The Life of Catalina de Erauso Essay Example
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Catalina de Erauso was born on February 10, 1592, in northern Spain at in San Sebastián city. She was a Basque woman and a sister of soldiers from Basque Country in the city of San Sebastian. She was a daughter of María Pérez de Galarraga and Miguel de Erauso. She attended the San Sebastián el […]

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Biography Catalina de Erauso
Catalina de Erauso’s autobiography Essay Example
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Erauso’s autobiography shows us that she had acquired the position of a heterosexual man. She strongly refuses being a heterosexual woman as it is associated with subordination and hence replaces it with a heterosexual male role, complete with proprietary and exploitive attitudes towards females. This starts during the time when Erauso flees away from the […]

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Biography Catalina de Erauso Masculinity
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