Leftenan Adnan Essay Example
Leftenan Adnan Essay Example

Leftenan Adnan Essay Example

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  • Published: September 3, 2016
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Synopsis Lt. Adnan is a film about a Malaysian soldier who dares to sacrifice his life for Malaya from the Japanese during World War II. This movie shows the charisma and patriotic spirit that all Malaysian should have. Lt. Adnan believed that as a patriotic citizen, one had to fight until the last of breath to defend the nation. The actors for the movie are Hairee Othman as Lt. Adnan, Umie Aida as Adnan's wife Safiah Fakih, Farid Amirul as Major Fujiwara, Rusdi Rmali as Private Malik, Faizal Hussin as Private Ayob and Wahid Senario as Ismail. Adnan is a kampong boy.

He played war games with his friends and one day, he accidentally shot a man with a mock-up gun. Later during the ‘berkhatan’ ceremony, the man who in


charged of it which is the ‘Tok Mudim’ was the one who Adnan shot. During this time also, Safiah has been attracted to him. In 1934, the British came to Kampung Sungai Ramal to search for the youngsters that are capable to join the Malay Army. So the British itself has called for the 1st Rejimen of Malay Army to be set up. Adnan and some of his friends who are interested of joining it went to the military camp situated at Port Dickson and unfortunately one of his friend didn’t survive.

So he was sent back to the village. Adnan who has high spirit of patriotism and discipline was promoted to a Lt. in a short period of time by his Commanding Officer. After he succeed, Adnan went back to his village and all his villagers welcomed him by doing som

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ceremony. After couple of days, Adnan got married with Safiah, and they moved to Port Dickson. They had 2 children. When the war broke out, Safiah was pregnant with a third children. Meanwhile, a Malay which is played by Sabaruddin Chik, wanted to free Malaya. So he compromised with a Japanese spy who act like a Chinese.

Sabaruddin Chik in this movie tried to convinced the Malays that the Japanese is helping Malaya to free themselves. After the villagers agreed and convinced about the Japanese, they welcomed them. However, when the Japanese landed and took over Malaya, the promises that the Japanese made before they came, turned out differently. The Japanese was not actually wanted to gave Malaya freedom but colonized it. They also tortured the Chinese and also killed them whenever they saw them. Malaya became uncontrollable and the Japanese were actually worse than the British.

Lt. Adnan was assigned to the last post and he leads his army against the Japanese. Lt. Adnan and his army manage to hold the port and this made the Japanese angry. So they sent in a whole battalion to attack the troop. As we know, in the end, the Japanese managed to take control of the whole Malaya. "Berpantang undur sebelum berjuang", this principle was really emphasized in the movie. The story line focuses on the spirit of patriotism that should be in the heart of every Malaysian even you are a Malay or Chinese or even Indians or other races.

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