Tender Pray Essay Example
Tender Pray Essay Example

Tender Pray Essay Example

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  • Published: April 5, 2017
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As we find atrocities within our society that is compelled by free market cronies, the stand for independence for the better good has come to be distorted. How can this be exemplified? David Hollander gives us a story of a young man who confines himself of images sough out by these exact societies that instill ideologies of prejudice, identity, love and fear. Through his conveying “Tender Prey” he unfolds these very feelings and emotion mixed with ideas and views.As I see the twenty-seven year old surround himself with distraught feelings of a close ended love he sees the world in a retched out view, belittling his journey through graduate school as he works on his, as he would quote, “mostly unsuccessful”, first draft novel. With love being mostly an illusion sought out on another as depicted


in Adrian House’s, “Francis of Assisi: A Revolutionary Life”, I notice that love can really blind a person to the point of vulnerability which then is ravished by these very, neoliberal mandated, societies.

About love, House writes, “We are often first drawn to each other by the physical and mental attraction of looks, desire, wealth, rank and reputation; when emotion takes over we cross the psychological threshold of falling in love”, but, “if the object of our love is not the actual person but a projection of our own dreams and expectations, love languishes, not because the beloved has changed - as we like to make out – but because we have returned to our senses. (House) With such a hit to the ego, a withered hallucination of love can be agonizing to the self, inclined to a state o

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complete vulnerability that is engulfed by the likings of society as standard norms, straying towards a disillusioned self. I find this as the young man hides his curtailed habit of smoking as he exemplifies his “imagine” of a straight that scolds of the very action.Most evident in the US, as free markets reign, those with most power control not only the government, with its lobbyists and ex-chair-holders as department heads, but also society as they become devoured by a false dream of success, evident through Barney’s marketing schemes and depicted by Chomsky’s testament to such neoliberal voices the leads. ()() While the young man, with insomnia, goes for a smoke in the park he fears himself to admittance of vulnerability, as now his outlook seems as though the world is out for him.And with such prejudice, nested by economical and sociological differenced, sough out by ruling powers, he describes his habitat as less than suitable in a rough neighborhood.

Cautiously walking out he is approached by someone who he sees as the grim ripper, only to find being greeted by a question of care as the night in 2AM blows harsh cold winds. I cannot help but state that this is exactly the division and prejudice that is commandeered by neoliberal societies, found throughout the world, especially in times of vulnerability, creating a compounding effects that feds a narcissistic ego within a rising competitive environment.Heading back to his compound, he then has a minor epiphany where he has an acute awareness of his lament and distraught mindset. As he hears a ghastly knock he remembers that life has more meaning than what is in front

of him. Not being a follower in the lines of society’s norms but heeding towards independent freedom for the common good and rectifying the true meaning of love. Beware for those who finding it only for themselves is a good as dead for there is not meaning of his love.

In the novel “A Soldier of the Greatest War”, Mark Helprin explains the life of love the best; “the spark of live is not gain”, “to enjoy life, you must work quietly and humbly to realize your delusions of grandeur”. Live beyond the “everyday” and open your mind to better states of being; not for the self but for the better unity, for then the self is blindly taken cared of.

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