Immigration reform is a hot-button issue in the United States, with many advocates calling for more just and humane laws. Immigration reform should include a path to citizenship or permanent residency status for those already living and working in the US, an improved visa system that better meets the needs of employers, as well as stronger security measures at our borders. The current immigration system does not address the economic realities of today’s world. Many industries rely on immigrant labor for manual jobs that U.S citizens often cannot or will not take – yet immigrants have no legal way to obtain work visas or green cards without waiting long periods of time and paying expensive fees. This makes it difficult for employers to hire workers they need while also leaving immigrants vulnerable to exploitation. A reformed immigration system would include expanded access to temporary work visas and other forms of legal status so that businesses can meet their staffing needs while still protecting labor rights and wages. In addition, Congress should consider creating a pathway to citizenship or permanent residency status for those who are already living in the country illegally, but are otherwise law-abiding individuals contributing positively to society through their tax contributions, entrepreneurial activities, educational attainment, etc. Such an avenue could help integrate these immigrants into mainstream American life by making them eligible for government benefits like healthcare coverage and Social Security retirement benefits. Finally, any serious effort at immigration reform must also involve enhanced security measures such as increased resources devoted toward border patrols and surveillance technologies along known entry points into the US from Mexico and elsewhere around the world; stricter penalties against employers hiring illegal workers; improved tracking systems; biometric identification; tamper-proof documents; tighter travel restrictions among certain countries deemed high risk; as well as efforts aimed at curbing humanitarian crises caused by war, famine or natural disasters which force people out of their homes into new ones abroad (i.e., refugee camps).

The Evolution of American Immigration Policy Essay Example
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Immigration has always been a hot topic of discussion in the United States. For instance, the people who enter the US whether on Migrant or Non- immigrant status has raised heated debate now. Politicians and other state bodies try to negotiate on better policies possible to address the issue affecting more than 11.3 million people […]

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Immigration Immigration Reform Jamestown
Eleanor Roosevelt by William Youngs Essay Example
1419 words 6 pages

Eleanor Roosevelt is viewed as an important figure in the current stability of the Civil Religion today. She participated in promoting Civil Religion in America and across the world. As a result of her early experience in life, Eleanor Roosevelt was able to establish a better life in which she was an activist and an […]

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Immigration Immigration Reform Peace Corps Pearl Harbor
Republican and Democratic Parties in Present Texas Essay Example
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The Democratic Party originated from the anti-federalist groups during American’s independence from Britain. The groups were organized into the Democrat and Republican Party by James Madison, T. Jefferson and other Federalist opponents in 1792. On the other hand, the Republican Party is younger, and it was founded in 1854 by the anti-slavery modernizers and activists. […]

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Democratic Party Immigration Immigration Reform James Madison Political Party
DREAM Act and Immigration Reform Essay Example
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Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minor Act which is acronymic have DREAM Act, is an American legislative bill that was introduced in the house of senate back in the year 2001 amid the month of August with the point of granting either conditional or permanent residency to the undocumented immigrants found in the United […]

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Dream Job Immigration Immigration Reform
Immigration Laws of United Stated Essay Example
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The immigration laws are still undergoing reforms and Americans are divided on the support of these laws. A group of Americans approve of the immigration laws stating that they will be beneficial to both the Americans and the immigrants. In general, Americans prefer that a small number of immigrants be allowed to the United States […]

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Illegal Immigration Immigration Reform

Popular Questions About Immigration Reform

Is there any momentum for real immigration reform?
As the partisan divide in America appears to grow wider each day, few issues unite people from all political and personal backgrounds. However, momentum for real immigration reform continues to unite Americans across the country.
Who is the Federation for American immigration reform?
The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest, membership organization of concerned citizens who share a common belief that our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest. Visit FAIR's website at (PRNewsFoto/FAIR)
Why is immigration reform important to business owners?
Take for example Ross McGregor, the president of Pentaflex Inc. He recently joined OBIS because he believes immigration reform can help alleviate workforce issues. Like many business owners, he is not only facing a labor shortage but also high turnover rates. He recently hired 20 Haitian immigrants to stabilize his workforce and reduce turnover.
Is the Ohio Chamber of Commerce for immigration reform?
That’s why one year ago, the chamber joined Ohio Business for Immigration Solutions (OBIS), a coalition of Ohio businesses, trade organizations, city chambers and economic development groups who support commonsense immigration reform.
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