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Both a book and a movie, The Hunger Games has sparked different emotions in the industry. So much so, there are hunger games essays that seek to discuss the main message conveyed in the book, the different types of genres the book falls under; which The Hunger Games essays example expound on the topic. More to that, the movie has notable famous actors that bring the book to life in a grand way, and acting students have a great deal to learn and borrow from those actors.

College essays about The Hunger Games also discuss why the book was banned and delve into if the issues raised were enough to cause the action. It is clear the book and the series still have a huge impact on people as it is still relevant not only for literature students or film and acting students. As a form of entertainment, The Hunger Games has a fairly good rating.

A Review of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
5178 words 10 pages

Keri Momon Period 3 English Title: The Hunger Games Author: Suzanne Collins Type of literary material: science fiction- adventure, action, suspense, drama Setting: time-future, place- Panem (the future untied states) Main Character: A. Katniss Everdeen- she is the very main character in the story B. Peeta Mellark-he is the bakers son C. Haymitch-he is the […]

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Hunger The hunger games
Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
677 words 2 pages

Catkins entered the Hunger Games in the place of her younger sister. She and a boy named PETA represent District twelve in the games. Their trainer, Hay Mitch, suggested that the two pretend to be friends and work together strategy that goes gaga nest the most basic rule of the Agamemnon one survives. The pair […]

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Book Review Hunger The hunger games
Transcendentalism and the Hunger Games Essay Example
1087 words 3 pages

Transcendentalism is a life style in which one strives to lift above and make a degree of flawlessness. Transcendentalists believe in autonomy. non-conformity. individuality. simpleness. the illustriousness of nature. and God being within oneself. Transcendentalism is frequently represented in modern twenty-four hours pop-culture ; a strong illustration of this is The Hunger Games. The book […]

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Ethics Henry David Thoreau Hunger The hunger games Transcendentalism
Social Criticism in the Hunger Games and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
2219 words 5 pages

Social Criticism In The Hunger Games And Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland “Off with their caputs! “ ( Carroll 122 ) could be the slogan of Suzanne Collins’ bestseller The Hunger Games. Published in 2008. the novel tells the dystopian narrative of Katniss. a immature miss who has to take part in a fight-to-death-tournament with 23 […]

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Adolescence Human Development Hunger The hunger games
The Hunger Games vs. the Lottery Essay Example
932 words 2 pages

Compare and Contrast: The Hunger Games vs.. “The Lottery The Hunger Games and “The Lottery’ are two different stories that have similarities and differences. Depending on the plots and story lines of both they might have more similarities than differences or more differences than similarities. Breaking it up into three different topics is very helpful […]

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Hunger The hunger games The Lottery
Characterization Hunger Games Katniss
438 words 1 page

Characterization Katniss Everdeen Katniss Everdeen is the main character in “The Hunger Games”, written by Jennifer Lawrence. Katniss is only 16 years old but has lost her father already 5 years ago and lives with her mother (who is mentally disturbed since the death of her husband) and her 12 year old little sister Prim […]

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Hunger The hunger games
Dystopian: Bergeron vs the Games Essay Example
560 words 2 pages

A dystopian society us a society classified by a controlling government. Usually, a dystopian society is miserable. Both societies in “Harrison Bergeron” and The Hunger Games have a controlling government that make the societies miserable but in their own special ways. The societies in both “Harrison Bergeron” and The Hunger Games are synonymous, but they […]

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Dystopia Fiction Games Literature The hunger games
Gender Roles in the Hunger Games
780 words 2 pages

Is it natural for people to act outside the boundaries their gender? In today’s society the answer is “no” and most people see it as unacceptable act. In The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss must endure a brutal competition where the last kid standing wins. Throughout The Hunger Games several characters such as Katniss […]

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Gender Gender Roles Hunger Stereotypes The hunger games
History of the Hunger Games &amp Essay Example
530 words 2 pages

What we now know as North America wasn’t always known as North America. North America during post-apocalyptic times was known as Panem. Panem comes from a Latin phrase which means bread and circuses. The phrase was used to describe people or a person using entertainment to distract others from more important issues, which in this […]

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Hunger The hunger games

Popular Questions About The hunger games

When is the release date for The Hunger Games?
The release date of The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 is set to November 21, 2014. And Part 2 will hit theaters the following year on November 20, 2015.
What are the names of the characters in The Hunger Games?
Katniss Everdeen — The narrator, main protagonist, and District 12's female tribute, a strong-willed teenager trying to survive in the Hunger Games. She lives with her little sister Primrose (nicknamed Prim) and her mother.
What is the goal of The Hunger Games?
As a reminder of the devastation and loss of people the Capitol conducts The Hunger Games. To continually impose on the people how strong the Capitol is and keep fresh the deep inflicted wounds on the people who have to watch their children fight to death each year. Also it serves as a great source of entertainment for the people of the Capitol.
What are the main events in The Hunger Games?
Major Events. The first major event in this book is Katniss volunteering for Prim at the reaping, and then Peeta Mellark being picked for the boys. Then the chariot ride where Katniss gets her nickname the "Girl on Fire". Then there is the interviews of all of the tributes, where Peeta admits his love for Katniss.