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What accounts for Steinways reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality pianos? Essay Example
625 words 3 pages

The reasons for high quality product is caused traditionally over a time with the basic principles. All Steinways were still assembled by craft methods with little use of assembly-line techniques. Volumes remained small. Skilled labor was employed throughout the process and many employees often continuing an association begun by their parents and grandparents and had […]

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Business Process Marketing Piano Qualities Reputation
Case Study: Tyco Essay Example
518 words 2 pages

Tyco used vignettes to communicate changes in ethical behavior. Write a vignette that could be used by Tyco to assist in overcoming the cultural change barriers that companies like Tyco faced. What international issues might need to be taken into account in writing these vignettes? I was not clear on how to proceed. Sorry 3. […]

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Ethics Information Reputation Study
Toucon Collections, Inc. Essay Example
770 words 3 pages

Toucon Collections, Inc. How might one describe the product-market matrix for Toucon’s products? There are two types of products sold by Toucon. On the one hand there are the original artifacts mostly bought by truly knowledgeable collectors. The import and distribution of those artifacts are Toucon’s original business and account for the majority of total […]

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Business Operations Business Process Customer Management Physics Reputation Sales The matrix
Camar Automotive Hoist Essay Example
3360 words 13 pages

Problem Statement: Camar Automotive Hoist (CAH) produces top quality automotive hoists. The company is currently faced with making a critical decision which may significantly effect its future operations and long term competitiveness. The president, Mark Camar has just received a proposal about the option to enter into the European market, prepared by the Camar marketing […]

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Automotive Brand Reputation Sales
Reputationon The Crucible Argumentative Essay Example
738 words 3 pages

“How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name! ” Says the character John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Probably the most powerful line the entire play, it is apparent that the idea of the importance of “names” is the central theme of this great classic.The […]

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Reputation Salem Witch Trials The Crucible Witchcraft
Sorzal Distributors Essay Example
355 words 2 pages

How might one describe the product-market matrix for Sorzal’s Products? Existing MarketsNew Markets Existing Offerings – Authentic Artifacts, Jewelry, PotteryHigh Value, Reputable New Offerings – Replicas of Authentic ArtifactsLow Value, Expands Product Line The description of the product-market matrix for Sorzal’s Products starts with the existing offerings of South American, African, and Indian authentic artifacts, […]

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Contract Metals Reputation Sales
NES AG – Gifting in China Essay Example
1260 words 5 pages

NES AG’s problem is that needs approval to become a holding company in China. However, its code of ethics conflicts with the local custom of gifting to as a way of achieving certain outcomes. The problem in the short term is that the company needs to obtain the approval within a month. In the long […]

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China Reputation Risk Tax
How to control stakeholders Essay Example
1891 words 7 pages

These groups are the capital market stakeholders (shareholders and the major suppliers of a firm’s capital), the product market stakeholders (the firm’s primary customers, suppliers, host communities, and unions representing the workforce), and the organizational stakeholders (all of a firm’s employees, including both managerial and managerial personnel)(R. Duane Ireland, Robert E. Hosking’s, and Michael A. […]

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Investment Reputation Stakeholders Stock
Jot case study Essay Example
1694 words 7 pages

The COMA Global Business Challenge Is designed to give a taste of the boardroom and of business. You are cast In the role of a consultant reporting to a board of a fictitious company. You are presented with some background Information on the company and its industry in the form of ‘case study material. ‘ […]

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Ethical dilemma Reputation Study
Sports In Hong Kong Essay Example
735 words 3 pages

The Policy Address highlights the need for Hong Kong to gain an international position in sports, despite the financial burdens caused by successful London 2012 Olympic and Paralytic Games. Improving public health and reducing medical burden are crucial factors for reviewing sports development policies, especially with an aging population. With low sports participation among Hong […]

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Health Hong Kong Reputation
Professional Ethics Essay Example
1772 words 7 pages

The Chief Financial Officer and the CEO must outlay their responsibilities for each of these situations and prepare a program for implementation to improve corporate culture. 2 Responsibility as Chief Financial Officer 2. 1 Misrepresent products that come from environmentally irresponsible sources as environmentally friendly; Misrepresenting products is a serious act of unethical behaviour and […]

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Audit Ethics Profession Reputation Risk
The Effects of Reputation and Ethics on Budgetary Slack Essay Example
1502 words 6 pages

This paper conducts an experimental study to test the effects on budgetary slack of two potential controls for opportunistic self-interest – reputation and ethics. In the experimental study the level of information asymmetry between the subordinate and the superior regarding productive capability is manipulated and the subordinate’s reputation and ethical concerns regarding budgetary slack are […]

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Ethics Incentive Management Accounting Reputation
Reputation In The Crucible Essay Example
943 words 4 pages

