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Overview of Water Resources in Pakistan Essay Example
2375 words 9 pages

The total land area of Pakistan is estimated to be approximately 310,322 square miles or 88 million hectares. Agriculture occupies about 20 million hectares of this area. The fertile land in the Indian subcontinent is mainly due to the river system of Indus and its tributaries. As per the Indus Water Basin Treaty of 1960, […]

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Agriculture Natural Environment Pakistan Water
Impact of Terrorism in Pakistan Essay Example
1558 words 6 pages

In lieu of unlawful violence to inculcate fear and increase coercion, terrorism has become a trending topic in the world today. Pakistan, a country in South Asia bordered by Afghanistan and India has been a country worthy of speculation due to the rate of terrorism and tribal wars that have quickly taken over the country. […]

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Foreign Direct Investment Pakistan Terrorism
Visit to Shrines (Pakistani Context) Essay Example
5115 words 19 pages

“Visit to shrines” is a very controversial topic that whether it is permitted in Islam or not and if it is not permitted than why it is practiced by most of the Sufis orders. We have searched in this project about this controversy with proofs and reasons from Quran and Sunnah. A shrine is a […]

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Muhammad Pakistan Quran
Spa Proposal Report Essay Example
1258 words 5 pages

Most women would agree that beauty is not just a matter of outer looks but also inner beauty. This is what is usually referred to as the holistic approach to looking at beauty. A lot of local or imported cosmetic brands may help women look younger, but recently there has been a growing trend of […]

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Business Operations Business Process Health Management Marketing Pakistan Pricing
Pak-Us Relation Essay Example
3172 words 12 pages

In 1947, Pakistan and the United States established official diplomatic relations. This took place amidst the emergence of the Cold War and its division into two opposing forces: Soviet and US. As a consequence, Pakistan and India had to take sides, leading to the establishment of bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States. Throughout […]

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Armed Forces Cold War Computer Software Database International Relations Law Pakistan Relation Technology
Cement Industry of Pakistan Essay Example
9399 words 35 pages

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In Pakistan, there are more than 25 small and large cement manufacturers operating within the country producing ordinary grey Portland, white, slag and sulphate resistant varieties of cements. This industry has an oligopolistic structure because the product is homogenous. There is a cartel in the cement sector and that regulate the production of […]

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Economic Growth Gross Domestic Product Industry Pakistan
Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited Essay Example
5710 words 21 pages

Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited COMPANY PROFILE Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited is the second largest producer of Urea fertilizer in Pakistan. The company was incorporated in 1965 and was formerly Exxon Chemical Pakistan Limited until 1991, when Exxon decided to divest their fertilizer business on a global basis and sold off its equity of 75% shares […]

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Asset Investment Pakistan Working capital
Practical Training As An Intern Mcb Bank Essay Example
842 words 4 pages

Executive Summary The University Of Central Punjab requires all M. COM students to participate in practical training as trainees. This requirement aims to improve their comprehension of real-world practices. The purpose of our research program is to improve people’s problem-solving and decision-making abilities by merging theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. We have exerted considerable efforts […]

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Bank Banking Cash Pakistan
Is Pervez Musharraf Today’s Hitler? Essay Example
1472 words 6 pages

There are growing worries that Pervez Musharraf, who governed Pakistan for 8 years, may be replicating the actions of Adolf Hitler in Germany during the 1930s. Throughout his tenure, which commenced in 1999, Musharraf has been linked with deceit. The Asian Development Bank characterizes Pakistan as a country with poor governance, extensive corruption and social […]

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Adolf Hitler Government Pakistan
Impediments to Attract FDI in Pakistan Essay Example
2713 words 10 pages

On the basis of our results, we concluded that almost all aforementioned variables significantly affect FED; results also indicate fitness of our selected model. Moreover, Our results are generally consistent with the findings of other researchers. Key Words: Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Openness, GAP, Inflation, Currency Depreciation, Political Instability, Terrorism in Pakistan Introduction Foreign Direct […]

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Economic Growth Foreign Direct Investment Investment Pakistan
Olive Oil in Pakistan Essay Example
303 words 2 pages

The professional driver, Mr Naimait Khan, from Cooperazione Italiana office, contributed to the consultant’s travels in Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar and also assisted with the translations from Pakistani to English. The friendly attitude and hospitality of all the Pakistani people encountered during the mission, both within and outside of the working environment, is highly appreciated. […]

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Business Process Marketing Pakistan
Media and the Kargil War Essay Example
1473 words 6 pages

The Kargil War also known as the Kargil Conflict, was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May and July 1999 in the Kargil district of Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LoC). After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, there had been a long period with relatively few direct […]

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Chemistry Government International Relations Pakistan Society War
Pakistan: Flood Damage Assessment of Sindh Essay Example
864 words 4 pages

