Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Essay

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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp In the novel “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” one can compare the differences of the novel to the movie. There are so many differences between the novel and the movie like for example when in the novel he falls for the princess while spying on her and in the movie it’s a totally different thing because he meets the princess in the street and than he falls for her. So basically the novel and the movie are not similar to each other and their both a lot different.In the Fairy tale version of “Aladdin” Aladdin is kind of a creepy guy spying on the princess and falling in love with her as he is spying on her and he also declares that they will be together.

The fairy tale shows a creepy side about Aladdin and than the movie version makes Aladdin look like prince charming. Both the movie and the fairy tale version of Aladdin are way different from each other. The only thing that is the same in each story is the characters but than they do not have the same characteristic features.In the fairy tale version of Aladdin is characterized more of a creep because he grants a wish from the genie asking him to bring the princes and Grand Vizier’s son to his chamber and than he tells the genie to take the Vizier’s son away so that he could be alone with the princess and like he tells the princess not to be afraid they would be together and get married and she was scared of him. In the Disney version of Aladdin it shows him out in the streets and he comes across the princess and falls in love with her.After he falls in love the Vizier Jafar finds out and throws Aladdin in jail were he thinks Aladdin will prosper and change his mind.

But than Aladdin gets out and reunites with princes once again. Basically both version have almost the same concept but they’re both different because of the setting of each story take place in different countries and they both have different characteristic features on the character Aladdin which is a creep in the fairy tale version and his a heroic prince charming in the Disney version.Another thing that is different between both of these stories is that the Fairy tale version shows that Aladdin has a mother and she is the one telling Aladdin that he doesn’t have a chance with the Princes because she can only marry a prince. Than without telling Aladdin, she goes to the Consultant and tells him that her son Aladdin is obsessed and in deeply in love with the princes and he tells Aladdin’s mother that her son will not be seeing the princes anywhere for 2 months.Than 2 months later Aladdin’s mother hears that the princess is getting married to the Grand Vizier’s son and Aladdin finds out and tries to stop them.

Whereas in the Disney version it shows that Aladdin didn’t have a mother and that he had met the princess out in the streets where he lived and fell in love with her. And also not only does he fall in love with the princess but the princess ends up falling for him. Than Jafar tries to stop them from loving each other and getting married.So therefore both versions have the same concept, but they both also have different outcomes.

Another thing that both version are different on is that the fairy tale version shows that Aladdin has unlimited wishes while in the Disney version Aladdin has only three wishes to spare. For example when Aladdin summons the genie and wishes to the genie to have 80 slaves and forty basins of gold so that he can marry the princes.Then he also told the Genie afterwards to build him a palace that was made up of the finest marbles set with jasper and other precious stones, and than he also told the genie to build him a large hall with a dome with four walls with gold and silver and each side having six windows and to be set with diamonds and rubies. In the fairy tale version he wishes for a lot of things and comparing it to the Disney version movie Aladdin only has three wishes and not unlimited wishes like the fairy tale version of Aladdin has.Their one more other discussion how these to version do not have in common is how had a flying carpet in the Disney version and than in the fairy tale version it doesn’t even talk about a flying carpet that the magician had gave to Aladdin.

There are so many differences between these stories that changes the out come of the endings in both version of Aladdin. Like how the African Magician has a younger brother in the fairy tale version to revenge his brothers death and to kill Aladdin. In the Disney version it doesn’t talk about the magician having a younger brother.So the outcome of both versions of Aladdin is very different from each other, other than Aladdin marrying the princes at the end of the story. Basically society has an impact on these stories because they tend to be a love story and how to lovers meet but something or someone tries to stop them from reaching their lovers hearts. These stories have an impact on our societies today and people love romantic stories and how there is always another person trying to ruin that dream from happening.

Basically both these versions of Aladdin help the reader and the viewer to see how the outcome of every romantic story doesn’t always have a smooth ending to it, because there is always going to be obstacles in the way. Society today is impacted at an early age of these stories because how they show these romantic stories in Disney films, but they change the whole outcome of the ending of the story and make even more entertaining and romantic. So basically these stories still have an impact on society and it shows us how life is romantic but it also has its rough times.

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