The Disillusionment of the American Dream

Length: 425 words

The idea of the American Dream was depicted many times throughout the film Crash by Paul Haagis. The disillusionment of the American dream was shown in one particular scene of this movie. The scene involves a Persian man named Farhad and his family owned business. Though America is known for the idea of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, this is not what Farhad experienced when opening his store in America.

This man’s store was vandalized because of his supposed religion. In the scene his wife is quoted in saying, “They think were Arab, when did Persian become Arab,” in response to the term “raghead” and “jihad” being spray painted on the walls of their store. (Crash) Though these people were citizens of the United States, their American dream was ruined by vandalism and racial stereotyping. People blamed them for the 9/11 violence in America, though they had no part in it.

This is the opposite of what most people think of when they imagine equal opportunity and racial acceptance in America. There is also another scene that involves an African American man named Cameron and his wife, Christine, having an argument. He has become a successful television producer and his wife believes that she must suffer for his success. A police officer had assaulted his wife and his wife had accused him of not standing up for her just so he would not receive a police charge.

His achievement of the American dream is seen as being in jeopardy because of his African American heritage. She says, “…all of your good friends at the studio are going to read about you and realize, “He’s actually black! ””, implying that if they thought of him as a black man, he would not be allowed to have his well-earned success. (Crash) The article “What Makes Superman So Darned American,” is to the contrary of both of the scenes in this movie. Superman himself is an immigrant from a distant planet.

As Gary Engle put it, “It is impossible to imagine Superman being as popular as he is and speaking as deeply to the American character were he not an immigrant and an orphan. ” Superman is an alien and different from other humans, he has super strength, x-ray vision and he can fly. These “ethnic” differences are used to defend American values, protect the American people, and have made him loved and respected. Superman had the freedom to reach his full opportunity when coming to America, which was to be the legendary superhero we know today.

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