Low birth rate in Hong Kong
Low birth rate in Hong Kong

Low birth rate in Hong Kong

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  • Published: July 18, 2017
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Presents, the universe population merely over 6 billion and systematically gauge to increase to 9 billion in the following 50 old ages. The growing rate is largely come from those developing states, particularly from Africa. Nevertheless, the birth rate which we would name it as population growing rate is diminishing in Hong Kong. The local birth rate reached the lowest degree in the universe. Harmonizing to the study from the Census and Statistics Department, around 30,000 babes will be generated by mainland twosomes while 69,000 will be born in Hong Kong each twelvemonth. In 2006, 984 babes were produced each 1000 anticipant female parents. The appraisal of the undermentioned 30 old ages, the birth rate will be lower than 900 babes would be born with each 1000 anticipant female parents.

We can utilize the graph from Census and Statistics Department to bespeak the alteration by birth rate. In the fig. 1.1, the lines are stand foring the population in 1996 while bars are stand foring the 2006s. We would see that the population in Hong Kong is traveling to organize a contrary trigon


as fewer are born in the base. Furthermore, we would see that the birth rate was go oning lessening from 1981 to 2006. Basically, the authorities has been put cognizant on the issue. In one of a meeting of legislative council, the councilors have put out this as one the points of docket.

The lessening in birth rate may assist to salvage the sustainable resources in the universe, but it would do out many society jobs every bit good. Actually, aging job is a serious issue go oning in the society. And, this would do out many effects to do the society become hapless. Aging job will take the revenue enhancement remunerator holding a heavy revenue enhancement. As the diminishing birth rate cause out, fewer revenue enhancement remunerators will necessitate to fall into the revenue enhancement system. While the figure of aged would increase to organize an unhealthy population, the Government would hold a fiscal job on lessening them. The authorities demand to bear heavy costs on medical services, aged wellness attention and retirement such as societal security allowance.

On the other manus, the instruction system may necessitate a reform. The demand would diminish as fewer kids come ining the instruction system. Those schools will be terminated by a low birth rate, and employers like instructors will be being unemployed. This is already happened in the society in 2006. Many schools are warned to close down by deficient pupils. As a consequence, promoting the birth rate is a must. Recently, the authorities noticed that the importance of holding a good birth rate and formed a commission to set concern and happening out solutions in low birth rate issue. The effectual manner is the authorities promote the citizens to better the birth rate.

1.2 Research Objective

In this survey, we would wish to assist to happen out the groun

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of doing low birth rate.

Besides, we would non merely want to cognize the causes but besides want to happen out solutions and the ways of authorities would able to give a manus. Therefore, our research aims will be set as the followerss:

Understand the ground of low birth rate occur

Measure the effectivity of assorted methods to increase birth rate

Understand the value of holding babe ( publicity intent )

Measure the impact of assorted media on the determination to hold a kid

Obtain the demographic of response

1.3 Contribution

Through this selling research, we would specify clear why the low birth rate was caused out. Afterwards, we can happen out the most effectual solution to better the birth rate, in order to forestall the following coevals to pay the heavy revenue enhancement to the authorities which is our coevals and beyond. On the other manus, we would the study will be indicated out that the effectual manner of publicity by the authorities which he citizens would believe it does work. It is good to the authorities whether the aging job is solved, the fiscal load will reform. The authorities is able to set the subsidies on the other ways that make Hong Kong going a most successful metropolis that people would wish to populate.

2.1 Exploraraty Research

To get down our research, we may necessitate to utilize explorative research to supply the penetrations of the low birth rate jobs. From the assorted types of explorative research technique, we have used secondary informations analysis and concentrate group when making this undertaking.

Secondary informations

Low birth rate which is a large issue for the Hong Kong authorities, so there are plentifulness of informations about this issue on the web site of the Census and Statistics Department and besides the newspaper. The grounds why we are utilizing the secondary informations are because they are low cost and utile as background information. Besides, some of the informations are realistic as those informations are collected from the official section of Hong Kong Government. As the authorities extremely concern about the low birth rate, there are policies and publicities about how to better low birth rate, which helps us on making the inquiries for our questionnaire.

Focus Group

Focus group is a signifier of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their attitude towards a merchandise, service, construct, advertizement or thought. And there will be a moderator to present the subject of treatment and to promote the group to discourse. Using focus group can let the participants to discourse their true feeling and strong beliefs, fast to roll up informations, easy to put to death and flexible with low cost.

Forming this focal point group, our intent is to understand the ground of low birth rate, measure the effectivity of assorted methods to increase the birth rate, understand more the value of holding a babe, measure the impact of assorted media on the determination to hold a kid, obtaining the demographic of response. After making the focal point group, we can unite the observations to understand the civilization, the societal group, trying the sites to analyze, and making intelligence issues or

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