The Key of Success Life Essay Example
The Key of Success Life Essay Example

The Key of Success Life Essay Example

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  • Published: January 17, 2022
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My name is Dagmwit Beshash; I love my name Dagmwit since in Amharic it means “again or simply a second time”. For this reason, I always feel happy when I am addressed by the name. I was born and raised at Harar in Ethiopia a country which is in Africa. My family is composed of three members; my father, my elder sister and I. while I was only one year of age, my father and my mother divorced and we were left under the care of my father. The fact that my parents parted ways while I was very young led to me not been familiar with her. Indeed, this was an embarrassing situation in my life but I could have done nothing to it. While I was in middle school, I got the ever irritating news about the dem


ise of my mother. The news of my mother’s death was saddening, and heartbreaking in consideration of how I missed meeting her one day. I felt that the world was useless without my beloved mother despite the fact that I was not used to her. I will miss her till we meet again. I almost hated my dad for the death of my mother since I felt if it were not for the divorce my mother would be alive. However, later in my life I fully comprehended the situation behind their divorce and hated why she had left our dad and us. The death of my mother left the burden of raising our family to our father only and this burdened him since he was only a primary school teacher.

I have a number of hobbies including

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singing, playing, cooking as well as reading and through these hobbies I have managed to make more friends from the people whom I interact with. My sister and I spends most of our free time in a number of activities and the ultimate of these activities is watching movies and dancing as this is what we find most enjoyers. Through dancing I have managed to cut on weight and therefore I have maintained an excellent body size which is admired by most of my friends both at school and back at home. The reduction of weight and maintenance of a good body size has helped me step away from the low self-esteem which I had initially developed while I was a teenager. The low self-esteem came as a result of the fact I grew flabby and this made most of colleagues bully and criticize me for the body shape I had developed.

I almost became completely ant-social and shy to address anyone at those times. At this period, I hated school since to be it seemed to be hell for all I could get there was embarrassment. The situation was worse since I was not able to present anything as requested by my teachers. I remember there was a time when my class teacher demanded to know the reason behind my shyness. Through his investigation and motherly conversation with me coupled with the help of my father, the class teacher managed to build my confidence once again making me become one of the most eloquent and promising students in our class. My weaknesses were completely buried as I turned to be the most industrious student who

all the teachers admired to teach. At that time my beloved sister was pursuing her university studies and she was pivotal to my newly acquired impressing life. Thanks to her, my father and the class teacher.

Having been born and raised in Ethiopia, I am always proud of it since as the phrase goes “east or west home is the best”. The main language in my country is Amharic and with my name been rooted to the Amharic culture, I am always certain that am a daughter of the Ethiopian soil. My country too, posses a great history which makes it stand out in the entire African continent. It is the only country in Africa which was not colonized and this to me shows how united it was that it managed to conquer the forced rule of the colonizers. It is also believed that my country is the only country in the world where humanity started since the oldest remains of our ancestors has been traced here. This has made the country become a touring site and through this our economy is promoted through the tourism sector.

As much as I love my dad, I am sad to mention that he was diagnosed with cancer and this situation traumatized me for fear of been rendered an orphan in case he dies. His critical situation after the diagnosis meant that immediate attention needed to be sought. The situation hit me hard since when we recognized this, my sister was preparing for her graduation the very same year. The condition of my father forced him to resign from his teaching job and this resulted into much family hardships since

we had not saved anything and our dad was the sole breadwinner for the family. This forced me to forgo most of my classes in order to seek job with an aim of raising money to assist my dad in cutting down the escalating hospital bills but all this was in vein. My ultimate depression and disappointment came a month later when my dad succumbed to death. Loneliness was my daily life as this also happened just a week before my sister’s graduation.

Despite the fact that the death of my father led to cry between my sister and I, I later managed to cope with the situation and prepared my visa to attend my sister’s graduation. This was a happy part of our life, later we left our native country for USA, were we currently live and I have made several friends. I am so happy here since I learned English and I believe that my dreams will come true after completing my studies. I am indeed happy here.

Summary of the main points:

  1. An introduction of who I am and where I was born and a description of my family.
  2. A comprehensive explanation of my school life while in Ethiopia and a clear outline of my hobbles together with how they impacted on my life.
  3. A description of how my country Ethiopia is precious to me and how it is a great tourism destination site.
  4. An explanation of my father’s cancer diagnosis and how it led to his death rendering my sister and me orphans.
  5. The graduation process of my sister and how it led me to migrating to United States which is now my

home country.

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