Reputation is the most important thing for a person. A person cannot stand in this world without his reputation. Reputation is the last thing that one can lose. It is more important that one’s life. In The Crucible, the most important theme is reputation. is a minister who only cares about his own reputation. Parris’ […]

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Reputation The Crucible Witchcraft
Martha Stewart Essay Example
893 words 4 pages

1. What was the basis of Martha Stewart’s reputation? In term of financial reputation, it will be on market share and stock price.2. Why did MSO’s stock price decline due to Martha Stewart’s loss of reputation? Due to Martha’s fame and recognition of her show, many people therefore invested their money in the company. However, […]

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Buying Homes Company Federal Bureau Of Investigation Investment Law Reputation Society Stock
Reputationon The Crucible Essay Example
1207 words 5 pages

The Crucible, set in a post-World War II prosperous America, was written in 1952. Despite this, concerns and anxieties arose in the United States towards the enemy, particularly regarding communism. American citizens were worried about their former allies, the Russians, and uneasy about their embrace of communist principles. Americans strongly associated themselves with democracy and […]

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Mccarthyism Reputation The Crucible Witchcraft
A Short Formal Report Looking Into Setting Up A Chemical Plant Essay Example
940 words 4 pages

The objective of my task is to create an official and brief report that communicates details about the social benefits, social costs, private benefits, and private costs associated with constructing a chemical plant in the outskirts of a small town featuring a marketplace. The goal is to determine if proceeding with this project would be […]

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Business Operations Cost Accounting Costs Earnings Ecology Employment Manufacturing Pollution Reputation Science
Successful Brand Creation: Product Recognition Essay Example
2095 words 8 pages

A brand acts as the representation of a product and an organization, comprising its characteristics. When consumers use products, they connect with a brand and merge their experiences with it. This connection forms a mental relationship between the customer and the specific product, shaping their perception of it (Monty Montague, Spring 1999). The impact and […]

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Brand Consumer behaviour Reputation Success
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Internet Site Essay Example
1809 words 7 pages

Skies Travel Agency wants to expand business by going online. The company has the strength of good reputation by word of mouth within Bristol where it presently serves its customers but may the weakness of limited market without the benefit of greater source of customers under its present situation. Opportunities for expansion could come from […]

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Debit Card Internet Payment Reputation
Manchester United: Brand of Hope and Glory Essay Example
1389 words 6 pages

There are four stances that businesses can take in relation to their financial decisions. Firstly, there are those who only do what is required of them, often resulting in issues with long-term finances. Secondly, there are companies who prioritize long-term shareholder interests, working towards building and maintaining their reputation and fully considering the impact of […]

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Brand Employment Hope Reputation
Rudi Gassner and the Executive Committee Essay Example
1221 words 5 pages

Pros-Rudi used to do this time to time and his strategy was successful, he was sure “that he knows the best what’s good for us (the company)” (pg. 2). -Timing of the events is important- if in March Managing Directors Convention all RD and MB have agreed on targets to be reached and therefore bonuses […]

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Budget Business Operations Business Process Management Reputation
Reputations And Influences In His Late Years Theology Religion Essay Example
2517 words 10 pages

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran curate and theologian, was an active member of the Confessing Church, a Protestant church that opposed Nazi-affiliated churches. He was also part of Abwehr, an intelligence organization that worked against Nazi Germany. Towards the end of World War II, Bonhoeffer was executed for his involvement in the plot to assassinate […]

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Christianity God Reputation Theology
The Crucible Reputation Essay Example
416 words 2 pages

“The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, a 1952 drama, serves as an allegory to McCarthyism, the period of government blacklisting in which accused Communists were targeted. It depicts the Salem witch trials that occurred in Massachusetts Bay from 1692 to 1693. While based on true events, the play deviates from them in various aspects, including John […]

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Reputation Salem Witch Trials The Crucible Witchcraft

Popular Questions About Reputation

What does reputation do?
Reputation is a measure of The Center's fame and image, influenced by its success and failures, in contracts, in record breaking, and in its general operations. Reputation can be seen as a "currency" not unlike funds and science, and is mainly spent on instating Strategies in the Administration Facility.
What is an example of reputation?
Reputation is the way you are viewed by people and by your community and the way these people think of you. An example of reputation is the general belief that someone is a nice, honest and hard working person. YourDictionary definition and usage example.
What is the meaning of reputation?
Definition of reputation. 1a : overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general. b : recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability has the reputation of being clever.
What is reputation good for?
Companies with good reputations tend to be treated better online - even given a second chance.Higher trust. People trust a brand or person with a good reputation more.Increased profits. Companies with high star-ratings and reviews get more business.Better talent. Brands with a positive reputation earn better employees.Less risk. People move with crowds. Gentler treatment.
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