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Stress is a pressure we get from many probable sources.  We could be pressured because of peers, the inability to get concrete things that we perceive to be important, lack of needed information, poor self-esteem and the absence of people to help us put things in proper perspective.  Social Support, on the other hand, can be the answer to the call of stress through beneficial emotional support from sincere friends, instrumental aids, additional information, proper self-appraisal and social activities.Emotional support is very vital for people who are stressed because of their feelings of neglect.  This help can come from family, friends or even people who they find sincere.

  This kind of support involves sharing experiences with people who establish a trusting and more lasting relationship with the person who is stressed. For example, many children go through stress when their parents divorce.  These kids can be helped by their own kin by giving them assurances that they are still loved.  This can be done by having each parent spend enough time with the children through dinners where they can talk to each other and honestly share their feelings or simply by enjoying certain activities that can leave a more beautiful memory to cover the bad experience of the divorce.

Instrumental support is important to people whose stress comes from their inability to receive services they deem necessary for a positive way of life.   Instrumental support involves the provision of tangible aid and services that directly assist a person in need and these usually come from close friends, colleagues and neighbors (University of Twente, 2004, par. 2).  For example, cancer patients become stressed with their condition but the availability of chemotherapy and the services of a good hospital can lessen the worries that give additional pressure to the situation.Informational support means simply giving correct advice or proper information to help someone stressed out understand or solve his problem.

For example, patients who are admitted to hospitals for an acute coronary syndrome can be more pressured by unsolicited advice from relatives and concerned friends or incomplete guidance from their doctors.  In a study made by Carla Boutin-Foster (2005, par. 18), one of the patients pointed out his need for informational support by saying, “I really don’t like it if someone tells me all the things I should be doing, but doesn’t teach me how to do those things”.Most of the time, people are stressed because of poor self-esteem and appraisal support.  Using positive comments and affirmative responses to these persons can help relieve the unnecessary pressures they are bringing on themselves.  For example, a child who feels incapable of getting good grades and is sensitive about it can be helped by parents who consistently point out the small academic achievements that the kid makes.

Socializing or being able to talk to many people may help someone escape the problems that are causing his stress or find suggestions on how he can pull himself out of his situation.Social support is vital in finding the solution to stress but what is important would be to know where the pressures are coming from to be able to find the correct ways  to deal with the situation.  Proper perspective of the situation always helps before any answer can be sought. 

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