Geo Strategic: Importance of Pakistan Location Essay Example
Geo Strategic: Importance of Pakistan Location Essay Example

Geo Strategic: Importance of Pakistan Location Essay Example

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  • Published: July 20, 2017
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Geo strategic means the importance of a state or a part as by virtuousness of its geographical location. Geo political is defined as. emphasizing the influence of geographic factors on the province power. international behavior and advantages it derives from its location. Stephen Cohn describes this importance “While history has been unkind to Pakistan. its geographics has been its greatest benefit. It has resource rich country in the north-west. people rich in the north-east. ” Pakistan is a path for transit. and a front line province against terrorist act.

Pakistan is located between 23 grades. 30 North to 37 grades North Latitude and 61 grades East to 77 grades East Longitude. China lies in the North of Pakistan while Afghanistan and Iran are in the West of it. India lies in the East and in the South is Ar


abian Sea.

The location of Pakistan is non merely alone in the universe but of particular importance in South Asia. Pakistan links the E with the West. Some of import neighbouring states of Pakistan are as under.

There is 600 kilometer long district of Pakistan along the boundary line of China. Both states have political. cultural and trade dealingss with each other. There is a close cooperation between the two states in heavy machine industry and many other sections. Silk. fabric. machines etc. are imported from China.

India is a Hindi state in the East of Pakistan. There is a common boundary line of 1600 kilometer in between these states. Both states are seeking to work out their jobs including Kashmir. Due to this hostility. wars of 1948. 1965 and 1971 have been fought between the two states. In the last

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war. our one wing East Pakistan got separated from us due to this hostility. India is ever busy in confederacy by the cooperation of a ace power despite of cognizing that it is better for the public assistance of both states to develop pleasant footings. Fifteen crore Muslims live in India. Their protection is besides a large job.

Pakistan has spiritual. cultural and economic relation with the Central Asian Islamic Countries. Pakistan is the lone state that provides them the nearest sea path and conveyance installations. These states lie in the North West of the Pakistan.

Afghanistan is situated to the West of Pakistan. When the English got the control of sub-continent. harmonizing to a treaty with Afghanistan in 1893. the lasting boundary line between the two states was marked which is called Durand Line. This line is about 2240 kilometres long with the boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Both states have old spiritual. cultural and trade footings.

To the West of Pakistan is the boundary line of Iran along state of Balochistan. It is our Muslim brother state. Iran was the first state which recognized the being of Pakistan in 1947. Iran has made political and trade treaties known as R. C. D. Its name is E. C. O which means Discipline for Economic Cooperation. Iran openly helped Pakistan during the wars of 1965 and 1971. Pakistan proves its friendly relationship with Iran in every hr of demand. Islamic revolution has come in Iran by the terminal of kingship. It has besides better dealingss with Pakistan.

Arabian Sea is in Indian Ocean. Most of the trade between Es and West is done through Indian Ocean. Pakistan through

Arabian Sea is linked with the Muslims Countries of Persian Gulf. All of them are rich in oil. In Karachi Bin Qasim and Gwader are of import havens of Pakistan. In this respect South-East Asiatic Muslim states ( Indonesia. Malaysia. Burunai. Darussalam ) and South Asiatic Muslim states ( Bangladesh. Maldives and SriLanka ) are of import.

Pakistan is located at the junction of great powers. In its neighbor’s one universe power Russia and the other emerging power China prevarications. Any confederation among universe powers enhances its significance. This factor has been utilized by Pakistan after 9/11. Security and concern are two chief United states involvements in the part while Pakistan is playing a front line function in the war against terrorist act. Apart from this US involvement in the part to incorporate the turning China. atomic Iran. terrorist Afghanistan and to profit from the market of India.

Today the political scenario of the part is tinged with pre-emption policy and US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran’s atomic plan. India’s geopolitical musculuss ( new strategic trade with US ) to derive hegemony and to counter the rise of China. Which has earned all the qualities to alter unipolar universe into bipolar universe. In all these issues. Pakistan is straight or indirectly involved particularly after al-Qaeda operations. The American think armored combat vehicle has repeatedly accepted that war against terrorist act could ne'er be won without the aid of Pakistan.

