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Ebay in Asia Essay Example
2375 words 9 pages

Why has eBay struggled in Japan, China and other Asia markets? eBay is an online auction service whose business model is ideally suited to the Web. EBay stores no inventory and ships no products. Instead, it derives its revenue from the movement of information, an ideal task for the Internet. EBay has taken its model […]

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Asia Brand Ebay
Ebay Business Analysis Essay Example
1819 words 7 pages

Internet Strategy Paper eBay, Inc. EBAY INC. eBay, the online auction web site, was founded in San Jose, California on September 3, 1995, by computer programmer Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb. The very first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer for $14. 83. Chris Agarpao was hired as eBay’s first employee and Jeff […]

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Business Analysis Ebay Trade
Meg Whitman at Ebay Essay Example
1211 words 5 pages

The analysis of the group case on Meg Whitman’s tenure at eBay highlights her entry as CEO into a burgeoning company that was on the cusp of great expansion. In 1995, Pierre Omidyar founded eBay as a platform for individuals to trade goods with equal access and mutual honesty and respect. The company provided software […]

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Community Ebay
EBay: Analyze eBay’s innovative business model and key success factors Essay Example
802 words 3 pages

From Beanie Babies to automobiles to fine antiques, eBay is by far the most popular one stop shop on the Internet. eBay is an online auctioneer where buyers and sellers can buy or sell almost anything. The online service offered by eBay allows sellers to list items for sale, while buyers will bid on items […]

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Auction Ebay Model Sales Success
Information Security Management Essay Example
688 words 3 pages

Information technology has greatly contributed to the advancement of the business industry, specifically in e-commerce. eBay, a major e-retailer, faces numerous ethical and legal challenges related to human behavior. Multiple hacking incidents have surprised the online community and the e-commerce industry. This report investigates eBay’s management of information security to achieve business success and customer […]

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Auction Ebay Management Security
Information Security Issues on eBay Essay Example
1067 words 4 pages

eBay collects thousands of inquiries everyday. These include registration and business transactions of members. As a large e-commerce retailer, there are lots of issues in its information security management. One particular issue is about internet fraud and how the company handles it. Internet fraud is the general term used to identify all types of fraud […]

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Credit Card Ebay Identity Theft Security
E-commercetopics Essay Example
428 words 2 pages

Contrast eBay’s original business model with its latest proposed business model. With eBay’s original business model, the company had nowhere to adjust for the changing technology in e-Commerce. Because consumers were buying more products from the fixed price type of stores, and the prospect of auction sites wore off, the original business model will cause […]

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Business Model E Commerce Ebay Microeconomics
Case Analysis – Ebay Essay Example
2122 words 8 pages

I. Background of the Study A pioneer and a market leader in the online auction industry, eBay has been able to grow the business significantly in the last decade amidst turbulent times for many contemporary dotcom companies. EBay’s strategy to focus on a niche market and differentiate itself through strong brand management and continuous improvement […]

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Auction Ebay Online Shopping
Porter and Strategic Analysis of Ebay Essay Example
2119 words 8 pages

Carry out Porter’s Five forces framework study for eBay. The Porter’s Five forces framework analyze the environment of a company in order to have a global image of the threats which faces the company or its attractiveness. In other word, this analysis focus on three horizontal competencies: Competitive rivalry in the same industry Threat of […]

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Business Process Ebay Microeconomics
Swot Analysis of Ebay Essay Example
1065 words 4 pages

The company offers other services such as online commerce, online payment services, and online communications. eBay has three business segments: Marketplaces, Payment, and Communications. Marketplaces provide infrastructure for global online commerce activities, Payment engages in online payment solutions, and Communications offers connectivity to traditional fixed-line and mobile telephones. The company operates in the US, Germany, […]

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Ebay Marketing Sales Swot Analysis
Why Did Ebay Success in Us but Fail in China? Essay Example
830 words 4 pages

