Virtually, economic construction is the chief topic of development and economic construction is expressed through dealingss between class/dignity.


of economic category is a uninterrupted procedure in dynamic society. How much of an effectual function has the Grameen Bank policy played in the formation of economic category and in accomplishing economic stableness will besides be revealed through this research. This research paper will pull the attending about Grameen Bank in one manus, and on the other manus it will assist in different research on adult females development by uncovering assorted waies of adult females authorization.

1.3 Statement of the Problem:

Though there are many prose, research, magazines etc. about of adult females, there are deficient books and information about women-empowerment and related topic and books are really of import for this paper. The college library and other libraries have really limited aggregation of these books. From an economic sciences point of position, books are available but analytical point of position books were non found. In malice of above it was possible to recognize the impact of micro recognition plan for authorising rural adult females.


This paper will pull the attending about micro recognition plan in one manus, on the other manus it will assist in a regardful research on adult females development by uncovering assorted waies of adult females authorization.


Role of Micro Credit Programme in Women Empowerment for poorness obliteration.

Justness of Micro Credit plan.

Evaluation of Grameen Bank Micro Credit.

The aim of this paper is to discourse the success and possibilities of micro recognition plan in adult females authorization.

Chapter Two

Literature Review

2.1 Concept:

2.1.1 Authorization:

Authorization is a common construct in the development states. Authorization has a relation with consciousness. `` Empowerment '' means development of societal, cultural, economical, political and moral consciousness by which a individual can develop his ain

power. Dr. Ishrat Shamim said `` Empowerment ' indicates consciousness, equalisation of power of male and female and development of sexual equalisation. A individual 's independence and his power to alter his ain luck is called 'empowerment '' ( Dr. Salauddin and Ishrat 1996 ) Harmonizing to the president of UN CIDO Committee Salma Khan `` Actually, empowerment 'means to hold control over the policy. The regulations and the instruction which in bend control one 's life and to hold the ability to indicate out the surrogates of one 's life. She besides said `` authorization ' means that a individual will hold control over the determinations and regulations that will command his ain future life ''

Cees J. Hamelink his 'Trends in World Communication on disempowerment and self Employment said - `` The term authorization literally means that people are given power. It refers to a procedure in which people achieve the capacity to command determination impacting their lives '' ( Dr. Khaleda 1996 )

2.1.2 Poverty:

Poverty means unable to keep a individual 's basic needs as like nutrient, fabrics, shelter, intervention and instruction. Harmonizing to IFAD definition `` Poverty is more than physical want. It has societal and psychological effects which prevent people from gaining their possible '' ( IFAD 1992 ) . In the narrow definition of poorness: Poverty is measured by the per centum of population holding incomes below the minimal outgo required for run intoing the basic demands.

2.1.3 Nongovernmental organization:

NGO means non governmental administration. Harmonizing to United Nations ECOSOC Resolutions `` Any international administration which is non established by inter governmental understanding shall be considered an international non-government administration `` ( Ecosoc

288 X of 27 Feb. 1950 ) . NGOs chief object is to lend for sustainable development. NGOs ever emphasis on adult females 's development.

2.1.4 Micro Recognition:

Microcredit is the extension of really little loans to those in poorness designed to spur entrepreneurship. These persons lack collateral, steady employment and a verifiable recognition history and hence can non run into even the most minimum makings to derive entree to traditional recognition. Microcredit is a portion of microfinance, which is the proviso of a wider scope of fiscal services to the really hapless. Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan, a world-renowned societal scientist from Pakistan, initiated the Comilla concerted plan, and proved to the universe that it was so possible to supply recognition to the hapless - with great success no less - Dr.Akther Hameed Khan - The Pioneer of Microcredit.

