Target market Nokia Essay Example
Target market Nokia Essay Example

Target market Nokia Essay Example

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  • Published: September 29, 2018
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In this essay we will go through the various details and characteristics of the Nokia 9500 smart phone and the possibilities this product has in any market in the world. To reach a clear idea about the product, we will also go through the kind of customers this unit is supposed to serve and in which areas of work and productivity it is supposed to be applied. This smart phone contains all the characteristics that enable it to be both a mobile phone and PDA with multi functions and different possibilities in what concerns its target market.According to Nokia, customers must always be the top priority. “Customer focus and consumer understanding must always drive our day-to-day business behavior.

Nokia’s priority is to be the most preferred partner to operators, retailers and enterprises” (Nokia, 2006). The co


mpany is the best selling mobile phone in the world as it the largest company in the field of mobile phones in the world . Nokia states that its growth will continue and that it will always find new markets.“World leading productivity is critical for our future success.

Our brand goal is for Nokia to become the brand most loved by our customers” (Nokia, 2006). The company declares that its products and services are the result of different field of work, such as the creation of winning devices, the providing of consumer Internet services, the release of enterprise solutions, the creation of networks, and the expansion of its wide range of professional services.The main point about smart phones is that they allow the user to perform many tasks with far less complications and know-how or, what we can call, knowledg

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base compared to the same tasks when performed on a personal computer, for example. This is explained by Lindholm, Keinonen, & Kiljander (2003) when they state that “there are far fewer features, even though the number is rapidly increasing. User opportunities to manipulate user interface (UI) objects are essentially more limited than with PCs. With only a couple of keys, the user can hardly select a wrong one.

..Mobile phones get carried around..

. Phones reside in the pockets, in hand bags, on belt clips, and in holsters. ” DESCRIPTION The Nokia 9500 is one of the best smart phones available in the market today. The mobile is the predecessor of another one that was released some years earlier, which was the Nokia Communicator 9210. This is communication tool is not simply a mobile phone or a smart phone; it is closer to a miniature personal computer, as it also uses a complete keyboard instead of the phone buttons that are used in most mobile phones.

Specifications As provided by the Nokia website (2006), the key features of this product are the following: • Operating System: Symbian OS 7. 0; • Tri-band (which enables it to function in most countries of the world); • 80 MB built-in memory with the possibility to use an MMC card to expand it; • Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Infrared, and USB 2. 0. support; • Two displays (external and internal).

External with transflective LCD with 65K colors in 640 x 200 pixels; • Email, SMS, MMS, and Fax support;• Photo Camera with 640 x 480 resolution; • Video and Audio players with a wide range of file formats recognition; • Business applications include

Word processor, spreadsheet, presentation editor and creator, and PDF reader; • Internet navigation through Opera browser; • Advanced security and privacy options;• Full Keyboard; This is a device that allows most of the available connection technologies today: “Technology push created environments with multiple access networks (e. g.GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and WLAN), and mobile terminals with multiple radio interfaces (e. g.

Nokia 9500)” (Bhatti, & de. Meer, 2005). MARKET RELATED ISSUES Even though this device can be, and is being, used by almost everyone, the target market is the business oriented one. It is designed in order to allow any business professional to be in touch with his/her business related issues on the move, especially those who require continuous access to data and unlimited communications functionalities at all times.This can include reading documents (in formats such as DOC and PDF), receiving e-mails with attachments, creating charts and tables, controlling the smooth processing of different tracks at the same time, and the possibility to retrieve information either from the internet or from computer systems that allow such access. According to Vogel (2004), “The supplied software range reflects this device's target market well.

There's a contact manager, calendar and an integrated messaging tool that copes with email, MMS, SMS and fax.You get a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentations tool -- all three of which are compatible with Microsoft Office. A calculator, Web browser, image viewer, voice recorder, music and video players are also present. ” Steinbock (2005) highlights this fact by stating that “wireless access to corporate networks, the emergence of broadband and wireless LAN, the maturity of new wireless devices such as the Nokia 9500

Communicator, the market maturity of technologies and services are all converging into a clear opportunity for the entire business mobility ecosystem.This is a tremendous opportunity to unlock business mobility for Nokia and its partners.

” This device affects the markets not only in what concerns mobile phones and smart phones, but also that of Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), some kinds of Laptop computers, audio players, video players, and digital cameras as it offers many of the options needed by business people and covers the range of services that are offered by Personal Digital Assistants and other devices.ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT There are many advantages that can be found in the Nokia 9500 Communicator, as explained earlier, but, such as anything else, there are also downsides that could have been avoided to allow the user to have a more perfected product.As mentioned in the specifications section, this is a device that can allow professionals to stay in touch with all work related matters while they are on the move, it is the only real substitute for laptop computers when talking about business and communications applications, and even it can be used by practically all users, a teenage consumer would find it less appealing than many other smart phones available in the market today.One of its major disadvantages is its weight and size (222 grams & 148 x 57 x 24 mm) which is far more than ordinary mobile phones or smart phones which tend to be smaller and easier for mobility purposes. But this is exactly one of the commercial advantages when considering the target market, as it is more appealing for a business

person to carry this smart phone that guarantees all work applications functionality and tracking than having to start a laptop on the go whenever he/she needs to check some business related issues (Phoneyworld. com, 2005).

Another drawback is that some software applications are instable (Lutonsky, 2004) which may cause some problems for the user whenever an important task needs to be performed or whenever an urgent communication has to be established. This can be solved through the supply of software updates by the manufacturing company. Some refer also to the fact that most smart phones now rely in their functionality on touch screens which is far easier to handle than to have to place the device on a table in order to be able to manage all the functions through the keyboard.Other important drawbacks are the low memory (80Mb only) when many other mobiles have double that disk space, this can be resolved through the use of an MMC, but again this is an extra spending, which leads us to the other drawback which is the price that does not allow average users, even if they wanted to, to purchase the product. THE FUTURE Nokia is one of the best mobile manufacturers in the world; it always found the way to reach the consumers and to commercialize its products properly.

As for this specific product, the future, when talking about high tech products, is always a limited one because the mobile devices depend totally on the development in other technological fields, “cell phone makers... are teaming up with computer companies, demonstrating that the future of mobile phones doesn't lie within the mobile phone industry” (Flynn, 2005). This

device can continue if the manufacturer, Nokia, continues in applying new technologies in its upcoming models.

This is evident when studying the previous model, the Nokia Communicator 9210, that did not support GPRS technology, the new one, instead, does.Reference ListStrategy. (2006). Nokia. Retrieved October 19, 2006 from the World Wide Web: http://www. nokia.

com/A4126319 Lindholm, C. , Keinonen, T. , and Kiljander, H. (2003). Mobile Usability: how Nokia changed the face of the mobile phone.

New York, NY: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Nokia 9500 Communicator - Technical Specifications. (2006). Nokia. Retrieved October 19, 2006 from the World Wide Web: http://europe.

nokia. com/A4142009

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