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Within the world, society has transitioned and changed through history as well as the ideals within the people which have become much better based on gender stereotype. Women throughout history have never received the true aspect of equality and this shows how we need to bring greater change. The foundation of true equality has been established by the founding father, but the hypocrisy within these nations has affected the aspects of women’s equality. Humans right are what establish our identity and allow every gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality to be equal within the United States. Diminishing women within society has become a major impact towards inequality within India. Political and Social aspects play a major role within how women have been the tarnished gender and they have been targeted for achieving higher positions compared to men. Women roles and identity have transitioned based on event which established the morals of a women and how they have a major impact on the roots of the United States. The conservative ideals of the past have affected the growth of women within society which is shown within India. Women within society are becoming leaders and examples of how they have broken the barriers of society. Despite having positives, the negatives out weight the positives and are the ones who tarnish society and have established theses nation as sexist. Therefore, the traditional aspects of gender roles still live on within the present and how it has affected major issues within both the United States and India.

The United States has transitioned from its rural lifestyle to the rising industrial urban cites, but the aspect of gender equality has not had a major change. Through centuries in the past women roles have always been smaller compared to men and how they were just the housekeeper. Gender roles have shifted from the early 20th century, but the true aspect of equality has not been given. Each gender is connected with a role and women were connected with the household and child bearers, while men were the bread winner since their income ran the household. Throughout centuries male dominance has overshadowed women injustice and has prevented them from achieving any aspect of success, whether in education, societal matter, and etc. Within India women have been tarnished and are seen as home maker, which meant they had no ambition for themselves. “Since the beginning of time, American women have gone through a series of struggles, battles, and tests to prove their capability of being an active part of the American labor force” (Shah, Working Women). Women were only seen as an object of sex which would allow the future generation to exist and allowing the family name to exist. History has ultimately outlined the struggles of women and how despite bring change they are diminished based on the stereotypes of the past. Hence, the elements of the past have played a major importance towards how even within the present women have still been connected with stereotypes.

The United States is known as one of the most powerful and influential countries within the world, yet the issues within show how the social aspects are still visible. Targeting women within the United States and how gender roles have shifted in both a positive and negative manner. Woman within the present have allowed greater change within society and many have shown a different perception of women within society and advocating the aspect of equality. “Yet despite all of these gains, women are still severely limited by gender pay inequality, which for a number of reasons keeps women’s average earnings at nearly 20 percent less than men’s average earnings” (Growth E, Factsheet). Factors within society still counter women in stances like lower wages, women earning 70 cents to the dollar that a man would make. Within the work place women are not taken seriously despite working in a higher position compared to their male colleagues. The aspect of a women in control destroys and tarnishes the masculinity of male and this could lead to a negative correlation towards women. Also race plays a factor as well, based on colored women making less than white women and colored males. The 2016 election is how a woman’s reputation is tarnished so that a white male could achieve the highest offices within the world. The election of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump demonstrates sexism within the 2016 election. “I confessed to Maxwell that these results have me depressed. “Modern Sexism is really about animosity and distrust toward successful women,” she said. “Because if you’re answering ‘yes’ to these statements, that you think they’re trying to get favors and they’re pretending about inequality … it’s distrust, it’s animosity, it’s resentment and frustration” (Onion R, Bad News: We’re Sexist). The election portrayed the accusation of pervious claims being made towards Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had cost her the election. Showing how males will stoop to any level to tarnish a woman and prevent her from competing against them. In the United States we have never had a woman elected President or Vice President which shows sexisms within the ideals of the people. Therefore, the hidden social issues of the United States reveal how women are affected from ideals of the past.

Throughout the world nations like India have starting to develop economically but like the United States face issues in social aspects. In India they target women based on how gender roles are staring to shift in both a positive and negative factor and how religion play an aspect within. Based on Indian marriage traditions girl go to another household when married to their husband and it depends on how wealthy the girl’s household is. The concept of dowry is from India and how female’s family give money, clothing, and gold for their daughter marriage. This is given to the male household despite him taking the girl from her parents. This is caused based gender discrimination and boys are seen as the ones to take your name through generation to come. The difference created between both genders has resulted in women suffering and causing suicide rates to increase. Showing how female always have to pay the ultimate price, which may lead to suicide or murder by their own households. India has many women politician in which they have achieved high offices but are still questioned on their education, qualifications, and ideals on the nation’s development. Within the 2014 election within India it has allowed many women to reach high political office based on the current Prime Minister, but male dominance has prevented some to switch their cabinet positions especially in the aspect of qualification. Education Minister Smriti Irani was questioned based on her education despite many men not being educated within the political field. “The ministry had come in for criticism in April after it issued an order for constitution of a committee to frame rules to regulate new portals and media websites” (Sen, Smriti Irani’s controversial reign at I&B ministry). The actress turn politician was removed from the position and was given another position which was the Minister of Textiles. This showing how women are diminished when they achieve a height of success which has shown that gender discrimination is a crucial issue. Women have been stuck within the household and 36% of women out of the female population in India are employed which has had a growth but not enough. The roles of women are perceived as home maker and basically running the household without having any ambition for themselves. Indian women have started to progress within society entering the field of politics, medicine, and even business. But they are diminished within their workspace for either achieving a higher position or higher wage compared to their male colleagues. Based on these situations like lower class killing girl after birth the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken action towards changing the ideals of society towards girls. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday advocated giving equal rights to women from all faiths and appealed to people to stop discriminating between a girl and a boy and protect “Sitas of our homes” (Modi N, Indian Express).His initiative towards this is funding educations for lower income households allowing them to save more girl instead of killing them at birth. This shown as hypocrisy upon how within India they worship female goddesses and yet they diminish the women around them. Hence, the growth and innovating change within India has shown no greater impact for women and has allowed negative effect within women-oriented work places.

