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First of all we would wish to Thank ALMIGHTY. Who is the beginning of all our cognition and wisdom. Then we would peculiarly wish to thank our well-thought-of teacher Mr. Yasir Ali Somro for supplying us the chance to look into assorted facets of Marketing. His instruction is really enlightening and good for us in future. He has been really helpful to us in doing the undertaking and in deriving farther cognition. Then thanks to our Parents. Friends and Colleagues in doing of this undertaking. Furthermore we are grateful to all our group members who have coordinated and cooperated in the devising of this study.

1. Company Description
The group was initiated by Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood ( 1880-1948 ) who besides played a vivacious function in the birth of the province of Pakistan by moving as a fiscal adviser and protagonist to Quaid-e-Azam Mohomed Ali Jinnah-the establishing male parent of Pakistan. Sir Adamjee’s function as adviser gave birth to assorted economic establishments ; the Muslim Commercial Bank ( MCB ) . Orient Airways. and the Morning Star newspaper.

These were chiefly established at the behest of Quaid-e-Azam Mohomed Ali Jinnah to win support of Muslims of Pakistan and ease them in migration to Pakistan during the divider of India in August 1947.

Adam Motor Co. . an assembly program of Chinese SUVs and pickup trucks in Pakistan introduced an autochthonal car Called the Revo. It is a 3576 millimeter long hatchback. powered by either a 800 milliliter or a 1051 milliliter gasoline engine. sourced from Wuling in China. Otherwise the auto is built from local parts. Adam Revo was a metropolis auto made by the now defunct Adam Motor Company of Pakistan. It was the first auto to be designed & A ; assembled in Pakistan. The Revo is being assembled at a works in Karachi owned by Adam Motors. And the engine and transmittal systems have come from China. The company plans to do 5. 000units a twelvemonth

2. Reasons of failure
There are some chief causes of failure of this undertaking:

As universe is a planetary small town now so foreign trade names are easy available in the market. Peoples tend to prefer foreign companies over local companies. If you want to turn your local automotive industry so one must foremost give revenue enhancement purchase to this industry to protect their companies or else foreign companies would run the domestic state down to nil.

Lack of Government support
Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz inaugurated Revo’s works in 2003. Aziz promised Feroz Khan. the shaper of Revo. to purchase his auto for the authorities as it was the cheapest in the state. Feroz Khan did bring forth suffice to provide the demands of Government who decided to purchase Adam Revo alternatively of Mehran. The authorities could hold easy bought 5. 000-10. 000 autos a twelvemonth but it ne’er fulfilled its promise and that was one of the major grounds why the undertaking collapsed.

Lack of financess
Due to involvement of Prime Minister. Feroz Khan produces adequate to carter the Government. When Government ne’er fulfilled its promise. debt pilled up so company had to travel bankrupt. There weren’t adequate financess left to rejuvenate this company and to pay off its debt.

Road clasp of tyres
Tires used were of inexpensive quality. bumps and surface imperfectnesss in the route consequences in necessarily reduced clasp on the route which leads to a rough drive.

Peoples didn’t like inexpensive Speed-o-Meter of Adam Revo. which reminds drivers of 19s auto. Now yearss where fashionable autos are easy available. people didn’t like purchasing auto which gives them the feel of driving any vintage auto so they pay excess merely to hold auto with a spot of pizzas by paying 45-75000 supernumerary.

Lower Quality of interior plastic
The auto wasn’t good plenty. The inexpensive plastic inside and horrid expressions were non up to the outlooks of the possible purchasers of auto. who instead preferred a used auto than an Adam Revo.

No Promotions/Advertising/Marketing program
Effective manner of selling your merchandise is to publicize it through Ads. Campaign and publicities. Adam Revo didn’t make its advertisement its merchandise ; therefore merely little portion of the entire population was cognizant of Adam Revo. remainder still acquire baffled when asked about Pakistan’s first auto Revo. People weren’t aware of Adam Revo how could it hold earned net income.

