Critical Success Factors of Cable TV Against Other Competitors in Hong Kong Essay Example
Critical Success Factors of Cable TV Against Other Competitors in Hong Kong Essay Example

Critical Success Factors of Cable TV Against Other Competitors in Hong Kong Essay Example

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  • Published: September 28, 2017
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In this proposal, we hope to larn the existent concern schemes though the determination from research. And seek to give some suggestion for these companies to increase their gross revenues and net income.

There are the flows of the research proposal. First, to present the background of Pay-TV Limited and its industry. Let you hold a fundamentally cognition of this industry in the base on balls and now. Secord, to name the aims to assist myself to accomplish the proposal purpose. Third, to hold a critical reappraisal of relevant literature from books, articles, cyberspace, or magazine. Discoursing the concern theory how to use in the existent concern universe, and in the instance, we can see which strategies the company is utilizing and what success factors here. Most of import, what we can understand clearly the selling schemes in a existent state of


affairs from the consequence of the research. Additionally, to depict the research method which I had used. Including the information aggregation method, trying method and the size of sample.

By utilizing questionnaire, 100 to150 people will be asked, in order to happen out the competitory advantage of Cable Television. Relationship between factors ( the quality of Television programme, the monetary value, client back uping service ) and the attitude of people towards which Pay-TV will be found.


This works aims to indicate out the attractive and competition of Pay-TV and though the research to happen out their success factors ( competitory advantage with chief rival ) , and to handle the determination as concern schemes larning. Besides, to supply some suggestions and evidences how to acquire more possible clients, in order to increase the gross revenue

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and net income of these companies.


Some may non understand why Pay-TV can be in Hong Kong a long clip and have a stable selling portion. In fact, the major choose to watch Free charge Television such as TVB and ATV. However, this free-charge Television programme can non fulfill some people. But, Pay-TV programme focal point on this market, they produce particular Television programme and purchase right of first publication of abroad Television programme, which free-charge Television have non provided. Besides, another merchandising point of Pay Television is that provide athletics direct seeding such as football and NBA.

In late old ages, the more ferocious competition was caused by more and more pay-TV service Company had entry to this market. However, the Cable Pay-TV which was the first Limited successfully obtaining a Subscription Television Broadcasting Licence from the Government and can besides keep a stable selling portion these twelvemonth. And its chief rival is NOW-TV which is subordinate Company of PCCW. ( REVIEW OF PAY TV MARKET )


The Pay-TV service is operated by Hong Kong Cable Television Limited, a wholly-owned subordinate of the Group. The Group successfully obtaining a Subscription Television Broadcasting Licence from the Government in 1993 which Pay-TV service launched in the same twelvemonth set the tendency of multi-channel pay-television service for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Cable presently produces over 10,000 hours of programming a twelvemonth, which is the largest telecasting plans manufacturer in Hong Kong. Throughout the old ages, it has successfully established a taking place in News, Movies and Sports telecasting scheduling and will go on to present advanced local and international programmes for clients. ( http: // )

Now Television

Now Television is a 24-hour

pay-TV service supplier in Hong Kong. It is transmitted through the company 's Netvigator broadband web via an IPTV service. It is transmitted through the company 's Netvigator broadband web via an IPTV service, with a sum of 175 channels, of which 156now Broadband Television Channels, including eight high-definition channels and 15 music channels and 19 pure TVB PAY VISION Channel, and another 17 classs and VOD service. Launched in September 2003, the service is operated by the taking Hong Kong fixed-line telecom operator PCCW, through its subordinate, PCCW VOD Limited. As of June 2009, the user up to 990,002 1000, 700,005 of them in 1000 to paying clients.

However, I-Cable is like to success keep their market portion against the challenge of Now Television. In order to cognize clearly the success factors of I-Cable ( concern schemes, publicity, monetary value, the programme quality, back uping service ) we need to inquire a figure of inquiries. ( http: // )

CableTV VS Now Television

  1. Why people choose Pay-TV?
  2. What channel of people in contact Pay-TV?
  3. Which one is more celebrated?
  4. What is the relationship between factors and the attitude of people towards watch Cable-TV/Now-TV?
  5. How do people needs altering?
  6. Can Cable-TV/Now-TV run into these altering demands?

Objective and research inquiries

Below are the chief points of the aims of this research

  1. Study the general demographic of mark clients.
  2. Study the Television watching behaviour of clients.
  3. Determine the clients, public presentation on assorted sorts of Television Programme.
  4. Identify the ground of taking Pay Television.
  5. Evaluate which attributes of Pay Television are of import to clients.
  6. Identify which is the most effectual publicity channel.
  7. Analyze the channel people how to acquire

the Pay-TV information.

  • Analyze the grounds why they buy Pay-TV services from that channel
  • Analyze the impact of monetary value, athletics direct seeding of clients towards Pay-TV.
  • Analyze the Supporting service of Pay-TV.
  • We 'll analyse the market theories such as 7Ps of market schemes form the consequences of research. The replies of the above are based on the relevant literature, and the sampling interview. The all item as follows.

    Critical reappraisal of relevant literature

    There are 5 parts of critical reappraisal, the first 4 parts are the finding signifier the relevant literature. The last 2 parts are the debut of market scheme of them, and the reappraisal of this portion.

