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What is love? What is human society? Most people often think of love as what is at the center of most relationships that have a romantic element, but that is not true or the most accurate belief. We know that human beings pair with each other and are in most of their lives in sexual and social relationships. This fact does not mean that there is love involved. Love is not equal to romantic relationships or equal to monogamy or even equal to pair bonds. So more accurately, what is love and what does it entail? Unfortunately, the answer that some people seek involves a philosophical or a spiritual question or even both. However, I can try to explain it in a biological way, the main question to ask is: what is really happening in the body when a person begins to feel strongly towards another person and why are those feelings so powerful, that fighting against them proves to be impossible. This is what many people mean when they talk about love.

According to biology, the issue of being attached to another can be explained by the fact that a suite of hormones and neurotransmitters are involved. These include hormones such as oxytocin, vasopressin, prolactin, testosterone, dopamine, and dopamine and many others are involved in the development and the maintenance of physiological bonds taking place between mothers and infants and also between fathers and their infants. This system also operates in the same way between adults who are in a relationship. The system is started by factors such as physical touch, spending a lot of social time in contact or close to that person, and also involving in positive social interactions. Humans have developed a system that employs both the social and the physical interactions, hormones found in the human body, and then, more importantly, the brain.

All these serve to make the body to feel closer and more attached to the other individual. Love cuts through all aspects and all humanity; there is love between family, love between friends, love between mothers and their children, in the same way, love between a father and their children and also love that exists in romantic relationships. In all these, there is biology that is involved, according to the anthropologist Walter Goldschmidt the primary system that acts to bond mammalian mothers to their infants is very well developed, expanded and also co-opted in the human species in order to serve as a social and physiological bonding system between individuals of all ages and sexes. The drive of ‘affect hunger’ as suggested by Goldschmidt allows human beings to form and also to experience varying types of social bonds across a broader range of different individuals and with more intensity than in any other mammals, even than in the primates.

Across history, a lot of researchers have argued that it is these bonds which enable human beings to be much better than all the other organisms found on the planet. So to answer these questions biologically, we can say that the ability to form different and strong social bonds is a part of the human adaptive characteristic, the evolutionary history that has made humans so advanced to be the most superior species on earth. This view clearly suggests that what is commonly referred commonly referred to as love has the same roots all across, love between parents and their children, love between siblings and other members of the family, love found between good friends, and even love found between romantic pairs. Also by using scientifical definitions, it is difficult to describe what love is adequately, many writers, poets, have tried to explain this in their own way, in as much as they all agree on its benefits and how it is useful and necessary for every human no one entirely describes it.

The human society is a community that is made of people of different social standing. Let us just say different people, since people have many points and issues of variation. No two people are completely similar to the other; some vary entirely while others are more similar than they are different.

In the human society, the general condition is that we all depend upon each other. We are social animals, and we were made and must live and also interact with other people. Yet of late it seems like we have lost the basic most important feeling of basic human affection towards one another or the sense of relatedness and closeness to one another. The society is slowly placing less value on the idea of love to fellow humankind or in fact the ability to show much interest in it. Holding material possessions at a higher regard than fellow man. According to Dalai Lama human society and the very reason for human co-existence is to show love to your fellow human being, instead of showing more love to material things and animals above your neighbor. When love has been lost from the human society and such feeling as love, people instead put all their efforts into making money and acquiring more material possession instead of interacting with the fellow human being. In this case, we lose that relation and closeness to fellow man; we become concerned only with exploiting others in order to get something whenever an opportunity arises, seeking to exert control over them whenever we can, at all-time fighting and competing against one another. We end up using other human beings to further our own selfish ambitions without considering how the other person is affected adversely. In such a case, the issue of loving and caring for our fellow human beings will have no value whatsoever. When a society is without this ideal kind of human affection, there is no happiness that is found in the family, no happiness existing between couples, and no happiness between parents and their children. Despite the fact that many millions of people are all living here together or close to each other in proximity, in our hearts each person will end up feeling lonely and isolated in the world, yet this does not have to be.

When all these happens, what about the feeling of joy when in the presence of one another’s company, what about caring for other people above yourself and feeling they are our friends, what about trust and confidence in one another in our interactions with one another, They all will eventually fade away slowly without us realizing it. In the present time they already seem to be declining and in some parts completely lacking, don’t they? The truth of the situation is that all human beings need to live together with love and interact with each other on this one small planet of ours that we call Earth. In the present day and age especially, we need to learn to depend on one another to a considerable degree. The current circumstances taking place all over us dictate that we have to think of the good of the whole Earth and of all human society, caring on only self will not benefit anyone in the long run, not even yourself. Yet all across the society, as humans we are stuck in our own version of limited personal views, dominated by ideas of me and only me and not on the ideas us as a whole. In the worst of cases as is it can be clearly seen, this leads to conflicts with each other based on a tiny issue that could be solved effortlessly. What is missing in the human society, or more accurately never even occurs to us, is a sense of cooperation or an understanding of coming together which bring forth harmony, and the effect of this forms a base for various kinds of disaster and conflicts within a society. When has conflicts and crashes in the society served to grow that society? It is actually the opposite, harmony and tranquility is what makes a better human society which emanates from love towards fellow humans. Conflicts and disaster only lead to chaos and decline within the community. Looking at the bigger picture, we realize that the only way to face and overcome the problems facing us as the human society can only be solved, faced or even overcome by working together as a community and not as individuals with their own selfish ambitions. Two is better than one, and also united we stand but divided we shall fall.

