Inferno Analysis Essay Example
Inferno Analysis Essay Example

Inferno Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: June 7, 2017
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The film's theme centers around Love, depicting Dante's unwavering love and the sacrifices he made for Beatrice. Throughout the film, Dante's actions solely revolve around Beatrice. Additionally, love is portrayed not only through Beatrice but also through Dante's exploration of the concept that hell may have been formed out of love. In contrast, the epic poem's theme is Compassion and Forgiveness. The poem specifically emphasizes Dante's empathy towards those trapped in hell, as he personally experiences their suffering and sympathizes with them.

2. In the poem, Beatrice started as Dante's childhood sweetheart and served as his inspiration. However, in the film adaptation, Beatrice was portrayed as a deception and bait, and even became the queen of hell towards the end - a portrayal not found in the original poem. Nevertheless, she returned to her pure self by the end of the fi



3. The film portrays various phallic and yonic symbols, such as Dante's sword and scythe, the crosses bestowed by Beatrice, Virgil's cane, and the dripstones and pillars found in certain parts of hell. Additionally, the moon, forest, caves, frozen cane in the 9th circle, and the openings through heaven, hell, and purgatory serve as yonic symbols.

4. Within the film, the characters' manner of communication, choice of words and language, as well as their movements contribute to the representation of the Modern era. Conversely, elements from the medieval period are depicted through their attire, the story's settings, the objects they utilize, and their thought processes.

Despite the changes in the characters' appearance, I enjoyed the film because of its engaging and detailed nature. Although some descriptions may not be accurate, it is still understandable and provided m

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with more knowledge about inferno and the nine circles. Additionally, the animated format of the film made it entertaining to watch.

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