Hiroshima peace memorial Essay Example
Hiroshima peace memorial Essay Example

Hiroshima peace memorial Essay Example

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Hiroshima peace memorial is the only structure left standing in the area that was devastated by the atomic bomb explosion on August 6 1945.

It has been preserved ever since the day of the explosion to show the destructive power of nuclear weapons created by man and to encourage peace and the elimination of all nuclear weapons. The Hiroshima peace memorial has been inscribed on the world heritage list as a cultural site for an extremely justified reason. It is a negative cultural heritage site which means it tells us about the mistakes humans have made.It was inscribe in 1996 as a symbol of world peace after the mass destruction caused by the first ever atom bomb.

The Genbaku Dome was the only structure left standing near the centre of the explosion. This cultural site bea


rs a history of suffering and is now protected to encourage world peace after the great loss of lives in World War 2. There have been other smaller monuments that have been built around the Genbaku dome to honour the victims of this tragedy. There is also a museum nearby where the effects of the bomb can be seen.The Hiroshima peace memorial was originally a commercial exhibit.

In 1944, it was used as an office for the local government and regulators. On August 6, 1945 at 8. 15 am the Hiroshima atomic bomb exploded above the building demolishing everything except for a few walls and the steel framework. 140,000 people were killed in the explosion. Genbaku dome was the only structure left standing near the centre of explosion. In 1952, a park was built around the dome and Genbaku dom

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became the centre of the park.

In 1955, the Peace Memorial Museum was established. This museum displays artefacts remaining from the bombing. It also teaches us about the effects of atom bombs. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is now one of the main attractions in Japan. The subject of the Park is Genbaku dome, but there are also other notable symbols such as the Children’s Peace monument which was constructed in dedication for Sadako Sasaki, a Japanese girl who died from the radiation from the bomb.

Sadako believed that if she folded 1000 paper cranes, her illness would be cured.The monument shows a girl holding a paper crane in her outstretched arms. People from around the world fold paper cranes to be put in front of the monument. There is also a Rest House, which is another atomic bombed building. During the bombing, 36 people died inside the building.

A 47 year old man Eizo Norura survived the bombing because he was in the basement. Eizo lived until he was in his 80s. Every year on the 6th of August, the day the atomic bomb was dropped, the Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in front of the Hiroshima Peace City Memorial Monument.The Peace Memorial Monument was erected to appease the souls of those who lost their lives during the bombing and to pray for peace between countries. During this ceremony, the Mayor of Hiroshima City delivers the Peace Declaration, a speech appealing to the abolition of nuclear weapons and encouraging world peace.

At 8. 15 am on the day, a Peace Bell is rung and the citizen’s would bow their heads for one minute to remember the

souls of the atomic bomb victims and to pray for a peaceful world.

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