Cardinal Asia is the halfway phase of new Great games. Western quest for resources- oil and energy resources in the cardinal Asia. After USSR diminution. new pursuit started which is as manifested by political relations of oil. Pakistan

is located really near to the oil rich Middle Eastern states. The belt started from Iran and extended to Saudi Arabia. Thus. Pakistan can act upon cargo of oil. Iran is fighting to export its excess gas and oil to eastern states. Qatar. Pakistan and Turkmenistan grapevine undertakings highlight the place. In the energy scarce universe. Pakistan is located in the hub of energy rich states i-e Iran and Afghanistan: both are energy abundant while India and Chinas are missing.

Pakistan has the possible to develop transit economic system on history is its strategic location. land locked Afghanistan now at the stage of Reconstruction finds its ways through Pakistan. China with its fastest economic system growing rate of 9 % us developing southern states because its ain portion is 4500 kilometer off from Sinkiang but Gwader is 2500 kilometer off. Furthermore. Pakistan offers cardinal Asiatic parts the shortest path of 2600 kilometer as compared to Iran 4500 kilometer or Meleagris gallopavo 5000 kilometer. gwader port with its deep Waterss attracts the trade ships of China. CAR and south east Asiatic states. . besides the coastal belt of Balochistan can supply mercantile establishment to china’s western states to hold entree to centers eastern markets with the development of coastal main roads and expresswaies.

If we look at the map of Muslim states. Pakistan occupies a cardinal location. Towards West of Iran. china extends to North Africa. Thus it can actively take part in the activities of Muslim world-economic development. conveyance of resources and above all combat terrorist act. Merely Muslim state with atomic capableness:

In the part Pakistan is the lone Muslim state holding atomic capableness which has great

influence on the political. socio-economic activities in the part and the care of position quo in the part.

Pakistan is the lone direct and shortest nexus between China and the Middle East. Imagine the impact of China on the Middle East. if this nexus is to the full functional. Gwadar Port located in propinquity of Arabian Gulf and Central Asian Republics provide it alone chance to function both. Pakistan needs to capitalise on them through better diplomatic ties with Arab provinces and CARs. It is hence awaited that oil militias and other resources of CARs would bit by bit go the focal point of universe attending in approaching old ages.

However. in instance of “exports to and from CARs” a peaceable and stable Afghanistan is must. The port will besides assist in advancing trade with Gulf States possessing 63 % of world’s oil militias and will turn out instrumental in advancing trans-shipment basically of containerized lading besides unlocking the development potency for backwoods. The most of import factor that makes Gawadar Port strategically alone is the location with regard to other major ports in the part. which are all located on the other side of the sea. Gwadar port being towards north can easy supply services and installations to CARs. Afghanistan and China.

India has a shared involvements with the U. S. and NATO in the subjugation of Pakistan. Pakistan would discontinue to be a client province of the U. S. or a manageable province. because of a likely revolution that would happen in the scenario of a broader war in the Middle East against Iran or a far larger Eurasiatic war affecting China and Russia. Nuclear arms

in the custodies of such a radical authorities in Islamabad would be a menace to Indian national security. NATO operations in Afghanistan. and Israel. It is in the shared involvements of the U. S. . NATO. Israel. and India to neutralize such a strategic and tactical menace from emerging in Pakistan.

This is why NATO has underpinned the aim of Balkanizing Pakistan and why the U. S. has talked about taking over Pakistani atomic installations via the U. S. military. The subjugation of Pakistan is besides territorially and militarily to the advantage of New Delhi. because it would extinguish a rival and allow India to derive district that in the position of many Indians was lost with the divider of India in 1947.

Gwadar Port is Pakistan’s largest infrastructural undertaking since independency. Gwadar Deep Seaport is located on the southwesterly seashore of Pakistan. stopping point to the of import Passs of Hormuz. through which more than 13 million barrels of oil base on ballss daily. Ever since the building of Gwadar deep haven has been undertaken. it is an chance for the people of Balochistan to better the life conditions in their state.

Neighbouring states are really much interested in puting in Gwadar particularly China and has already spent $ 248 million in its building. The geographical and strategic location makes the Gwadar Deep Seaport at a much advantageous place than other viing ports. like Rashid and Jebel Ali ports of Dubai. Salalah Port of Oman. Bandar Abbas and Chahbahar ports of Iran. 95 % trade takes topographic point through sea in Pakistan. Karachi port is managing 68 % whereas Port Qasim takes attention of 32 % of

the sea borne trade.