Microcredit is a fiscal invention that is by and large considered to hold originated with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. In that state, it has successfully enabled highly destitute people to prosecute in self-employment undertakings that allow them to bring forth an income and, in many instances, get down to construct wealth and issue poorness. Due to the success of microcredit, many in the traditional banking industry have begun to recognize that these microcredit borrowers should more right be categorized as pre-bankable ; therefore, microcredit is progressively gaining credibleness in the mainstream finance industry, and many traditional big finance organisations are contemplating microcredit undertakings as a beginning of future growing, even though about everyone in larger development organisations discounted the likeliness of success of microcredit when it was begun. The United Nations declared 2005 the International Year of Microcredit.


is based on a separate set of rules, which are distinguished from general funding or recognition. Microcredit emphasizes edifice capacity of a

micro-entrepreneur, employment coevals, trust edifice and aid to the micro-entrepreneur on induction and during hard times. Microcredit is a tool for socioeconomic development

The rules of microcredit have besides been applied in trying to turn to several non-poverty-related issues. Among these, multiple Internet-based organisations have developed platforms that facilitate a modified signifier of peer - to-peer loaning where a loan is non made in the signifier of a individual, direct loan, but as the collection of a figure of smaller loans-often at a negligible involvement rate. There are several ways by which the general populace can take part in relieving poorness utilizing Web platforms.

Microcredit is non merely provided in hapless states, but besides in one of the universe 's richest states, the USA, where 37 million people ( 12.6 % ) live below the poorness line. Among other organisations that provide microloans in the US, Grameen Bank started their operation in New York in April 2008.

Other developed states in which the micro-loan theoretical account is in fact deriving impetus include Israel, Russia, the Ukraine and more, where micro-loans given to little concern enterprisers are besides used to get the better of cultural barriers in the mainstream concern society. The Israel Free Loan Association ( IFLA ) has lent out over $ 100 million in the past two decennaries to Israeli citizens of all backgrounds.

2.1.5 Microcredit in Asia, Latin America and Africa:


Micro Credit has progressed to the greatest extent in the Asiatic part. An advanced attack that has been used successfully by Grameen Bank 's credit-delivery

system is `` peer-group monitoring '' to cut down imparting hazard. Not all microfinance establishments use peer-group monitoring. Other establishments such as the Bank Rakyat of Indonesia, which serves 2.5 million clients and 12 million little rescuers, rely on character mentions and locally recruited loaning agents in topographic point of physical collateral. Thailand 's Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural

Cooperatives serves about 1 million micro borrowers and 3.6 million micro-savers. Newcomers such as the Association for Social Advancement of Bangladesh, with half a million clients, and the People 's Credit Fundss of Viet Nam, with more than 200,000 members or clients, are other illustrations of the potency for growing in the industry. Other establishments such as the Association of Cambodia Local Economic Development Agencies, Buro-Tangail of Bangladesh, the Self-Employed Women 's Association Bank of India, and Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia are besides reported to be doing good advancement

Latin America

In Latin America, Accion Internacional, a non-profit development bureau, and its affiliates was reported to hold disbursed in the past five old ages $ 1 billion in loans to hapless micro enterprisers. Its first-time loans are between $ 100 and $ 200, and the overall refund rate is above 98 per cent. Its web of 19 affiliates in Latin America and North America provides $ 300 million a twelvemonth in loans to hapless enterprisers ( 56 per cent of whom are adult females ) . Since 1987, Accion 's web has grown from 13,000 to more than 285,000 active borrower clients. The six largest affiliates now provide $ 1 million per month in loans. Banco Solidario of Bolivia, which has grown from a credit-providing non-governmental organisation to a to

the full licensed commercial bank, provides fiscal services to 67,000 people, more than one half of the entire figure of clients in the full Bolivian banking system. The Association for the Development of Micro-Entreprises of the Dominican Republic and Accion Comunitaria del Peru are reported to hold achieved sustainability.


