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The Boycotts of Buying Clothes Produced in Sweatshops
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Introduction The idea of customer boycotts on clothing with an aim of improving the working conditions in sweatshop seems wrong because of the existing pros and cons. Sweatshops entail a pejorative term regarding a workplace marred with poor working conditions considered as socially unacceptable especially in the clothing industry (Bagge et al., 2015). In these […]

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Boycott Sweatshops
NAACP: The Black Consumerism Power
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Introduction NAACP simply means national association for the advancement of colored people and was founded in the year 1909. This termed to be the organization working for the civil rights in United States. Its headquarters are in Baltimore and has at least a staff of more than 220 people. The duties of this body are […]

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Boycott Consumerism
The Story Behind Martin Luther King Jr.’s Boycott
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Introduction In the history of America, racial discrimination has been a major issue in social, economic and political circles. In most cases, ethnic minorities were not allowed to have equal opportunities with natives in the 20th century. Ethnic minorities resided in poverty particularly in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Education and employment opportunities were provided along racial […]

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Art History Boycott Martin Luther King
The advertisement influence on Tornado Tacos 
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Tornado Tacos was and can still be a profitable business idea, the problem, however, is the attitude fed to its rampant customers by the boycott based on the relationship which cannot and should not be a factor affecting the advert in the first place. They have to accept the challenge obtained by the boycott based […]

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Boycott Tornado