3. Strategic Focus and program

Adam Motor Company’s mission is to present vehicles with maximal indigenization. to monetary value our vehicles most competitively with dependable quality. to recognize highest client satisfaction through 3S installations. to export and to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Pakistani auto industry to make greater highs and finally vie with larger auto companies. within Pakistan and internationally.

Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Adam Motors believe that given the right environment and preparation. their people can be the best in the universe. They believe that all their merchandises must incorporate high indigenization. dependable quality and excellent after sale service

Ansoff Matrix

Market Penetration:
Adam Motors will foremost seek to capture market portion by perforating into market utilizing Market-Penetration Strategy and to vie from good settled companies like SUZUKI. HONDA. TOYOTA. and CHEVERLOTE body waste. These companies are already offering good autos and have established there names in Automobile industry. To perforate into market Adam has its advantage of low monetary value. Its biggest rival is Mehran ( hard currency cow for SUZUKI ) in 800cc. Adam still has 70 to 80000 monetary value difference from it. This scheme is appropriate for Adam Motors as there is a demand and the clients are looking for deals. Adam Revo has an low-cost monetary value which can perforate deep into the market for in-between category people.

After company increase its market portion company can travel for Product development scheme while developing new merchandise for possible involvement to its current markets. Once company establishes its repute it can offer a new merchandise in a new market by utilizing variegation scheme.

Porter Generic Schemes

Cost Leadership
When it comes to market Revo. Overall cost leading Strategy is appropriate for Adam Motors to derive market. Adam Motors is considered to be lowest cost manufacturer within industry. And there advantage over Mehran makes is extremely low-cost for the in-between category people and giving company a competitory advantage over other car companies. 4. Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis
The lone Pakistani maker:
The works can bring forth up to 7000-10000 autos per twelvemonth.
Adam Revo. Pakistan’s foremost automobile fabricating industry holding largest fabrication installations with an one-year production capacity of 70. 000 – 10. 000 vehicles. The vehicles produced include autos. little new waves. Pickups and Cargo new waves. With proper direction and effectual selling Adam Motor’s Revo can fabricate suffice to carter the demand and can keep more than 50 % of Market Share. Low – priced auto.

Adam Motor’s Revo biggest strength is its low monetary value 70. 000 to 85. 000 cheaper than Suzuki’s Mehran which makes this auto extremely low-cost. With Government intercession this company can provide plenty of the population. Excellence in installing of CNG kits

Adam Motors have an tremendous experience in the field of CNG/LPG. CNG kits installed in Adam Motors autos make it fuel efficient auto with globally acclaimed CNG constituents installed. Faultless addition in gasoline monetary values is doing implausible for in-between category people to afford the passing cost of the auto. Supplying CNG kits will raise the saloon for the industry to new greater highs.


Poor after sale service.
After gross revenues services is considered to be and built-in portion of client services and a cardinal determiner of client satisfaction ; while this may look obvious but it’s non frequently done. Unfortunately. deficiency of accent on after gross revenues services was observed. due to miss of resources and improper after gross revenues services be aftering. Low Resale Value

Revo was the Pakistan’s first auto to do out to roads and had to confront unfavorable judgment. As a first company the quality of auto and its parts used were non every bit good as it should hold been which cause its unpopularity and its image had to savor dust hence. when it comes to resale value the proprietor easy can lose 70. 000 or more on merchandising. Pakistani purchasers are cautious purchasers who give the vehicle’s resale more importance. Competing in Pakistan merely

Turning up among some of the world’s biggest company like Honda. Suzuki. and Toyota is truly difficult occupation to make. With rival holding better resources. better research installations and established trade name name. it gets difficult to vie.

Low consumer consciousness
Since advertisement and publicity straight relates to consumer consciousness. One of the chief grounds Revo didn’t survived was people weren’t aware of the Revo. Ad and publicity are utile factors in making consciousness among the consumer. Unfortunately Adam Motors didn’t indulge themselves in of the selling. Lack of advanced engineering.

Advanced engineering is competitory advantage. Unfortunately Adam Motors don’t posses modern engineering which certainly is Adam Motors biggest failing. Adam Motors is viing with companies who posses advanced engineering and have moved from traditional fuel autos to hybrid and electric autos. Unattractive construction.