Millions of people in Pakistan have been severely impacted by the devastating floods, which have resulted in the destruction of homes and farmland, as well as disrupted livelihoods. The extent of the losses is still uncertain, mainly due to continued floodwaters present in Sindh province. Flooding in Sindh is currently affecting the Dadu and Jamshoro […]

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Agriculture Natural Environment Pakistan Rice
Portrayal of Muslims in Indian Cinema Essay Example
1337 words 5 pages

After the incident of 9/11, whole world look towards the Muslims as the icon of terrorism. It is extensively and noticeably around the world since that horrible incident and world politics represent it clearly. The sign of terrorism and the picture of Muslims as terrorist, invaded the world almost at the same instance. Following that, […]

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Bollywood India Muslim Pakistan Terrorism
Constructions Of Alternatives: Partition And Essay Example
1181 words 5 pages

Due to the prevalence of direct violence in their immediate vicinity, it was extremely challenging to engage respondents in a discussion about partition. As a result, conducting interviews and recording footage was not feasible, leading to an automatic delay in the transcription and translation process. It wasn’t until September 2002 after the cross-border firing had […]

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Construction Pakistan Religion Social Issues
How has the Afghan War effected development in Pakistan during Zia’s Regime Essay Example
1525 words 6 pages

In 1977, the government was taken over by General Ziaul Haq through martial law and the previous administration was removed. The Lahore High Court accused then-Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of murder, resulting in his detainment and eventual sentence to death. On April 4th, 1979, he was executed. According to Hasan (1998), General Zia imposed […]

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Development Government International Relations Pakistan War
Social cultural factors in the IB Essay Example
691 words 3 pages

It is crucial to take into account different cultural factors such as political beliefs, religion, social hierarchy, language usage, economic ideology, and education level when engaging in global commerce. Even though these aspects may lead to disagreements, there are various approaches to address them. For more information on this topic, please see Pic. 4. The […]

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Intellectual Property Investing Pakistan Technology Trademark
Exploration of Oil and Gas in Pakistan Essay Example
4201 words 16 pages

After brief introductory slides, I shall apprise he house regarding historical perspective of oil and gas exploration in Pakistan; current status of exploration activities and future prospects. I will also touch upon Issues confronting this Industry. Later I shall present the overall analysis of the situation and present few recommendations as well for the way […]

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Exploration Pakistan Petroleum
The Elements of Class Conflict in Pakistan Essay Example
3581 words 14 pages

Overview of the Topic Income distribution, also known as frequency distribution, involves categorizing individuals, taxpayers, or families according to their income levels. The unequal distribution of income is a major concern in many countries, particularly those experiencing development challenges. Pakistan has been grappling with this issue since its establishment. Class conflict arises from the divisions […]

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Income Pakistan Social Stratification Society
Geo Strategic: Importance of Pakistan Location Essay Example
2492 words 10 pages

The geographical positioning of a state or area determines its significance, which is referred to as geostrategic. The term “geo-political” is used to describe how geographic factors affect a country’s power, international behavior, and benefits derived from its location. Stephen Cohn highlights the importance of this concept by noting that Pakistan has experienced difficult circumstances […]

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Afghanistan Iran Pakistan
Sociological Study Of Women Perception Towards Dowry Sociology Essay Example
2459 words 9 pages

Dowry has played a significant role in traditional arranged marriages within Hindu culture. Initially, it was a voluntary offering given to the bride’s family during the ceremony and included valuable items like expensive fabrics. The practice of dowry originated from cultural and religious beliefs that emphasized gift-giving as mentioned in Vedas and other Hindu literature. […]

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Gender Marriage Pakistan Perception Sociology Study
Pakistani Community In Britain Sociology Essay Example
6295 words 23 pages

Ali ( 1982 ) Pakistani ‘s chief concentration is in U.K. where they began in the early twentieth century as crewmans in the Merchant Navy and soldiers in the British ground forces. They had an chance to migrate in big Numberss following the economic enlargement and deficit of labour ensuing from the two universe wars. […]

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Community Pakistan Social Issues Sociology United Kingdom

Popular Questions About Pakistan

Is Pakistan safe?
Exercise a high degree of caution in Pakistan due to the unpredictable security situation. There is a threat of terrorism, civil unrest, sectarian violence and kidnapping.
Is Pakistan a poor country?
While Pakistan is one of the richest countries in Asia, poverty in Pakistan is a fact of life for most of its people. The main cause of Pakistan's poverty rate is the fact that many Pakistanis lack basic human rights. Many Pakistanis, often women and children, are begging in the streets throughout their country.
Is Pakistan a Arab country?
Pakistani people are citizens of the said country and have lived there with all its multi-ethnicities and cultures. Thus, a Pakistani need not be Arab in lineage. Pakistani is a nationality; therefore, lineage can be of Arab descent or not. ... Pakistanis are mostly Muslims because Pakistan is a Muslim state.
What is Pakistan's old name?
Officially, the nation was founded as the Dominion of Pakistan in 1947, and was renamed as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1957.
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