Dystopian: Bergeron vs the Games Essay Example
Dystopian: Bergeron vs the Games Essay Example

Dystopian: Bergeron vs the Games Essay Example

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  • Published: January 15, 2017
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A dystopian society us a society classified by a controlling government. Usually, a dystopian society is miserable. Both societies in “Harrison Bergeron” and The Hunger Games have a controlling government that make the societies miserable but in their own special ways. The societies in both “Harrison Bergeron” and The Hunger Games are synonymous, but they also differ some ways.

The societies have are quite similar. Both societies are controlled by and oppressive, controlling government who treat the societies a certain way for a reason. Both governments limit the cities in one way or another. “Harrison Bergeron’s” government makes everyone equal, “They were equal in every which way.” (Kurt Vonnegut, 133.) The government in The Hunger Games makes it illegal to go into the woods, “Even though trespassing in the woods is illegal,” said Katniss (Suzanne Collins, 5.) Bo


th governments dislike the idea and act of rebellion.

“It was then that Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, care into the studio with a double-barrel ten-gauge shotgun. She fired twice, and the Emperor and the Empress were dead.” (Kurt Vonnegut, 138) “Harrison Bergeron’s” government killed two people who just wanted to be free of their handicaps because they rebelled. “Twelve defeated, the thirteenth obliterated.” (Suzanne Collins, 18) This quote was talking about how all of the districts rebelled, and the Capitol destroyed a whole district and everyone in it.

The governments are different because of how they treat the citizens they control. In “Harrison Bergeron,” the government handicaps everyone to the same intellect, strength, gracefulness, beauty, and etcetera. In The Hunger Games, the government sends twenty-four children (two from each district) t

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a fight-to-the-death for their own amusement. The only children eligible to be in the Hunger Games are children between the ages of twelve and seventeen. When comparing the two governments, it is hard to say which one is worse. “”Harrison Bergeron’s” government makes you follow all of their rules and regulations while handicapping the citizens, but The Hunger Games government lets everyone have freedom but sends twenty-four children to fight to the death every year.

Both stories have ideas repressed. In “Harrison Bergeron,” the idea of individuality is repressed to the point to where it is if it never existed. The idea of talent is also repressed. By handicapping everyone in the society, their true talents will never be shown. In The Hunger Games no true ideas are repressed by the government, but the freedom of speech is taken. If the government does not like what somebody has done or said, then it will be dealt with in a somewhat unfair way.

The central theme of “Harrison Bergeron” is being who you are. The author is trying to express that it is better to be yourself than who others want you to be. The central theme The Hunger Games is do not let something or someone oppress you. The author is trying to express that an oppressive government or anyone who is oppressive is awful.

There is really only one way to say how the characters react to their surroundings. That is that they try their best to survive. The citizens in “Harrison Bergeron” are obeying the government just to stay alive. The citizens in The Hunger Games, more importantly District 12,

are barely surviving because of their government. They manage to get everything that is sustainable, but they just barely survive.

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