The Cherokee Nation is a Native American tribe that has been in existence since the prehistoric period. It is one of the five Civilized Tribes, along with the Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, and Seminole tribes. The Cherokee Nation originally inhabited what is now known as Georgia and parts of North Carolina and Alabama. Throughout its history, the nation has experienced periods of growth and decline due to conflicts with European settlers, removal policies by United States government forces, relocation initiatives to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma), and numerous other factors.Today, the Cherokee Nation consists of more than 375,000 members living throughout the United States. Its headquarters are located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on tribal land that was once part of Indian Territory. The Cherokee language is still spoken among some members today; however English remains the primary language for most Cherokees who live off their reservation lands. One culturally significant practice within the tribe is stickball”. This game has been played for centuries by various indigenous peoples across North America it serves as an important form of socialization for many members of the Cherokee Nation today. Additionally there are numerous cultural events held each year such as a ceremonial fire ceremony which represents renewal and healing. The tribe maintains strong ties to its traditional spiritual beliefs while also actively participating in modern day practices such as voting or owning businesses which allows them to remain connected to their heritage while also adapting to modern life styles.. Additionally they strive to preserve their culture through preserving traditions like stickball games but also by using technology like social media platforms or websites dedicated solely towards sharing stories about their history or creating educational material about their people’s long standing customs so future generations can learn from it too.

The Trail Of Tears Essay Example
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The trail of tears refers to the long distance walk by the native America to the designated Indian territory where they were to work on the white settlers farms who wanted grow cotton. This journey was considered trail of tears as it was long and very dangerous as it was crossing the Mississippi river. The […]

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Cherokee Cultural Assimilation Manifest Destiny
Indian Treaties and the Removal Act Essay Example
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In the early 1800s, the United States government began attempts to eliminate various Indian tribes in the Southeast. The government historically used treaties to relocate Native Americans, a practice further enforced by the Indian Removal Act in 1830. If this approach failed, the government would disregard both treaties and court rulings to settle other American […]

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Andrew Jackson Cherokee Westward Expansion
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