Nations throughout the world have major social issue in which has impacted social relations of people and how its effects women. The aspect of Feminism and Realism contrast within how despite advocating equality the reality is that women have not achieved the true sense of equality. Feminism has impacted both nations to allow the rise of women within certain aspects of society but has resulted in a negative stance based on a women’s reputation. The correlation of Realism would be despite having equality the truth is women still are miss treated and have diminished by male masculinity. The rise of the #Me too Movement has allowed powerful men to understand the consequences of sexual assault against a woman and this issue has risen in both nations which shows. The United States Midterm election of 2018 has resulted in over 100 hundred women to hold office within Congress. More women achieving a higher education then men by 16% which show a shift within gender roles. The rise of power is allowing the government to have new ideals and showing how women can hold high positions which determine the fate the nation. Indian women involved within politics holding high ranking offices and the nations has had a female Prime Minister and President. The relates to globalization based on how our nation has been influenced through rising women in power and how they allow the gender barriers to be broken through their accomplishments within society. As society is changing it has allowed some aspects of change for women and has innovated the criteria of women being capable of accomplishing task equivalent to men. Women from the past to the present have been influential towards greater change within our society and around the world as well. Within the present day the most influential women would be the former first lady Michelle Obama and she has taken an approach to influence educate girl throughout the world. Ad First lady she had taken approach towards education and had launched “Let Girls Learn” in 2015 and even as first traveled across the world advocating girls to educate and accomplish more within society. Also, she has been known to be the most active first in taking action towards military families and it’s important for everyone child to focusing on only education. Michelle Obama herself is a well accomplished lawyer who graduated from Harvard University with a scholarship. Women like her have allowed greater influence within society and have shown other to educate and accomplish more breaking barriers within society. Therefore, the approach of feminism and realism within both nations has shown some changes but need a more effective approach towards the gender inequality within these nations and the world itself.

In conclusion, gender inequality has transitioned from the hardships of the past and the new barriers of the present. The history of the United States and India has impacted women’s role which women have played within society and how it was focused primary within the household. The aspects male masculinity played a rather negative role within how women function socially within society. The gender inequality within the work places and within society outlines how women ultimately suffer such as low wages and being diminished. The United States has shown within the 2016 election how tarnishing a woman will allows a white powerful male to achieve the highest office in the world. Within Indian it shown how questioning a woman qualification can diminish her identity within society despite male not having the required education. But the rise of feminist movements like the #Me Too Movement have allowed greater change and have allowed a turning point for women within both nations. The aspect of Feminism and Realism has approach both nation in the stance of how in reality women continue to be tarnished and diminished, this shows how we need to take better action towards these societal issues. Based on these circumstances I feel this approach need to be taken within the United Nations and how we need to fund girl’s education. Also establish a law implementing equal wages within the work place despite being any gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality. Therefore, gender inequality has targeted women in a new approach and how the transitions within society have allow some positive but rather negative impacts based on male dominance.

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Popular Questions About Gender Inequality

What are the causes and effects of gender inequality?
Discussed in this note are the causes of gender inequality in many nations of the world and they include lack of education, mentality, weak empowerment, religion, and culture and traditions. Parents should train their children, both male and female educationally and equally.
What countries have gender inequality?
Egregious gender inequality still exists globally despite of substantial national and international measures that have been taken towards gender equality. Only four out of over 135 nations have achieved gender equality including Costa Rica, Cuba, Sweden, and Norway.
What are the problems with gender inequality?
However, in most countries, women still face the problem of inequality. The problem of gender inequality manifests itself in the professional opportunities of women and men, in freedom restriction that women experience, violence towards them, in opportunities to participate in political life of their state, and other spheres.
How do we solve gender inequality?
Here are some ways for tackling gender inequality: Political participation of women: Most importantly, include more women in decision-making. Policies, schemes and government facilities are for the entire population.