Revo looks was a major issue for purchaser. It’s resembles to the three-wheeled China new wave. The form of the auto made it look rather pathetic and unattractive. Poor stuff was been used in exterior and inside of the auto. Adam Motor’s should hold put more idea into the design and quality of the auto. Opportunity:

Capturing the market of low income people.
Pakistan’s major portion of population falls under class of in-between category. lower in-between category and lower category. To capture the people who have low buying power company must concentrate on the affordability of the merchandise. Revo is inexpensive auto even cheaper so Mehran. Peoples with low income can easy afford this auto and it’s overhauling disbursals. Peoples who have motorcycles and want a cheap broad auto to bask drive with their households can easy afford this fuel-efficient and inexpensive auto. Enter in the market of 1300 milliliter autos.

After acquiring its market portion and repute. Adam Revo can travel for chance to capture market with 1300cc auto and other theoretical accounts. As the lone rival in bring forthing inexpensive 1300cc auto is Suzuki who have been failed seeking different fluctuation in their 1300cc theoretical account autos. Large market size to run.

Demand of inexpensive autos in Pakistan is really high. There’s no 2nd idea to it. Majority of Pakistan’s population belong to categories who can non afford epicurean autos and are interested in inexpensive. fuel- efficient autos. There is large market for at that place auto if they plan good and market at that place merchandise expeditiously they can aim big market size. Economy of Pakistan.

Turning local industry can finally profit economic system of Pakistan. Developing good repute will bring on other companies to do investing in Pakistan my making joint venture production. Export Revo can besides give benefit to Pakistan’s economic system. Menaces:

Rivals ( Pak Suzuki )
Presently Pak Suzuki is largest auto assembly program and market leader in Pakistan car market. Pak Suzuki has more than 60 % of the market portion. Having effectual after gross revenues service and broad spread web of show suites and EFI engineering certainly is Adam biggest rival. Market perceptual experience.

The perceptual experience of consumer of Adam’s Motors is that they provide inexpensive auto with low quality. Equally long as Revo don’t take stairss to bring on people that there merchandise are best usage of their money. whatever auto they come up with will non traveling to be accepted by the consumer. Load casting of CNG in Pakistan.

Load casting of CNG is one of the large jobs in Pakistan and company like Adam Motor who are wholly dependent upon CNG as this is one of the chief ground which makes this auto passing disbursals low-cost. Crisp Increase in monetary value of Raw Material.

Increase in monetary value of everything due to rising prices is besides a menace e. The cost natural stuff and labour have besides increased which will ensue in expensive merchandise doing it unaffordable for consumer of low income. Ambiguity in political issue.

In Pakistan the ambiguity in political issue is really high. Every now and so we get strangled by the work stoppage conducted by different political parties doing it really hard for industry to fit the quota. Sometimes even worker don’t come to work which increases the cost of production and hold in bringing.

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
It offers Fuel-efficient extremely low-cost Chinese made engines auto which are 10 % to 15 % cheaper than other local rivals. As demand of inexpensive autos is so high in Pakistan. supplying inexpensive autos to consumer so could acquire their demands satisfied.

The cardinal selling aim of the company is to go the section leader in 800 milliliter market It is the chief concern to market the Adam’s Dreamer at an economical monetary value. which would give a competitory border. To duly anticipate in keeping quality benchmark by keeping the efficiency of car production unit by uninterrupted research and development plan. maintaining in position the customer’s demands and a sound distribution system to achieve the soap of client satisfaction. Adam Motor purpose is to achieve an addition in portion of the urban population dwelling of Karachi. Lahore. and Islamabad every bit good as in rural countries of Pakistan in car industry. The duly intent to achieve this mark by direct frontal assault on the market and to re-launch the trade name on a higher graduated table to extinguish the opposition from little rivals and taking on competition straight.

Company strives for skilled entities who value clip and quality as important assets.
Research and Development ( R & A ; D )
External Opportunities and Menaces
Consumer/Social: Today. companies recognize that they can non appeal to each and every purchaser in the market place… The ground of this job is that purchasers are excessively legion. excessively widely scattered and excessively much wearied in their demands and purchasing patterns ; hence. to make the right individual who is decidedly a possible client of your merchandise is really hard.