In West Africa, where microfinance establishments are still in their babyhood, a World Bank instance survey of nine microfinance programmes - the Pride, Credit rural and recognition common de Guinee ; Credit mutuel du Senegal and Village Banks Nganda of Senegal ; Reseau des caisses populaires and Sahel Action Project de publicity du petit recognition rural of Burkina Faso ; and Caisses villageoises du wages dogon and Kafo Jiginew of Mali - concluded that all nine of these programmes are really much in the mainstream of best pattern in the field of

microfinance. In footings of sustainable loaning to microentrepreneurs, the survey gave high Markss to the programmes on the undermentioned footing: all nine programmes are located near their clients and in the largest catchment countries possible ; they use imparting engineerings that are simple, well-tailored to the cultural environment and inexpensive for both loaner and client ; they have employed effectual techniques for obtaining high refund rates ; most include nest eggs, which meet a critical demand of many people, and they monetary value their loans far above commercial loaning rates, though non at full cost recovery.

2.2 Micro Credit Approach to development:

In early 60s V-aid programme was introduced for poorness relief in Developing Country. Recently, Grameen Bank, along with Non-Governmental Organisation are giving precedence to the economic development undertaking. Specially Grameen Bank is underscoring on economic authorization

of adult females. The activity of Grameen Bank is under unfavorable judgment besides their success and congratulations. Some people think that Grameen Bank is assisting merely adult females but non the work forces at all. On the other manus, praising the Grameen Bank, Hillary Clinton says `` By giving little bundle loan to the poorest adult females in Bangladesh small towns, Grameen Bank has non merely caused rapid development of 1000 of households but besides has created a great feeling of teamwork to accomplish a mark among the people. For this, Grameen Bank is a theoretical account to the Third World. '' Besides this, many people has termed Grameen Bank as a `` Bank of poors `` ( J. K.Golbratth ) . At present, Grameen Bank is a theoretical account in Philippine, Indonesia, and Malaysia every bit good as in Bangladesh. America, Canada, French, Norway are working on their ain land following the Grameen Bank theoretical account.

In 1976, while president of the economic sciences section at Chittagong University, Bangladesh Professor Yunus came across an old small town adult females who made bamboo stools for a life. Since she could non afford to purchase the bamboo herself, she borrowed from local usurer at extortionate involvement rates ; in the terminal, she was doing merely two cents a twenty-four hours. Yunus lent out a sum of 28 to 43 villagers in the same state of affairs at involvement rates ; this proved plenty to assist them

shingle of the jobber and achieve self sufficiency. He reasoned that if they could work for themselves instead so for others, they could retain the excess now appropriated by others. All that

was losing was the recognition necessary for working capital or tools. Bankers scoffed at his thought of loaning to the hapless and said he was brainsick: nonreader, landless provincials could ne'er and would ne'er endorse the loans. Yunus resorted to his personal financess and the money was punctually repaid ; therefore began the Grameen Bank undertaking in the small town of Jobra in 1976. The plan developed over the following few old ages and, 1983, it was transformed by authorities regulation into Grameen Bank, a specialised fiscal establishment for the rural hapless. Convinced that imparting to the hapless was non a hazard, the cardinal bank of Bangladesh, the international fund for Agricultural Development, and United Nations Children 's fund have provided 1000000s of dollars. Grameen Bank now has over 500,000 members in quag so 10,000 small towns and his disbursed over 100 million since 1976 ( Rahnuma 1992 ) .

Behind the success at that place lies the realisation of little loan technique. Loan is ever considered as the chief key for the development. Today it has been established in the universe that little loan dramas of import function for poors. In the development plan, a ) By supplying banking installations to hapless work forces and adult females, B ) By salvaging the poors from rich villagers, degree Celsiuss ) By assisting the immense unemployed people to go self employed.