    The chief difference between free-charge Television and Pay-TV

    Harmonizing the literature, Free-charge Television offer chiefly amusement programme, and the major of programme are made by themselves and their programme focuses on popular wont. However, Pay-TV offer over 100 abroad Television channel and Sport direct seeding, and some of this programme is information programme what offers professional cognition, the information of particular wont to people. ( Kotler, P. and G. Armstrong ( 2008 ) )

    In these old ages, more and more people are willing to pay money watching Pay-TV. The grounds are easy to understand, the two local free-charge Television buzzword satisfy the people, and immature people who aged about 20, their demands of watching Television are altering. In the base on balls, people treat Television as their chief amusement everyday. However, the immature have much other amusements, and they watch Television in order to watch athletics competition, acquire information. It means Pay-TV still has a great possible market in the coming old ages.

    The publicity schemes of two Pay-TV limited


    publicity schemes of them is similar, their publicity focus the possible clients who have particular demands such wont ( cookery, faith, play ) or want to watch non-local Television programme ( Discovery Channel, CC Television ) . And their publicity are besides similar, the figure of Television programme and athletics direct seeding are their merchandising points.

    Now Television is more emphasize their publicity to pull the possible client now, but Cable Television merely maintain quality of their original service. In fact, people used to watch Cable Television because their longer history and people know their quality of Television programme more. In selling, Cable-TV is like a cash-cow,

    The celebrated Television programme

    Cable Television has the first-class intelligence Television programme, and English league direct seeding. It is one of the grounds why Cable Television can keep market portion. Although English conference may be non the highest degree football conference ( many people agree Spain conference is going the highest conference in late old ages and the Spain conference direct seeding is offered by Now-TV in the future 3 old ages. ) , However, anyone know that major of Hong Kong people like to watch English conference more than others.

    Additionally, Cable Television has besides the direct seeding of title-holders of conference and World Cup in 2010. It is a great competitory advantage with Now-TV in this twelvemonth and the coming 3 old ages. ( The newest state of affairs of people demands alteration )

    The relationships between factors and the attitude of immature people towards I-Cable/Now-TV

    There are some factor will act upon immature people how to take which Pay-TV.

    Cable Television follow non- selectivity Price ( packaging of service ) , we

    need to purchase a figure of channel at the same clip ; Now Television offers selectivity Price, we can pay a basic free, so the extra-charge are based on each channel, but Now Television are besides offer a monetary value for the packaging of all services. Harmonizing one intelligence, a great figure of people are disappointing because Cable Television addition the basic charge from $ 239 to $ 259, and the extra-charge of football direct seeding. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    It is one of import factors why Cable Television success and they can increase the monetary value in a bad economic system. Cable Television spend a high cost to acquire the right of footfall direct seeding, and increase the monetary value to cover the cost. It is their scheme. However, they may disregard the immature people demands alteration.

    In late old ages, English League is successful in Hong Kong, it has many factors such as the clip of competition, and football participant stars. However, the Spain League are willing to get down early in the following twelvemonth, and many stars transfer from English conference to Spain League. It may do people prefer ticker Spain conference more.

    Cable Television had a developed supporting system early, but they do n't better anything. However, Now TV normally improves their Technique back uping system. I believe Now Television will hold a developed system what is better than Cable in the approaching several old ages.

     Market schemes ( extend )

    Pay-TV adopts the Concentrated Marketing ( Kotler, P. and G. Armstrong 2008 ) ( Where the organisation concentrates its selling attempt on one peculiar section. The house will develop a merchandise that caters

    for the demands of that peculiar group ) .

    The all item selling theory and suggestions will depict after the trying interview.

    Research methods/ Methodologies

    Class Options
    The grade to which the research inquiry has been crystallized

    Exploratory survey

    Formal survey

    The method of informations aggregation


    Communication Study

    The power of the research worker to bring forth effects in the variables under survey Ex station facto
    The intent of the survey




    The clip dimension Cross-sectional
    The topical range - Breadth and depth - of the survey Statistical
    The research environment Field puting
    The participants ' perceptional consciousness of the research activity Actual modus operandi

    The chief intent of our survey is needed to happen out the comparing of Cable Television and Now Television. We need to roll up the primary informations and secondary informations to analysis the success factors each other.

    First, we collect the secondary informations from cyberspace to cognize backgrounds, histories, and the one-year studies of each Pay Television Limited. and roll uping other utile information on the cyberspace, articles or relevant literature.

    Second, to utilize “Personal Interview” ( Questionnaire ) roll uping the primary informations. Indeed that information is related to our nonsubjective. We will plan a set of questionnaire about 7ps.

    The method is taken by samples in Hong Kong ( different parts in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territory ) , a half of male and female. It can be avoided unjust impregnation. The sample size will be 100 to 150. The age distribution bounds are about 18 to 65. Our study method is

    face-to-face interview, after the interview we 'll give them a small gift. ( Such as voucher )

    We can understand the competitory advantage each other through the consequence of information and do the recommendations how to keep market portion and what service they need to better. However, secondary information is limited, so we will acquire the information chiefly come from primary informations.

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