Love is what makes us to better human beings, treating fellow human well and caring for them. I believe that for us as human beings that the priority is to look into different ways reducing the levels of suffering and increase the means of finding happiness within the boundaries of our own minds. Imagine what would happen if we were able to successfully make big, inner and mental development even alongside all the material possessions and development. I feel that this is what would truly and in a big way give a purpose to the lives we are living as human beings and also at the same time it would most definitely make a positive contribution to the whole human society in general. The truth, however, is that the main factors that contribute to personal mental peace are the feeling of love and affection towards one another. This is of utmost importance; this is because love is one of the most essential virtues within our minds, something that is genuinely very precious and very crucial for every human being since every human being desires to give love and in turn to receive love from others. Once we realize how important this is, then we will cherish live to improve it and even share it, although this basic potential that we are accentuating already naturally belongs to human beings.

Whenever a person embraces and chooses the attitude of love and affection toward the other, his or her conduct and view in life will become a source of admiration, and this is what is called being a true human being. Actually, this is what defines the mark of being a good human being, despite the fact that whether he or she is or not a is a spiritual practitioner. Love and affection are what also lies at the root of every happy and peaceful human society. This is how important this issue is. This is what all human beings need to recognize and also do everything that the can to improve the attitude of love, affection and even caring for the fellow human being. We Human beings naturally have this love and affection, and so I genuinely believe that it is the role of the different religions and the entire human society in the world to bring out this potential found in human beings and to make these great virtues grow within them. This is why so many different spiritual views and philosophies have indeed developed for the sole reason of developing these wonderful and natural qualities on a greater scale. Generally, this is the main and only reason that human beings undertake spiritual practice so that they become a better human being. To become a person who is longsuffering, tolerant, kind, loving, thankful and also a self-disciplined one. We should practice mutual love because that is the kind of people we want to become for the sake of us and the entire human society. Honestly as seen above love is the base of every human society, without love chaos, arise, with love peace appears for the good of the entire community.

As we have discussed above, love is not what we always what we want it to be. For this reason, we will consider what is referred to as Oedipus complex. The Oedipus complex is significant is that it is the central phenomenon of the sexual period in the early stages of development (the sexual period in early childhood). It disappears after childhood, in other words as stated in the “passing of Oedipus-complex” it succumbs to repression. No one knows the reason of exactly how this happens, the most popular belief is that it is caused by the painful disappointments that are experienced along the way. Let us take an example, as a young child; a girl views his father as his own personal hero, she adores, admires, loves and greatly cares for him. No one can tell her otherwise. This, however, changes as she grows and starts to see things differently. One day she even finds herself facing harsh punishment from his father, something she would have never have imagined earlier. I believe that there is love between the father and the daughter even after all this, the only thing that has really changed is how the little girl understood it. Sometimes love can be harsh for the good of the other person.

Also, the boy who considers his mother as his property soon finds out that this love is transferred to another. He grows to fall in love with another woman; he gains other love relationships. He does not regard his mother as his own property anymore, but he embraces the relationship as it is. Similarly, as stated earlier, I believe that there is love between the mother and the son, the only thing that changes is the way each one looks at it. Dynamics of love change every day in the human society, people gain new relationships on top of others, they also lose old connections and replaces them with new ones. The truth is one has to move on even after a painful break; this is how love relationships operate.

In the society, there are also different types of love, or more specifically what it entails. There is a romantic relationship that takes place between lovers; it has its own characteristics. It involves deep mutual desires and even grows to the level of physical intimacy (sexual). This kind of love is different from the one that is found between friends who care and look our t for each other, they may spend time together with the same, but they do not get sexual. There is also love found between siblings and family members. They visit each other, spend time together and take care of each other; this relationship has its own limits and uniqueness. There is also the relationship found between parents and their children; it is also unique in its own way. The point is all through these relationships is that there are love and affection involved. There may be times of ups and downs, times when people involved in these relationships are not in terms, but the most important part is that at the end of the day they still care and love each other. Love is stronger than their differences. This is true even in the larger human society, despite the differences in between that are found between people found within the community, love and mutual affection acts as the bond that enables them to work together with their many differences notwithstanding.

In a romantic relationship that involves a man and a woman, there is love, but there is difference perception of love from the woman and also from the man. The man views love differently from the woman. To a woman love is everything, she believes it has to give up everything and focus on just the two of them. To a man, he expects that the woman loved him the way he was, it is true he loves her, but he still can be himself.


From this article, it is quite clear that there is love all around us, the best thing to do is to embrace it. It is the what is found at the base of every happy relationship, every good human society, and it is what defines a good human being. Love in human society brings them together, and cause them to develop the community. A society without love is already a losing one, but the one with love is a prospering one.

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Popular Questions About Love

What is the real definition of love?
1 : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person motherly/maternal love fatherly/paternal love See More Examples. Hide. 2 : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship a declaration of love He was just a lonely man looking for love.
What's a deeper word for love?
deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment. devotion, adoration, doting, idolization, worship. passion, ardour, desire, lust, yearning, infatuation, adulation, besottedness.