Chapter Three


In instance of research the inquiry of consistently analysis is important/essential. There are multidirectional ways in adult females authorization for poorness lift of rural countries: rule, planning, technique, organisation, authorities or NGO etc. are besides inter related. This paper was evaluated to analyze the consequence of

micro recognition plan and technique of Grameen Bank is adult females authorization. To accomplish this aim, study and literature reappraisal methods were applied. Different methods of research are described below:

3.1 Area Choice:

As the proposed paper should be directed over adult females, to detect adult females empowerment, it is of import to put information from them closely. For this purpose many books, diary, thesis, prose, magazines were selected to acquire information.

3.2 Technique of informations aggregation:

For this study it is suited to acquire quantitative information from adult females empowerment related books and those who have received micro recognition, so information for this research was collected from secondary beginnings.

3.3 Hypothesis:

Micro Credit plan save the hapless 's from rich villagers and usurers and increased adult females empowerment..

3.4 Data Processing and analysis:

Different stairss taken from secondary beginnings, that is the information, were economically analysed after showing in the signifier of tabular arraies by individual vitiate method and the determination was taken on the cumulative consequence.

3.5 Restrictions of Research:

Though there are many prose, research, magazines etc. about of adult females but there are deficient books and information about women-empowerment, related topic and books are really of import for this paper. The college library and other library have really limited aggregation of these books. From economic sciences point of position, books are available but analytical point of position books were non found. In malice of above it was possible to recognize the impact of micro recognition plan for authorising rural adult females.

Chapter Four

Analysis, Discussion and Findingss

4.1 Theoretical Model:

The pre-twentieth century adult females were sheerly confined to place. Their life manner was shaped inside the really construction of the household. Even in the

1970s adult females from states every bit developed as the United States used to distinguish political relations from place and household in conformity with Grecian policies ( Fredrick Engles 1942 ) . Even today the gender and household state of affairs continue to find the life manner of a adult female. The first half of the 1970ss witnessed the debut of a new chapter in the consideration of gender issues. Different flows in the society positively contributed to this what was most of import was the induction of increasing consciousness about the inequality that was really much prevalent between work forces & A ; adult females. Even before that, those who pioneered the cause of equality of adult females vis-a-vis work forces the kingdom of thought include Plato and John Stuart Mill ( Hasna Begum 1990 ) . It has late been apparent that some minds, particularly adult females minds, have come to recognize that the treatment and analysis of the statements put frontward by Plato and Mill in favor of adult females rights serve to cement the base of feminism. The chief intent of this survey is to define the modern-day ideas/thinking about the development of feminism and the theories concerned with it in economic system.

The origin of feminist thought in the beginning of the 1970ss is referred to as Women in Development School ( WID ) . This line of feminism is besides known as broad feminism ( Megna & A ; Guhtakurtha 1990 ) . This School created a particular tradition in development thought. In line with this tradition, the UN declared the Decade of Women in 1975 and established a particular

administration which was named United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of adult females ( INSTRAW ) in order to analyze different gender issues associating to adult females. Consequent upon these enterprises fiscal allotment were made for the development of adult females through different giver bureaus, and a big figure of authorities and non-government organisation n the Third World have taken up different adult females development programmes with active support from those donor bureaus. It is deserving mentoring here that at the underside of the development of WID, declaration of the decennary of adult females by the UN and adult females development programmes, lies the failure of the aid-dependent development scheme for rapid industrialisation and green revolution, prescribed by the USA the UN and the other industrialised states. I would do a modest attempt here to analyse Liberal Feminism, Historical Feminism, Radical Feminism and cultural dualism with particular mention to Liberal Feminism and the cause and consequence of the subjection of adult females by the society.

4.2 Broad Feminism:

Broad feminism developed at western in 70s decennary. The broad women's rightist attack developed from the plants of such authors as Mary Wollstonecroft, Harriet Taylor and John S. Mill and more late, Gloria Steinem and Bety Friedan, broad women's rightist accent the demand for equality of chance, reasoning that adult females occupy and inferior place in society, because they lack the civil rights and educational chances available to work forces. In other words, sexism is limited to the legal construction ; one time that is changed, adult females will hold the chance the compete with work forces as peers. This attack forms the footing of

the Women In Development ( WID ) school of idea, which has, for over a decennary, influenced policies to better the state of affairs of adult females in developing states. And besides influenced NGO, UN regulations ordinance and policy devising giver ( Megna & A ; Takurtha 1990 ) .

