Rizal, The Great Malayan Essay Example
Rizal, The Great Malayan Essay Example

Rizal, The Great Malayan Essay Example

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  • Published: May 29, 2017
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In every history of a country there's always a hero who was able to bring the country's at its best. A hero who've done much for his fellowmen and even sacrificed himself for others. In the Philippines, history was engraved in our hearts in every corner of the country one may see that there's really a rich antiquity. And with this, as we unfold again history we came to across a part of it that really Filipinos was proud of.

It is the birth of the National Hero Dr. Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. A hero where only few of us know what really his life is. Only those who studied it. As a matter of fact not all Filipino know the whole name of our national hero. That's why in this passages you're reading now is a passage I wrote for us to know some int


eresting facts, stories, issues I've learned from the short documentary. The documentary film “Ang Buhay ng isang Bayani” shows how Jose Rizal lived his life with his own ideals and principles.

Although he existed with a better life and belongs to a middle class family, it was clear for him how Filipino people suffered from the hands of the Spaniards who ruled the country in his time. In the film, Pin Medina played the role of Rizal and we can clearly see how Rizal’s principles works during his time. The film started with a phrase that goes like this, “Ang bayan ay kanser na panlipunan na kailangan ibalad sa templo ng sambayanang Pilipino” where with this Rizal was motivated to write novels.

That can encourage Filipino to achieve the equality they

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need to have and the freedom of expressing and living with the Spaniards that time. Expressing his feelings through his works and writings helped him attain his goal that time. Where in he was already criticizing the political system of the Spaniards. How its' justice were not sufficient for the people to have. How the government manipulate other Filipino for their satisfaction; How the catholic church's reputation that time. Emphasizing the bad features that they have by inscribing it in his novels.

He even stressed out there how Filipinos were treated badly. How justice was denied to the Filipino and even accused them of such unwanted crimes. It is just ironic how Rizal was thrown away from his own country because of rebellion. Betrayal was also one of the highlight, when Rizal thought that those he considered his friends that would help him fulfilling his plans just like what happened in Spain where he lost in the election. Wherein they argue on who'll be the President of their organization and Rizal was annoyed because of his comrades' thinking.

During the watch, I thought that Rizal can easily get over with that experience and I also observed that Rizal was a person who can't easily forget the terrible experience that have happened in his life. It was also good that despite of all the terrible things happened between him and his friends, Rizal was still kind and was very loyal to his European friend that helped him published his books. I can't imagine how Rizal managed to continue in all the things he was doing that time, alone, away from his family and experienced discouragement along the way.


how Rizal managed to think horrible things that may happened to his family. And exactly many of the suffered in the hands of the rebellious Spaniards that did nothing but punish and punish. But in spite of these consequences, Rizal continues to fight, but it was not an easy path to walk. During the walk, Rizal experienced downfalls and discouragement in pursuing his plans, and he tried to move on live his and forget Philippines. But not, in the end the love for his country overflowed and even grew stronger.

It was more important for him although he was able to move on in the other countries, he went out in his comfort zone, came back and start all over again. He tried and tried his best until he was able to finish his goals before returning to the Philippines and when the time his was abroad he was already preparing for what may happen to him in the time he'll come back to the country. Unfortunately the Government of the Philippines that time ruled by mostly Spanish really treated Jose Rizal as a criminal and revel and given no privilege in staying in his own country.

Despite the fact that he was a criminal, he started to act little by little like building a small school, teaching people, treating them, helping them with their needs and he even found the love of his life at those times. But he still continued his writings. But as he tried to fulfill his goal, hindrance were made for him to be challenge. Everything gets difficult and dangerous. But Rizal never failed his audience he always surprise them with his

skills. He didn't give up on what he believe in is right.

Even offers his life for the freedom of the people. He was not selfish, he wanted to live his life with justice and to exterminate monopoly and abuse to his fellowmen. All he wanted is equality for everyone. Rizal never wanted us to be free from Spaniards but he wanted us to be treated equally and correctly. He gave his life for the people to be enlightened that it's time to open our eyes and let not these strangers just take our hometown and abuse it. He wanted us to fight for what we feel is right and for what we believe is correct.

Moreover, with all his writings and works were really significant and were given credit because those writings described the important events that had happened in his times. The times when we were colonized. And with this writings, gave inspiration to the people how to pursue justice and independence under the unlawful and tyrant invaders. His life and principles are worthwhile and that's simple and example of a “Bayani”. “A bayani that has a passion of looking forward for the sake of the country despite all horrible consequences and worst is death” (Arian, 2008).

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