My dream job would be to become an engineer. Engineering has always been of great interest to me because I love working on complex problems and finding solutions to them. With my degree in engineering, I could work in a wide range of industries and have the opportunity to use the knowledge gained from my studies in real-world applications. I would also like to have the chance to travel and work abroad as part of my job. As an engineer, there are so many opportunities for growth and development that it would be difficult not take advantage of these possibilities. Working overseas will give me exposure to different cultures, meet new people, gain new experiences that can’t be found at home, and even further develop my technical expertise by learning from new colleagues with unique perspectives on their respective fields. One day I hope to make a difference through engineering; whether it’s creating innovative products or helping those in need by developing systems for renewable energy sources or providing efficient water management solutions for developing countries. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing that you’re using your skillset towards making something better than what was previously available before you got involved with the project. Engineering offers exciting challenges while allowing one the freedom of creativity which makes this profession particularly attractive for me personally since I enjoy being able to think outside the box when solving problems instead of relying solely on instructions given by someone else. Additionally, having an occupation where each day brings something fresh keeps things interesting. This field offers countless paths each filled with adventure waiting around every corner – who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Environmental Issue of Global Warming Essay Example
1243 words 5 pages

My intention in writing this speech was to discuss the effects of global warming; demonstrating a personal relationship to the persuasive language used in speeches. In my speech, I wanted to use personal pronouns and words that would connect to my audience similar to what Martin Luther King uses. I used “my fellow students” and […]

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I Have a Dream My Dream
The Key of Success Life Essay Example
1112 words 5 pages

My name is Dagmwit Beshash; I love my name Dagmwit since in Amharic it means “again or simply a second time”. For this reason, I always feel happy when I am addressed by the name. I was born and raised at Harar in Ethiopia a country which is in Africa. My family is composed of […]

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My Dream Self Esteem
Dream Community and Environmental Issue Essay Example
932 words 4 pages

The Love Canal neighbourhood of Niagara Falls, New York, that was contaminated by Hooker Chemical without the knowledge of the local citizens has strong background information that depicts much of what happened. It is also regarded as the site of an infamous disaster that is superfund and that affected hundreds of residents. At the beginning, […]

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Environmental Issues My Dream
President Obama’s First Inaugural Speech Essay Example
838 words 4 pages

Obama’s inauguration as the fourth president of America took place on twentieth January two thousand and nine. As part of the culture in the United States, a President should give a speech on the inauguration day. The speech contains the objectives that the president plans to meet during his or her term in office. In […]

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My Dream Rhetoric
Children Rights in Modern World Essay Example
697 words 3 pages

Jessica Statsky suggests that children aged five to six should prioritize play over competition in sports. She believes that competitive sports, which include physical and non-physical contact, can harm the sociological and psychological well-being of children. In her argument against aggressive organized sports for kids, Statsky emphasizes the negative impact it has on their development, […]

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Children My Dream
Living My Dream Life in America Essay Example
696 words 3 pages

Beginning a new phase in the United States without any level of proficiency in the English language is unquestionably the most difficult way to commence. Hello, my name is Arjun Kapoor and this is my story. I was born and raised in a small village in the Northern part of India. At thirteen years old, […]

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American Dream Fake News My Dream
Role of Struggles in my Life Essay Example
478 words 2 pages

Throughout life, we interact with people from different ethnic backgrounds, experiencing a range of emotions and moments that shape our understanding of others. These encounters leave lasting impressions on us, with some individuals easily forgotten while others remain deeply cherished. For me, there has always been one person who holds a special place in my […]

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My Dream Optimism
Importance of Dreams in Life Essay Example
544 words 2 pages

3 Idiots, a comedy film, was first shown in 2009. The movie achieved success not just in Asia but also in the United States and other countries. It became a hit due to its ability to blend comedy with valuable life lessons. The story revolves around four college friends who face various challenges until their […]

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Academic Dishonesty My Dream
Being Student of University of California Essay Example
410 words 2 pages

I am a young adult in my early twenties from a humble background and have always had the aspiration to study at one of the various campuses of the University of California. I have been actively following the achievements of the University of California and am highly fascinated by its academic accomplishments. Studying at this […]

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My Dream
Designing Career Employment Status: Goals and Philosophy Essay Example
1166 words 5 pages

My goals, since my adolescence has been getting my bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications at a prestigious Fashion and Merchandise college as well as a BA in Business Management. For this will help to be a qualified competent professional fashion merchandising with my own business company as an entrepreneur. After graduation, I would like to […]

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My Dream My Dream Job
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