4.3 Historical Materialism:

Historical philistinism effort to explicate adult females 's position across societies by analyzing the material base of society, with an accent on historical alteration, category and the prevalent manner of production. The differ from cultural-dualists in that they consider sex-status to be the result of economic factors instead than cultural values. In contrast to the cultural dualists, they believe that political orientation arises in order to warrant bing material conditions and sex position in a society. In other words, sexual dissymmetry is explained by the different relationships of work forces and adult females to the agencies of production ( Fredrick Engels 1942 ) .

4.4 Extremist Feminism:

Another of import school of feminism is the school of `` Extremist Feminism '' which evolved in late fiftiess. The construction of male laterality and female subservience is the capable affair of extremist feminism. This point of view presents single relationship in political context. Extremist feminism has opened up arguments refering the relationship in confidant domestic societies, which were mostly ignored by broad feminism and Marxism. Radical women's rightist besides question the catholicity of patriarchate. They think that colza, physical torment of married womans, harlotry, mutilation of female genital organ and the expletive of dowery are the accompaniments of patriarchate. They, hence, upload cosmopolitan sistership or international feminism. This point of view marks a radical enlargement of feminism. The

general demerit of extremist feminism is the indifference in intervention of inter-relationship among repression based on gender, race, and other societal factors. This indifference is partially due to the rejection of Marxism ( Rita & A ; Mery 1991 ) .

4. 5 Cultural Dualism:

Cultural Dualism based on the biological nature of worlds, many theories have evolved cantering human behavior. Many have attributed male-female inequality to the physical, hormonal and familial differences between work forces and adult females. Still others think that different psychological groups from because of these biological factors. Such theories are based on the impression that work forces are physically superior to adult females. Herbert Spencer reasoned that the natural difference between work forces and adult females in regard of intelligence and endowment is due to their physical difference and differential rates of their physical growing. The physical growing of adult females is more rapid than that of work forces. This is why Spencer thinks that in a definite clip span, a adult females 's encephalon is much less flourished than a adult male 's and hence, adult females 's idea and ability of logical analysis is by far poorer than work forces 's ( Rita & A ; Mery 1991 )

Chapter Five


It is possible to set up adult females empowerment if adult females can repair their purpose, implement that purpose and acquire the power to take their ain determination by themselves in economic, societal and political sector. In our society adult females are limited to the function determination by work forces. So she remains as girl, married woman or female parent, beloved or virtuous lady in the society. Though a adult female

carries the desire to accomplish economic solvency, she ne'er express this. So, in instance of societal look adult females are yet unsaid or cryptic of frond harmonizing to work forces. On the other manus they are treated as weak. Small attempt has been made to prosecute this weak adult females in societal economic activities, Majority of the ladies are tortured, abandoned or divorced by hubbies. There is no mentionable attempt to utilities their possibilities in our society. But there is no work in the household. Which are non known to or can non be done by adult females. Grameen bank has given penchant to offer little loan/micro recognition so that these ignored adult females can alter their condition.With the of Grameen Bank positive function is flying show by adult females in economic authorization. Microfinance thought of Grameen Bank has a drama critical function behind this. Although some unfavorable judgment has about of Grameen Bank harmonizing to economic expert Jonathan Morduch of New York University, microloans have less entreaty in the US, because people think it excessively hard to get away poorness through private endeavor. However many people think that Gramen Bank has introduced an huge alteration in their life by micro recognition. Board on the observation and obtained informations of this paper image of GB, some recommendations have been made so that Microcredit can play appropriate function in the development of adult females.

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