The advertisement influence on Tornado Tacos Essay Example
The advertisement influence on Tornado Tacos Essay Example

The advertisement influence on Tornado Tacos Essay Example

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  • Published: March 25, 2022
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Tornado Tacos could have been and still has the potential to be a profitable business venture. However, the issue lies in the negative attitude perpetuated by customers participating in the boycott due to a relationship that should not influence the advertisement in the first place. It is important for the company to acknowledge the challenges posed by the boycott as a form of business sabotage and take action. One effective tactic to counter the boycott is to create a new advertisement to replace the original one that is under boycott. This will buy them enough time before the effects of the boycott are seen on the new advertisement.

Changing the theme and replacing the boycotted display with one that evokes similar emotions but differs from the controversial one can improve customer attitudes. Utilizing a different advertisement to replace the initial one can create a diversion, potentially surviving the boycott and restoring


normal profits. Additionally, incorporating alternative relationship types can address concerns regarding monogamy in relation to Tornado Tacos meals. A recommended course of action for the Tornado Tacos store is to develop a new advertisement campaign and move forward from the threatened advertisement. Multiple advertisements should be produced and aired simultaneously to elicit various responses and minimize boycotts. These advertisements should be designed to evoke powerful emotions, effectively overshadowing the previous advertisement and allowing sufficient time for recovery from the financial setback.

Tornado Tacos should consider changing their advertisement periodically to prevent future issues similar to the one they are currently facing. By airing a new and refreshing advertisement, the company demonstrates their attentiveness to customer feedback and can potentially achieve positive outcomes. Implementing various adverts a

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different times can evoke different emotions among customers.

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