The projected rise in entire trade by the twelvemonth 2015 is 91 million dozenss. This will increase transportation activity phenomenally at the bing port. Gwadar will assist Pakistan to supervise the Sea Lines of Communications ( SLOCs ) arising from the Persian Gulf and bottle cervix at Strait of Hormuz. Both military and economic power now depends upon oil. It is expected that Gwadar metropolis in future would turn into an international hub of industrial and commercial activity. which would non merely play a cardinal function in the economic development of Balochistan. but besides the full state. To ease rapid commercial and economic development. Gwadar will be declared a particular economic zone for a certain period.

The length of this period has non yet been determined. The SEZ is likely to cover the metropolis of Gwadar and the industrial countries presently planned and foreseen. The specific incentives-regime is likely to include general tax-holidays. no VAT and generous inducements refering to concern ownership and employment of aliens. The chief intent of this construct is to speed up economic development and investings. both foreign and local. in general. This in bend will spur industrial development and port traffic throughput demand. It would besides lend more quickly to employment creative activity and uplifting of the Gwadar territory and of Balochistan.

Pakistann is located in the bosom of three critical parts: South Asia. Central Asia and West Asia and therefore provides the shortest entree to the sea for all landlocked states of Central Asia besides Western China. It is a fast emerging junction for multiple corridors of cooperation between Afghan. China and CAR affecting energy. trade and transit.

Communication and trade correlativity between South. Central and West Asia go throughing through Pakistan has transformed our state into an economic centre. giving a encouragement to inter-regional economic activity. Geographically bordered by Iran on the West. Afghanistan on the northwest. China on the nor'-east. and Arabian Sea prevarication in the South has promoted the multi-lateral trade with adjacent states efficaciously from the last decennaries.

Pakistan is blessed with three major havens. i. e. . Karachi port. Qasim Port and Gwadar port. along with Arabian Sea. which are the chief passageway for the transit via sea to Pakistan besides it borders with Afghanistan and China. Geographically deficiency of a common boundary line with any Central Asiatic province is one of the primary hindrances to accessing the part. Tajikistan. which has boundary lines with Afghanistan and China. is the most strategically placed state from Pakistan’s point of view. Wakhan Corridor. an country in far northeasterly Afghanistan that connects Afghanistan and China. could be the most convenient land nexus between Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Influence of U. S. A Invasion in Afghanistan on Trade of Pakistan The struggle and instability in Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11 onslaughts and their regional deductions had really negative reverberations for the old ages following the US invasion of Afghanistan non merely saw a immense inflow of Afghan refugees across the boundary line into Pakistan but besides witnessed a sudden spike in the frequence and graduated table of terrorist onslaughts in Pakistan. The cumulative impact of these developments adversely impacted the overall growing rate in all major sectors of the economic system.

Pakistan continues to pay a heavy monetary value both in the economic and security

footings due to this state of affairs and a significant part of cherished national resources both work forces and stuff. have been diverted to turn to the emerging security challenges for the last several old ages. This state of affairs disrupted Pakistan’s trading activities which non merely resulted in higher costs of concern but besides created breaks in the production rhythms. ensuing in important holds in run intoing the export orders around the Earth. As a consequence. Pakistani merchandises have bit by bit lost their market portion to their rivals. Consequently. economic growing slowed down. demand for imports reduced with declined revenue enhancement aggregation and influxs of foreign investing.

From a general strategic point of position. Pakistan location is really of import. Pakistan is a junction of south Asia. west Asia and cardinal Asia ; a manner from resource efficient states to resource lacking states. The universe is confronting energy crises and terrorist act. Pakistan is a path for transit and a front line province against terrorist act. Furthermore Pakistan has been traditionally ally of emerging economic giant ; China. So in the vague of any alteration in universe political relations. Pakistans geo-strategic significance would farther be enhanced.

Pakistan geographics has been its greates benefit. It has resource rich countries. and today Pakistanis are a spirited. modern and forward looking state and it is undoubtedly no exaggeration that educated and passionate and avid people possesses the most exuberant head in the universe. What is needed is to merely steer energies of people and supply them chances to outshine themselves and proper usage of resources thereby conveying a unbelievable alteration to the luck of Pakistan.


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