Computer Security vs Precision Essay

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Data and computer systems require absolute protection against intervention or alienation. With this, the term computer security was coined, defined as the branch of information security dealing with computers. Protection may very from theft or corruption, more specifically on the preservation of availability as described in security policy. There are instances that the user requests for an information that he might not regard as sensitive, or the faulty manager releases information outside the bounds of the requested information.The implementation covers limitations on physical access, development of hardware mechanisms that would entail control over computer programs, as to preclude dependence on computer programs for security assurance, and parameters to consider choosing which programs would be allowed to enter the system.

(Pfleeger and Pfleeger, 2003, p. 329). Computer security protocols are difficult to attain because of the complexity of data and the determination of mode of protection. It can be understood more in the case of selectivity: there might be information insensitive for sharing.

This is what precision is all about. This is experienced in a situation that involves revealing the data without having to disclose the identity of the individuals being the source of the information. Examples of which are information pertaining to grades of students who were identified as drug users and the statistical data demonstrating the list of salaries of men and women. The aim of being precise in the information being released is to protect all sensitive data and at the same time exposing as much non-sensitive data as possible (Pfleeger and Pfleeger, p. 30).Maintenance of perfect confidentiality with maximum precision is accomplished by the ideal combination of security and precision.

To take it more simply, the data being disclosed are all and only the non-sensitive data. The queries can be filtered, and with this, the completion of the task is safe, rendering the needs of the users without sacrificing the privacy contained in the information database (Pfleeger and Pfleeger, p. 331).

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