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The growth of information technology has brought tremendous developments in the business sector particularly the development of e-commerce.

This, however, post many issues in legal and ethical portion of human conduct. eBay is one of the world’s largest e-retailer company. It had undergone many hacker attacks that astounded the whole community as well as the e-commerce section. This report is aimed at identifying the legal and ethical issues in information security management of eBay as it reaches new heights in fighting for information security to ensure business success and customer care.The results showed that there were many legal and ethical issues in information security management that affected eBay.

Three major issues are internet fraud, anti-hacker systems, and intellectual property rights protection program. eBay managed to provide information security measures to counter illegal and unethical attempts of destroying its company and the privacy of the customer. Introduction Information technology had a tremendous effect in the business sector. It introduced e-commerce to the world.This new type of business came into popularity over the decade.

New names became prominent leaders in the web-based retailing industry. eBay is one of the largest e-retailer in the web. It is involved in selling of goods and services from individuals and small businesses. Millions of items are traded through auction and fixed-pricing. It has localized sites to connect to its customers around the world.

However, one of the consequences of IT growth is the birth of a new breed of crime that is found in the internet.Hackers try to get into company databases and do everything they want—steal passwords to acquire access to other accounts, create bogus auctions, destroy data, sell data, and worse, steal identities. Nowadays, there are laws prohibiting any of these illegal actions but it really isn’t easy to provide information security in internet based commerce. eBay, as a business center, is frequently attacked by hackers. The most common is identity theft.

eBay has been serious in fighting internet criminals for the purposes of maintaining its full service to the community by making their venture a success.The objectives of this report are the following: i. to define what is information security; ii. to identify the legal and ethical issues in information security management of eBay; and, iii. to know how eBay managed to counter third party attacks to ensure business growth and consumer privacy. Confidentiality of Personal Data in E-commerce Confidentiality of personal information refers to secrecy of information that belongs to an individual or a corporate entity.

Consumers in their daily routine, knowingly or unknowingly disseminate personal information.Opening an email account, credit and debit card transactions, browsing and purchasing in the internet, all generate data that is recorded in their databases. Large e-commerce retail companies like eBay rely solely on their databases. E-commerce is done through automated recording and verifying of data the customer provides during transactions.

In e-commerce, personal data is used as key in accessing a customer’s personal records as well as his profile. One cannot access his account when he forgets his key information.It is important to note that private data should be kept secret so that third party interference is avoided. Information Security Information security refers to a method of protecting data from being accessed, modified, used, revealed, or disrupted by unauthorized persons or organizations. The three core principles of information security namely, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Breach of information is what happens whenever certain information is captured by unauthorized party.

This may occur accidentally or intentionally.No other party in the web who is responsible for its popularity than hackers do. These are: (i) interception of messages (ii) theft of stored data (iii) information sabotage (iv) spoofing; and, (v) denial of service. e-Commerce at eBay E-commerce is simply business (i.

e. distributing, retailing, buying, selling) done over the internet. Here, every transaction requires the user to fill-up an electronic form and when finished, he might want to click the command that sends his personal data to the company database to be recorded and analyzed. The company may have other uses to the informationAt eBay, a customer may not want to register if he wants to search the site for prospect items. However, if he wants to transact business with it, he must first register to their database, that is, to provide eBay with some personal data.

When registered, the user may now use eBay services such as viewing full information of an item displayed, buying an item, and creating an auction for an item he wants to sell. There are two options when buying at eBay. The first one is through auction-style trade. The buyer has to place a bid on the item.If he is the highest bidder, he can buy the item.

The second option is the Buy it Now option where the buyer can buy the item immediately. Payments can be done in two ways: credit card or cash. Most sellers prefer to use credit card for faster transfer of cash. eBay warns its customers of item fraud. Some sellers, or maybe someone using his account, may set-up an auction for an item that is not really available. Even if eBay is doing all it can to safeguard their customer’s personal information, it is possible that the customer himself is not cooperating.

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