Competitive: For the freshly launched car company it is really disputing to acquire even really little portions of the car market when the giants like TOYOTA. SUZUKI etc. are already capturing the major market.

Paksitan’s first auto
Competing with other
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Known for his determinations which helps economic system of the state to turn. Supplying subsidy to industrial sector will decidedly assist industry like ADAM COMPANY to turn. This is an chance was the company to travel for this chance.


Industry Analysis
Rival Analysis ( Porter 5 Forces Model. Defense Strategy. Attack Strategy ) Company Analysis
Customer Analysis ( Segmentation/Targeting )

5. Market-Product Focus
Selling and Product Aims
Target Markets
The car’s mark audience was envisaged to be Pakistan’s in-between category auto purchaser. The company had planned to export the auto in the hereafter to other states as good.
Points of Parity ( POP ) . Points of Difference ( POD )
6. Selling Plan
Product Strategy/ Branding Strategy. BCG Matrix
Monetary value Scheme: The monetary value of Adams Revo was low as compared with the rivals but the characteristics of the auto were non up to the criterion of the rivals therefore to vie with the rivals it is indispensable for the company to alter the monetary value in order to alter its design to acquire net incomes. The addition in monetary value should be less than the rivals monetary value in
order to keep the market repute of holding a low priced auto. Peoples were seen to be satisfied with the monetary value of the auto. nevertheless. the major grounds which caused the auto to flop were the low quality. public presentation manner every bit good as the deficiency of publicity. therefore it is required by the company to shift its merchandise and advance it. The repositioning of the merchandise and the promotional advertizement will increase the cost of the auto which may ensue in the addition of monetary values. The monetary value offer by the company is about 20 % less than its major rival Suzuki Mehran. The company can afford an addition in monetary value to a degree which is less than Mehran in order to shift its merchandise Promotion Strategy: For shifting first we will redesign the publicity mix to inform clients about the properties. characteristics of the Adam’s Dreamer along with its accent on life manner and proficient expertness.

Pull scheme will be used for the publicity to construct up consumer demand. If the scheme is successful. clients will inquire traders for Dreamer and traders will inquire Adam’s Motors to bring forth more. Gross saless publicity is one of the ways to promote gross revenues of our new Adam’s Dreamer. The company can give price reductions on carry oning different auto carnivals or in the exhibitions. They can offer price reductions gross revenues to different auto rental organisations or the transport sections of different companies. by making this Dreamer can accomplish route presence which can broaden the future gross revenues of Adam’s Dreamer Place ( Distribution Strategy ) : Our market cleavage reveals that The Company’s merchandise Adam’s DREAMER is non for the superior category. that is. upper-upper but besides non for the upper-lower category of the state. The Adams Dreamer is fundamentally for the. upper-middle category. Middle category and lower-middle category of the state The smaller countries of the state are the major topographic point for the in-between category of society. In order to make the every in-between category consumer of the state the Adam’s DREAMER must be available in all the marketer metropoliss of each state. Therefore Adams Dreamer franchise must be in

Hyderabad. Sukkar ( SINDH )
Sialkot. Multan ( PUNJAB )
The semi-urban metropoliss of the state are the major topographic point for the lower-Middle category of society. In order to make the every lower category consumer of the state the Adam’s DREAMER must be available in all the little metropoliss of each state. Therefore Adams Dreamer must be in

Okara. Sahiwal. MianwaliPUNJAB

7. Execution
Company has a nonexistent demand and Latent demand. As selling and publicity of Adam Revo was ne’er have attempted. They portion a strong demand for the merchandise which is inexpensive and can fulfill there demands but due non selling scheme people were incognizant of the merchandise which causes non existing demand.

8. Evaluation and Control
As per the study done by the general populace. the rating consequence was in favour of re-launching the auto but there were few amendment needed to be made. for illustration the interior portion and every bit good as engine including the suspension of the auto.

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