Dell – The reason for selecting Hong Kong
735 words 2 pages

Dell Computer Corporation, incorporated in October 1987, is a computer systems company and a provider of computing products and services. The Company’s primary product offerings include enterprise systems notebook computers and desktop computer systems. Company mission” Goal: to gain market share and to max. the profit.”Dell entered Asia Pacific in select markets and began investing […]

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China Dell Hong Kong Personal Computer Reason
The Implications Of Long Working Hours Among Hong Kong Employees
1023 words 2 pages

The increasing demand of work today paves the way for the longer hours in work by the employees. As a matter of fact, this trend is true in almost all parts of the world. As such, the need to explore the implications of long working hours come to fore. Primarily, various issues are emerging as […]

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Employee Employment Hong Kong Research Working Time
Companies in Hong Kong
1437 words 3 pages

In order to have a broad outlook of the successful and admired companies in Hong Kong in line with the research objective it is important to have a basic idea about the insurance industry in general in Hong Kong and the life insurance industry in particular. The operations of the insurance industry in Hong Kong […]

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Hong Kong Insurance Investment
Hawkers – College
294 words 1 page

Historically, hawker stalls were pack of the life style of some Hong Kong people who used to live in the crowded and poorer areas, such as the housing estates. In Modern Hong Kong, these hawkers are getting fewer and fewer in number because the government has tightened up illegal hawkering. This is due to hygiene […]

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College Hong Kong
Analysis of Giordano Holdings Limited Essay Sample
5398 words 11 pages

Executive SummaryGiordano Retentions Limited is a taking high-quality price reduction vesture maker and retail merchant based in Hong Kong. The company has a endeavoring geographical growing plan with late successful operations in several Asiatic states. An accent of client service is the footing of Giordano’s competitory advantages. Combined with intense staff preparation governments and a […]

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Business Business Operations Business Process China Hong Kong Management Retail
Hong Kong Tourism
1561 words 4 pages

The destination I would like to choose and provide an overview is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China; the other is Macau. Hong Kong is situated on the southeast coast of China at the mouth of the Pearl River facing the South China […]

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Hong Kong Mainland china Tourism
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
813 words 2 pages

Chartered and the HKAAA for past marathons, a new and exciting initiative known as “Marathon 101″ had been introduced in 2007. Marathon 101” targets the general public, the online community and local primary and secondary school students with the objective of helping people across every age group better understand the importance of engaging in healthy […]

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Education Hong Kong
Sports In Hong Kong
1033 words 2 pages

The dogged determination to jockey for an international position is one of the highlights of the Policy Address. Beyond dispute, purport from the community result in the outstanding performance in London 2012 Olympic and Paralytic Games. Nevertheless, in the circumstance of taking heavy financial burden, Hong Kong has to review and airframe the policy for […]

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Health Hong Kong Reputation
Corporate Governance in Hong Kong
2635 words 6 pages

Hong Kong’s position as an international economic and financial center is attributed to its exemplary corporate governance. With Hong Kong’s various authorities and regulatory bodies emphasizing on transparency and accountability for listed companies, Hong Kong was ranked first for corporate governance among 11 Asian countries in 2007. The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) describes […]

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Corporate Governance Corporation Governance Hong Kong
Cartier (Hong Kong) Limited
1006 words 2 pages

For more than 150 years, Cartier has been a creative force in the design and manufacture of exceptional jewellery, watches and accessories (eyewear classifies as accessories). Imagination, craft, audacity, and inventiveness have characterized its creations from the start – and excellence has always been its goal.Cartier is one of the leading names in the world […]

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Brand Hong Kong Marketing Marketing Strategy
Disney Environmental Impacts (Hong Kong)
1623 words 4 pages

This following report is based on the environmental impacts and issues Hong Kong Disneyland has on the hospitality and tourism industries. Disneyland was first opened in Los Angeles in the year 1955 and is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. It was aimed for entertainment and family and is one of the most […]

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Environmental Issues Hong Kong Natural Environment Pollution Walt Disney
Shangri-La in China
2623 words 6 pages

Introduction A huge market with 13 millions of population – China – often seem very lucrative for foreign investors to eager to share this huge economy pie to increase their profit margins, since China’s open door policy. Some companies have made their fortune from this big pie, and some have reported loss. What are the […]

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China Hong Kong Tourism
Report On Ocean Park Of Hong Kong Tourism
3670 words 8 pages