There are many reasons that eBay defeat in the competition with Taobao. com in the Chinese Internet C2C market. First, based on research of C2C market in China, the user (seller) of the website is price sensitive. Since Taobao launched no-free model, eBay lost their customers. Furthermore, eBay’s payment services did not fit the Chinese […]

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Argumentative Business Process Ebay Sales
Craigslist’s Case Essay Example
517 words 2 pages

2. How does Craigslist differ from the eBay marketplace? 3.What is the business model for craigslist? Craigslist is an online adposting, it provides classifieds and forums for jobs and other products or services while eBay is an auction website and it is easier to customize your posting on eBay. Moreover there is no advertising on […]

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Business Process Ebay Marketing Shopping
Current Strategies Of Ebay Essay Example
1086 words 4 pages

eBay’s Current Strategies Instead of auctions, eBay is prioritizing fixed-price listings. They have implemented a new fee structure that reduces the cost of listing an item but increases eBay’s commission when it sells. A new search engine algorithm has been introduced, which ranks items based on price and customer satisfaction rating. No more seller feedback […]

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Argumentative Auction Ebay Online Shopping
Subjective vs. Objective Writing Essay Example
414 words 2 pages

After researching a clothes Iron on “All my life” and then researching a few more of the items on eBay I was very much surprised to see the difference in the descriptions of both items. In the All my life description of the item the seller made sure to use a subjective description. She gave […]

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Ebay Object
Can Ebay Continue Growing Essay Example
1356 words 5 pages

The business model and strategy of eBay revolve around being an online marketplace. According to the course textbook (page 444), eBay is classified as an internet business model. As mentioned in the case, eBay functions as an online auction service that does not house inventory or handle shipping. Instead, it earns revenue by facilitating communication […]

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Customer Ebay Sales
Advantages and limitations of PESTEL analysis Essay Example
1237 words 5 pages

To derive market in India, eBay has to alter the manner it operates. has to develop and implement new schemes for the alteration direction. Using the following tabular array the best theory to utilize is Lippitt ‘s Phases of Change Theory. This theory consists of 7 stairss and it chiefly focuses on alteration agent […]

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Ebay Limitations Linguistics
E-commerce Essay Example
2782 words 11 pages

Electric Commerce, also known as e-commerce, encompasses various business activities conducted online via the Internet or other computer networks. It involves the exchange of goods and services between entities based on traditional commerce principles. The main advantage of e-commerce is its ability to facilitate electronic transactions, eliminating time and distance constraints. E-commerce was initially introduced […]

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E Commerce Ebay Internet Marketing
How Online Marketing Differs from General Marketing Essay Example
3245 words 12 pages

The text discusses the introduction and growth of eBay as a company, both in the US and emerging markets. It then delves into the marketing strategies and approaches employed by eBay. The conclusion highlights the performance of eBay’s marketing strategy and suggests further steps to outperform competitors. eBay, Inc. is the largest and most popular […]

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Ebay Marketing Target Market

Popular Questions About Ebay

Why is eBay so popular?
eBay's success is attributed to its unique business plan: allowing individuals or businesses to list new or used items for auction for a very low fee. At the time, no one else was doing that. eBay...
Does eBay sell fake products?
Yes, it is possible to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it. Although EBay claims not to allow counterfeit items or unauthorised copies to be listed, it does not in any way violate EBay policy. Actually, the EBay VeRO program has been in place for a very long time to curtail the sale of fakes and counterfeits.
Is eBay still a good place to sell?
Ebay has raised PayPal fees, seller fees to a point where it is no longer in the sellers best intrest to sell on here.Sellers are not protected if a buyer does not pay, we can't leave negative feedback.Customer service stinks! Basically they tell the sellers there is nothing they can do when a transaction goes bad. they do not intervene.
What are the most popular items to sell on eBay?
Easiest Things to Sell on eBay. Kitchen items, anything worth $20 or less that is new in the package, toys, mall brand or fast-fashion clothing, holiday decorations, books and media, bedding, and office supplies are good options for beginners. Once you are higher on the learning curve, add more expensive items.
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