President Obama’s First Inaugural Speech Essay Example
President Obama’s First Inaugural Speech Essay Example

President Obama’s First Inaugural Speech Essay Example

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  • Published: January 17, 2022
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Obama's inauguration as the fourth president of America took place on twentieth January two thousand and nine. As part of the culture in the United States, a President should give a speech on the inauguration day. The speech contains the objectives that the president plans to meet during his or her term in office. In his speech, he noted that the country was heading out of small grievances and false promises that happen to slow down the political progress (Hart 82). He was addressing the war between political parties that tend to weaken the political system of the country. He claimed that the cheap politics would end soonest possible after assuming the office.

Obama notes in his address that he undertakes the regulatory responsibility at a time when the nation experiences a wave of hatred an


d violence. At the same time, he acknowledged that the economy of the country was not in a good position at the time of his inauguration (Hart 99). According to him, the cause of the problems that the country faces is the irresponsibility of some people who slept on their job. He addressed the rising cost of accessing health care in the United States, as well as the dangerous ways in which the country uses its energy sources. He stated that the problems as mentioned above are examples of the things that his leadership must address. However, he told his audience that the challenges would take some time to be addressed. The implication is that the citizens need to give him time to address the issues effectively.

The President told the Americans that the greatness of their nation is not a given

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right. They have to work to earn it (Hart 123). He explained to them that the journey that the country went through comprises of courage and sacrifice. The message he wanted to pass to the audience is that the success of the nation requires the attention and sacrifice of the individual citizens. All people need to take up the burden so that the country prospers with togetherness and unity of purpose. People need to work hard and not expect assistance in a plate. He noted that the government would provide the necessary working environment and the public chips into work.

He noted the sacrifices that the fore people made to make the country be where it was at the time of his inauguration. He congratulated them for their profound support and sufferings that saw the country’s progress to become a super-power (Hart 131). According to the President, the men and women kept individual interests at bay and joined hands to make the country a better place to live. He called on the Americans to work harder to continue with the same journey, which he believes to be a continuation from the founding fathers. The dream of the fore people comes true day by day since the United States is the most powerful nation in the world.

Through the inaugural speech, President Obama encouraged the nationals not to lose hope due to the crisis that was facing the country at that time. He reminded them that they were the same people who existed before the crisis and that their capabilities remain intact (Hart 157). For that reason, the people need to take up the burden to reconstruct themselves

and return America where it was in the past. In that, he was calling for the cooperation between his government and the public in the reconstruction process. This message increased the hope of the citizens to the ability of the President to take the country to another level.

On the economy, the President ascertained that the situation is wanting and that the work requiring attendance is much. For this reason, he assured the public that his government would do something to correct the mess (Hart 185). He promised that the government would create new employment opportunities, and lay strategies for economic growth and development. The approaches would include the construction of electric grids, as well as bridges and roads to meet the transport needs of the public. On top of that, there would be the restoration of science to enable it to play its role in offering quality health care at low costs.

He further challenged those who appear to doubt the ability of the government to handle many projects at the same time. He noted that the people who question the ability do not remember the achievements that the country has (Hart 199). He challenged them to combine their imagination with a common purpose, and by so doing, they will see the possibility that they thought never existed. In essence, therefore, the inaugural speech was a source of hope and life for the American citizens. The speech was full of promises that the government planned to fulfill for the people. The citizens would leave the inauguration ground with the belief that they made an informed choice to elect President Obama as their President.

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