This study is about Ocean Park of Hong Kong – one of the largest amusement ocean park in the Orient and even in the universe. Situated in fiscal centre of Southeast China this park – add some info about park! ! In this study we are traveling to cover such subjects as scheme constructs of […]

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China Hong Kong Ocean Tourism
Critical success factors of cable tv (pay-tv) against other competitors in hong kong.
2013 words 4 pages

Abstraction In this proposal, we hope to larn the existent concern schemes though the determination from research. And seek to give some suggestion for these companies to increase their gross revenues and net income. There are the flows of the research proposal. First, to present the background of Pay-TV Limited and its industry. Let you […]

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Broadcasting Entertainment Hong Kong Success Telecommunications
Hong Kong – City of Dreams
1041 words 3 pages

Have you ever wanted to travel to Hong Kong? Or to experience and merge in with other cultures? Although Hong Kong is a city that covers less than 1% of the world map, it’s a well- known international finance centre and a fabulous tourist attraction. It is famous for its prosperity; its high standards of […]

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City Climate Change Hong Kong Transport
E-learning resources in Hong Kong
3180 words 7 pages

Askell-Willams and Lawson ( 2005 ) has carried out a sophisticated survey in teaching-learning treatment, they investigated the subject in different facet, and the overview below are concluded by positions of expertness in positions of psychological, sociological-constructivism and socio-linguists. There is a convincing ground that why treatment can function as instruction and larning intent. Dillon […]

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Classroom Education Hong Kong Teacher
Theme park tourism in Hong Kong
5336 words 11 pages

Abstraction Tourism is one of the most of import income beginnings for Hong Kong. The Government wants to develop Hong Kong as a major touristry finish in the universe. Under this state of affairs. amusement park is going more and more of import here. At this minute Hong Kong merely have one large-scale subject park- […]

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Hong Kong
Low birth rate in Hong Kong
3087 words 6 pages

Presents, the universe population merely over 6 billion and systematically gauge to increase to 9 billion in the following 50 old ages. The growing rate is largely come from those developing states, particularly from Africa. Nevertheless, the birth rate which we would name it as population growing rate is diminishing in Hong Kong. The local […]

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Advertising Hong Kong Information Research
Hong Kong doesn’t need a sales tax
508 words 1 page

Although Hong Kong is currently enjoying a period of economic stability, many people still remember the difficult time they experienced during SARS and economic downturn. They are worried that the Government will not have enough revenue to maintain existing levels of services in the future because of the narrow tax base. Financial experts have suggested […]

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Hong Kong Poverty Tax Trade
Swot of Hong Kong Disneyland
484 words 1 page

Hong Kong Disneyland’s advantages: 1. Hong Kong has advantages such as geography, population, adjacent to the largest market in the world. Within 5 hours flying time, covering half of the world’s population. 2. well-known brand–Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World cultural genius lies in its culture around the world to be “United States-processing”. Classical inheritance […]

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Hong Kong The Walt Disney Company Walt Disney
Introduction to Legal System
4699 words 10 pages

Introduction to Business Law (AF2504) Lecture 1 : Introduction to Hong Kong Legal System (I & II) __________________________________________________________ Outcomes: 1. To understand the historical origins and development of the legal system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (‘HKSAR’). 2. To identify the roles and functions of the various institutions which make up the legal […]

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Common Law Hong Kong Law Legal
Oasis Hong Kong Airline
921 words 2 pages

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines: The First Long Haul, Low Cost Airliner in Asia Team A Scott Burgoyne, Marvin Cook, Randy Collins, Amanda Baldwin, Jason Odle and Cynthia Hicks-Leeper Everest College On-line Business Policy and Strategy MAN 4764-1001 Instructor Monya Ashe February 11, 2012 Introduction Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was founded in February 2005 by Rev. […]

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Aviation Hong Kong Low-Cost Carrier Transport

Popular Questions About Hong Kong

Is hong Kong a part of China?
Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and is an "inalienable part" of the country. Due to its special status, Hong Kong is able to exercise a high degree of autonomy and enjoy executive, legislative, and independent judicial power.
Is Hong Kong a city or country?
Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and is an "inalienable part" of the country. Due to its special status, Hong Kong is able to exercise a high degree of autonomy and enjoy executive, legislative, and independent judicial power.Jun 29, 2021
When did Hong Kong separate from China?
Major Issues Summary. On 1 July 1997 sovereignty over the British colony of Hong Kong will be formally transferred to China. The handover has raised questions about the capacity of the territory to continue its economic success and maintain the political freedoms and rule of law enjoyed under British rule.